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    Anyways, some things that I want to say towards your response:

    1) Higher Terrain
    This may be simple to implement. But I guess there were problems that I didn’t mention. For one, you already mentioned that buildings that block movement are troublesome to implement. So how is anyone supposed to make a steep, impassable hill…right? But I guess this problem could be bypassed by implementing hills that aren’t steep. 2nd Problem are the buffs that the hills provide, I mentioned something about a range buff. But I have no idea how big of a map that URB can make, the largest I recall is MnB: Recon, but I don’t really know how big that map is (Do you happen to know the size of the MnB: Recon map’s size when scaled to meters?)

    2) Large Bodies of Water
    Meh…I guess it sorta does take away from the mud part a little bit. But definitely won’t take away from the bloody part (In fact it could make it even more bloody maybe). Besides I think crossing large streams, or rivers would be interesting to explore. And it would be interesting how players would react if they are faced with a blown bridge, or how to cover their water crossing forces. I also forgot to mention the idea of allowing troops to intentionally flood certain areas of the map to deter enemies (kinda similar to how the Germans flooded areas during Operation Overlord, to deter both airborne, and landing troops). But this may be way too complicated to implement.

    2) Turret, and Hull Armour

    Huh? Urb tried to implement this into MnB2? I didn’t see anything about that in the patch notes. That’s kinda neat, but I wonder what sorta complicated coding he did to make the game freeze like that when the zook hit the Tiger. Maybe a simple way to implement the turret thing could be to put in a 30% chance rate that the projectile will go up against an armour modifier of 1.5x the regular hull armour. So as to represent turret armour. And if the vehicle is behind something (zooks in MnB2 frequently realized that a rock was in front of it, so it always detonated more/less), or on something (like a dug out), then the 30% chance will jump to 90-100%. The only rear exception would be for top attack weapons (which would be a 0-10% chance). IDK, I ain’t a programmer, this is something I just thought of, off the top of my head


    Since there are not that many old regs still around to tell these tales I will see if I can recollect some things from past coding attempts.
    There was talk about adding Blocking stings into MNB. Like you could only cross a river on a bridge or no walking through a bunker or you only enter a building through a door.
    All these require “Path-Finding-Codes” for both sides.
    I am not familiar with the details but apparently it did not work.

    Towards the failed implementation with different armor values on a Tiger tank.
    It suppose to work like this. The front of the Tiger was suppose to be immune vs Bazooka fire but the sides and the back could be taken out with a single hit.
    Lastly urbzz made it so that the Tiger in the newest version of MNB2 can take 10 bazooka hits before blowing up.
    One I actually managed to do so just to try that out.
    Looking back it was a silly implementation considering how much he nerfed the Bazooka to the point that nobody uses that unit anymore.


    For Mud and Blood 4, I have a few suggestions and some are good/interesting or bad and may or may not work. (Reply or god knows to add on)

    First one is a Halo/Spin of Version of Mud and Blood recon where you either get to control Marines or ODST’s doing their jobs around the solar system fighting Covenant off as it has the same things like Recon as the team consist of their own backstory or where they came from (From the ODST) as they have their own skills from the start like… Normal and not as overpowered, and by destroying Covenant Strongholds or key points might give you Merit points, where you can use those points to help buy recruits or either Death Cards like in Recon but they are a gamble and you get a random one that could good or bad or you get a random weapon or upgrade. Missions would range from Recon, Assassination, Intelligence gathering or doing dirty work for ONI. Though fighting Covenant might be hard, you still have enemies like Insurrection or the rarest of the rare Flood also another is don’t forget about our boy Chip Dubbo, our Irish bastard. But if it came to Marines, it would be more MNB3 based but Recon-esk.

    Second one, though many people have probably suggested this already is a Afghanistan which is an interesting and it would be like Recon, choosing between Special ops operators and operating in… Middle East basically and having a range from Green Berets, Navy Seals, Delta Force, or special kind CIA probably as it has the same functions as Recon.

    Third one, that this would be like MNB2 is the Soviet-Afghan war as you are ordered to protect a FOB against waves of Taliban forces as you have a range from Regular Soviet Infantry to Spetanz while you can still move up, this would be more of a Modern MNB2

    Fourth one, Stalingrad as the game you have, has its own year and that its like MNB3 with the attack featured as you have a range of troops from infantry to partisan but its like MNB2 where you have no choice your soldiers at first but you will acquire a squad menu like MNB3 where its not before the mission but you can change your soldiers load out at any time, and also chose your soldiers but certain soldiers you have to unlock like a Red-guard infantry men or Shock Trooper, or a NKVD Officer… Also a fun thing if your soldiers retreat or look like their falling back, NKVD officers will try shooting your men down.

    Fifth one is a odd ball, mixing the idea of Door kickers but looking like Mud and Blood as you are SWAT Officer as you are in the city of Detroit or L.A. trying to crack down on crime and taking down small drug syndicates to large drug cartels working with the FBI, as your men breach into randomly generated buildings as your men will have basic skills like shooting, perception, and basic but now since your not a gung-ho soldier that you will have to arrest but your men are investigating and seeing what evidence you might find to help support the L.A Detectives to shut down your problems, as this would be set in the 80’s-90s.

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    Make it in WW1 Setting, a mix between MnB2 and MnB3.
    Get into trenches , defend the position like MnB2, and move forward to attack the next trenches , much so like MnB3 , more options for upgrading the soldiers like MnB3. Yes i know MnB2 already can push forward, but mostly just stay in 1 shoebox Map.
    Thats innovative for you. Nuff said. lel


    I was originally going to hold off on commenting on this thread, but I want to test the waters a little bit. I am leaning a bit toward greener pastures here, so take this suggestion a bit less seriously. Urb may likely have had a change of heart since then (which I am perfectly fine with) but the idea was thrown around of both sides (germans and allies) being implemented in MnB 3. If we combine that with some of the mechanics toyed with in the civil war themed video that Urb toyed with, we easily could do the not new suggestion of civil war. However, I was thinking that WW1 would be a bit less feasible than originally planned because of the large front and ease of moving people out of trenches with the current mechanics (one cannot simply walk out of a trench or crater in WW1 without fear of being shot while doing so, at least imo). However, the game could be a bit less ambitious this way and not lock up as much time story building wise (I can only assume, I could be wrong) such as Post-Napoleonic Wars period up until (and including) the franco-prussian war. Two smaller scenarios with similar mechanics that aren’t civil war would be the Three Year’s War and the aforementioned franco-prussian. A defending Danish or French side would fit an urb theme very nicely, surviving as long as possible with inferior guns (and inferior numbers for Danes) Thanks for bearing with the text wall.

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    okay let me put in my suggestion.
    Recon engine
    The map is always the same map of Stalingrad(or insert city/town that game takes place in and 10-20 maps as you advance from one map to the other). your objective is to take back as much land as possible not one step back. The map will be about the size of recons map as you advance you will have allies on either side advancing making the task easier as you wait and harder as you advance. the goal is to advance from the bottom of the map to the top of the map with as few losses as possible.

    General gameplay
    You are the Platoon commander(this is you your are in the battle if you die game over) armed with a pistol you will have under your command.
    1 NCO armed with a SMG
    1 Messenger armed with a rifle
    1 NCO armed with a rifle commanded the mortar squad
    1 Mortar gunner with a 5cm mortar, he also had a pistol
    2 Ammunition bearers for the mortar both armed with rifles

    Your platoon would have four squads each with:
    1 Squad leader, an NCO armed with a rifle
    2 Soldiers armed with SMGs
    6 Soldiers armed with rifles
    1 Machine gunner with an LMG, and pistol sidearm
    1 Assistant gunner armed with a rifle
    you control you, NCO with smg, messenger, mortar command and squad leaders. the soldiers follow their squad leaders. It will be mostly urban combat.

    There will be two gameplay modes RTS and MNB.
    RTS you control from a map making general movement commands, rally points, artery strikes, armor requests ect
    MNB mode plays like recon but with the units mentioned above.

    What do you guys think?


    Well, hello there. WELCOME TO MY DOMAIN…MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I actually think that idea is gr8 Alex…but I like more modern/hard sci-fi element, because it gives more to play with :3 (feel free to look at what I wrote long time ago on this subject, thatz what I had in mind for the overall setting)

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    I believe that it would be an interesting ideal to make MNB4 an alternate universe kind of game. Think about the movie BRIGHT featuring will smith on Netflix. You can use the same historical setting of Stalingrad but at the same time you can use your imagination as well. So you are not trapped in a set way of doing things. You can have a whole string of things that can happen!! You could have super enemies like Genetic Enhancements for the enemy, have whatever creature you can come up with. I would love to see it and i’m sure it would bring you a new dynamic of players and fans as well. Keeping the old crowd and fans while you bring in the fans of fantasy at the same time. Marketing lol but no matter what you come up with I will back you up 1000% keep on rocking!!!


    Well…I wasn’t rly thinking of fantasy if URB decides to make MnB 4…I was thinking more along Hard Sci fi setting where you play as a rebel army trying to fight/run away from a regular army. Because at least then it will be a little bit more gritty for Mud and Blood.

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    Id like a mix between Mud and Blood 2 and Mud and Blood Recon im thinking Starship Troopers like theme where you could build a base and emplacements like M&B 2 but have to also explore the environment for materials like recon or Occupation Forces Vietnam while fighting off waves of a variety of aliens where you can use intell to research your enemy and new gear Kinda like X-COM Id like unit customization to be more in depth like different kind of armors weapons equipment and skills as well as vehicles that you can have your squad mount up or disembark from Im talking permanent vehicles that are part of your chalk that you can customize for instance type of gun (like rail gun large damage low splash fast projectile, Howitzer slow projectile inaccurate with a massive splash, a 20mm Gatling cannon that shreds infantry and has an opportunity to shoot down aircraft) plus a radio function like in Recon basically like M&B 2 and Recon but more sand boxy allowing you to use whatever play style you prefer (like how you used to be able to call in a tank in Recon from killcard)

    the story would be that your colonizing the planet and the menu would be similar to recon with a mission map and if you fail certain missions it could damage your base but from the menu you can build up and make your base more powerful like upgrading your strike aircraft and such

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    Aliens are a cool idea, but I would hope that MnB 4 would be like a large scale conventional warfare simulator, because it there is anything that lacks in the MnB series, itz close cooperation (& other behaviours) between mechanized units, and infantry. MnB 3 has motor vehicles, but itz controlled by an AI with some rly strange behaviour…and besides the map is way too small for representing the foot-mobile infantry falling behind the tanks, or to replicate long distance gunnery duels between tanks.

    But other than that the MnB series somewhat makes good gameplay with other support elements such as arty, and airstrike


    I think it would be cool to be running off the recon engine in either Iraq or Afghanistan setting.

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    I also like McSwain’s idea,bring in a modern dynamic to the world of MnB while also making it even more gruesome and unfair. Over there we have snipers, rpgs and mountains that behind every rock someone wants to kill you if you walk by…and and the IEDs cant forget them sons a bitches


    i have an even better idea make it an open map like recon id say a 10X10 grid should suffice and add levels and findable/unlockable items you can equip your guys with and a crafting system but with vehicles as well and heres the catch make it a PVP game on steam because that will boost the URB score through the roof you would have opponents using advanced tactics not like regular M&B NPC’s if you want instead of making it a RTS you could try making it turn based


    Ideas for MNB4 or spin offs:
    Bad Company MNB
    Halo spin off
    Modern Mud and Blood (Mix of Recon if it is special ops) or MNB 3 with US or UK, or any other forces fighting against Insurgents, Militia, or Conventional Armies.

    Vietnam Version of MNB3 where you are going through Vietnam until 1973.

    Reboot of the original Mud and Blood (The Really really hard World war one) but maybe at Mud and Blood 2 level.

    For right now I’m just throwing out themes even though I could go indepth to see what’ll be like but for right now I’m just setting the stage for ideas.

    Star Wars MNB game either as Rebels in Recon MNB mode destroying Empire or First order targets across the galaxy or as Stormtroopers defending a sector against the onslaught of the Rebels… Vice versa as Republic Commandos be a good Recon spin off.

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