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    The Stalingrad idea mentioned above is great. In my mind you play as Russians during occupation and you have to last for 3 years. We will have a screen with map like in recon and additionally our supplies would be limited (food, water, ammunition and even manpower). We will have available missions like in recon and we have to choose according to what supply we need the most. Missions will range from hunting animals for food to sabotage german camps. Sabotaging will lower the days that need to pass till liberation. The number of soldiers you have is limited and you gain more with ranking your general but if someone dies, he is dead.

    The bigger battle idea like wargame in urb style is also great. Don’t really mind the setting.

    As for the fantasy setting definitly not defense game as Lance mentioned. I would say something like monster hunter, where you choose 3 heroes and you have to hunt down an epic monster in a recon like map. In the map there are more smaller monsters that give you exp in order to kill the final beast.

    I am not a big fan of a MnB2 reskin. MnB2 is allready a great game and Snarks is developing Skirmish Line which is basically MnB2 in Pacific.


    What i would like to see is by having the current MNB3 but just on modern setting. Gulf war, Iraqi and stuff like that. A bigger map size or even objectives to complete (like recon) would be nice. Just adjust to it by making the game a tiny bit more fast paced or keep it slow, how and/or the community would like it.

    The idea mass futuristic combat sounds really nice too, personally i feel like a small scale urban futuristic combat would be nice too.

    Would love anything that you do for the next game, whatever it will be then


    @maousaki tbh your speculation is quite a good one


    Starship troopers is a INCREDIBLE idea!!! I think.


    It is a great idea the truth very good but also I have ideas like this that when you go to the rank captain or commander you can ask for supplies from the high ranks you could also make propaganda to your defense to obtain a small support of armed civilians who do not stand like a Soldier but good they are armed that is enough that in this game you can also select that you want as “support” as aircraft attack coming from heavy tanks reinforcements of troops that kind of thing but you will be able to select them when you raise of rank


    Iยดm already exited!!

    Mister Reyth

    I have some ideas and even though I don’t think they will be implemented, I feel like sharing them anyway:

    MNB: Apocalypse

    This is a city overrun with zombies! Can you imagine the carnage? Battles have no front, the zombies come in from north, south & the east/west (brandenburgs). At first it sounds boring but the zombies mutate in speed and strength & there are Boss Zombies that have like 1000+ hps; the tactics of having to punch your way through a horde of zombies just to have the time to kill a boss sounds so kewl. Troops can enter high rise buildings, businesses & homes. We can loot supplies, weapons & upgrades. It sounds like so much fun in a very popular genre! I think the number one reason it won’t be implemented is that it requires a whole new graphic set.

    MNB: Counter Terrorism

    This could be like a Seal Team Six type game where we hunt playing card terror masterminds and gather intelligence on terrorist networks and such

    MNB: Future Military Battles

    This could be simulations of battles that haven’t happened yet, such as the Chinese invasion of Taiwan or the Russian invasion of Germany.


    A sole zombie based game in a MNB setting seams wrong since all MNB games so far pitch the player using “smart” soldiers under his control against an enemy (AI) commander of similar strength and resources.
    While a Counter Strike version seams interesting one could argue that there are already plenty of such out there making a “home made” version obsolete.

    For MNB4 the concept of a MNB: Future Military Battles still appeals most to me.
    Could be this setting as mentioned. West vs East where as the game setting place be Warsaw or Berlin or similar big European city like Paris.
    It be mass city combat in the near future. Very interesting game ideas come to mind there.


    Hey king mnb apocalypse sounds ultra good how about this for the game that when you enter a site you can do it your base to put defenses and things to interact

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    A cool game to play would be one where we get to hunt down the creators of Spam-Bots and get to decide oN various ways to… ‘Discipline’ them. ๐Ÿ˜€
    We’d get to choose from the basics of course, I.e. Decapitation, Electric Chair/Prods/Probes, Baseball Bat, etc. etc. etc. But get to ‘Power-Up’ providing for our own ideas or other choices like, A.A Gun, They’re the Speed-Bump on a Race Track, Crowbar…


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    The Lone Ranger

    Since MNB4 will be WW1 I`ll pitch up another idea for a wait for it….a MNB5 game. Not sure if its been shown already but the Battle of Chosin in the Korean War would be a decent idea for a defence game. For a more “MNB3ish” game maybe the landing at Inchon and the rest of the battles can be a possibility. But thats just an idea….a MNB5 game idea.


    I am really liking the idea of Mud and Blood 4 being themed as a future warfare thing. Mainly, because I am hopeless sci-fi nerd, and also, because you can add more elements into it than a conflict of antiquity (WW1, or 1800-1900s, because of the limited amount of innovations during those conflicts compared to conflicts of today, and the future). But if Mud and Blood 4 becomes a futuristic war, then here are my ideas:

    1. What weapons will be there in this setting? **(A)** Regular gunpowder weapons might be ok (because they have sufficient penetration, but not enough to go through solid cover). **(B)** Electro-Chemical guns would be a little bit more futuristic, and they allow for higher muzzle velocities (2000 m/s is a very good minimum, but it could maybe go WAY higher. This higher projectile velocity will allow for better penetration). **(C)** Railguns on the other hand…well…they’re kinda OP (muzzle velocity of anywhere from 3430-20000 m/s) could just about pen about just everything (Even a railgun small arm with muzzle velocity of 5000 m/s would go through several hundred centimeters of RHA [According to the penetration calculator in the Archive Awareness Tank Blog]). But the railgun could be nerfed by specially designed munitions that self-destruct after hitting a few walls or so…and maybe later you can acquire an upgrade that allows you control the restriction on the Self-destruct function.

    Any implementation of plasma/laser weapons are bogus. Plasma can’t do shit, because itz not that dense, and since it’s lighter than a gas, and also expands as fast as it, it will be destabilized quickly in atmospheric environments, and even in outer space. Laser weapons…IDK much about it, other than the fact that atmospheric effects, extreme range, and ablation can ruin its day. But, I guess it can fill niche roles as an anti-RPG/drone weapon of some sorts (shrugs)

    There’s also a very unique recoilless anti-tank weapon I heard about that delays the ejection of backblast to prevent muzzle velocity from dropping when compared to normal recoilless weapons (look up rarefraction wave gun). Sabot launching bazookas anybody?

    2. Armour, and battle dress uniforms in this futuristic setting could be facilitated by futuristic materials such as amorphous metals, nanotubes, coolant fluid, and power source. One form of armour could be Heavy Infantry trooper that is equipped with a small (7ft tall) power armour that could be excellent in urban fighting.

    3. Specialized optics could allow you to engage/spot targets from very far ranges, buff your reaction time, or spot targets hiding behind one wall

    4. Implementation of civilian AI would be a neat feature, because they can either help you (like in the Mud and Blood Occupation Forces: Vietnam), passively be an obstacle (think of French army movements being hampered by movements of refugees during German invasion of France during 1940), or they can also be active pain in the ass by becoming partisans against your force/enemy force (this occurs, based on the amount of civilian casualties the armies inflict). This feature could rly cause some random urb.

    5. Interstellar Naval warfare would be so cool too. Because taking control of orbits of a planet is strategically important, cause it allows you to deorbit munitions much more easily from space down to a planet. Whereas the planet’s defenders will have a harder time, because rockets need more energy to escape into orbit

    6. Urban fighting is a must…or whatever

    7. Factions could be themed off of WW2 maybe. Factions that come into mind are rebels, regular army, and maybe a robotic blob that assimilates stuff (maybe infectious too)

    8. Fighting for resources may be interesting…idk

    *Warning: Some of these ideas are maybe BS*


    Just a few more additions:

    1A) Higher Terrain: Higher ground could be represented in this Mud and Blood 4 game like the lines found in topographical maps. Each level of higher ground could provide stackable bonuses of higher view range, higher weapons range (As far as I know, direct fire weapons are seriously hampered by the shooter’s ability to spot targets over the curvature of the Earth. For example, the M1 Abrams tank’s cannon has a muzzle velocity of 1555 m/s, if you put that velocity in a horizontal range equation [at an angle of 20-45 degrees], the weapon’s range is within the range of tens-hundreds of Kilometers. But this is not the case, all modern tanks engage at ranges MUCH shorter (2-5km) than this maximum weapon range, because their optics are only placed 8-9 ft away from the ground. Which gives the tank an effective view range of 5.5 km (this is without the target being obstructed by the curvature of the earth at this range). At 10 km, the target may be still visible, but is obstructed by around 5 ft, because of the curvature of the Earth. And this reduced visibility of the target may be further degraded by tall terrain, trees, and nearby buildings). Finally, higher ground could enforce a penalty against enemy troops on lower ground by reducing their ability to spot targets, hidden on higher ground, while your troops on elevated ground could see much farther, and with less exposure…speaking of exposure.

    This mechanic could make the game very interesting, and always forces your troops to hide in trees, take hills, hide in buildings, crawl (forcing their tactical manuverabilty), and bush kemp ๐Ÿ˜›

    B) Terrain Features with Buffs/Penalties

    In Mud and Blood 3, I liked that there were rivers that stopped my guys occasionally…Once slaughtered a massive German infantry wave that was bogged down in this river. But most times than not, this river didn’t rly deter me too much, because the German AI is dumb to not take advantage of it (IDK maybe its just me that’s feeling this way)…but fire caused by explosives, oh man, that is soooo fun (pinning, and roasting Krauts with left over fire caused from artillery is such a great idea), and bushes are sorta ok. So putting more terrain with specific buffs/penalties could be great. The examples that I could think at the top of my head are:

    A. Large bodies of water that forces you to call in amphibious/specialized bridge laying vehicles, or else your troops will drown to death

    B. Ice…could be cracked to drown troops. And set up interesting ambushes

    C. Heavy mud, and sand could slow down, and break down vehicles/troop’s morale

    D. Biohazardous/Radiation filled, hot, or cold areas could be great in limiting your operations on the map

    E. Certain spots on the map that allow you to extract resources…such as mines, oil wells, powerplants, bodies of fresh water

    F. Buildings, or walls that actually block movement. Because you just can’t feel urban warfare if don’t feel claustrophobically boxed in by the buildings around you. Especially for the armoured vehicle commander

    G. Destructible roads, bridges, or airfields would be a great idea. They would provide a buff of increased mobility, but would also allow the enemy to ambush them on the roads, because the road network is important. It would be incredibly important for vehicles, because their speeds significantly, and fuel storage significantly decreases when they go off terrain

    H. Further addition to this plausible mechanic could help make armoured warfare interesting. Tanks usually have their thickest armour on their turrets. Their lowest armour on their lower frontal glacis plate. So say you can cover that lower plate weakness from a rock (or a prepared dug in position) in the landscape, and its basically invulnerable to enemy fire, because its in a hull down position. But this hull down position could maybe reduce view range, offer camouflage ability, and better targeting of enemy vehicle’s lower glacis (because your tank is on ground level)

    2. Exposure Time: The longer that your troops/vehicle are spotted for, the more accurate enemy gun fire will be (maybe there will be a slight exponential buff to enemy accuracy, the longer your troops are spotted at the same location). Certain things such as smoke grenades, soft/hard cover, not getting spotted could vastly reduce this factor.

    3. Dynamic Armour: Kinda forgot to put this in my last post. But an interesting mechanic could be implemented with a special type of vehicular armour. Active Protection Systems…you know, those tennis ball launchers that intercepts RPGs/ATGMs (some versions could even intercept APDSFS, and EFPs!!!! o_O). These APS systems could allow your tanks/armoured fighting vehicle nigh invulnerability against all sorts of Anti-Tank munitions…until the radar panels connected to your APS system gets destroyed by small-arms fire, or heavy calibre machinegun/autocannon fire…sure, your tank might still have its thick, composite armour, but it won’t definitely be able to confidently roam about in a rubble filled city filled with RPGs, and top attack missiles.

    Furthermore, some versions of modern day APS systems are VERY dangerous to normal infantry (maybe not for heavy powered armoured dismounts, and regular mechanized infantry in APCs). This is, because most versions of APS systems use EFPs that produce a lot of fragments/sharpnel meant for destroying RPGs, but this could also be a severe hazard to your infantry screen (that you need to protect your tanks from infantry attacks). Some other versions are slightly more safer by using explosive warheads that produce no fragments, but would still injure the occasional grunt from the concussive blast. The safest version I have heard of is the Rheinmetall AMAP-ADS, it uses this warhead that uses an explosive to launch dense tungsten powder at extremely high speeds (2000 m/s) to form a solid metal wall for a few seconds. This extremely dense powder is apparently hard enough to engage HEAT rockets, EFPs, and even the dreaded APDSFS. The really neat thing about this powder is that it rapidly decelerates, and disperses to no longer become a threat to surrounding infantry after a few metres. In addition to this, since this German APS system is able to utilize dense metal, instead of just an explosion to act upon the incoming projectile, the explosive blast of the tungsten powder countermeasure is a lot smaller than other ADS designs. In fact, there are videos demonstrating the insanely small blast size of the German ADS system. Apparently an AFV equipped with the AMAP ADS system, intercepted an RPG with a speck of an explosive blast (hell…the blast was more/less powerful than a little kiddie’s pyrotechnic firework). But for engaging APDSFS, the blast is sure to be lot larger.

    General tactics/factors to consider for ADS equipped vehicles should be:

    -How far away should I place my infantry screen away from my tank? If I position them far away from the tank, they will be not harmed by the ADS system, but it will allow enemy infantry to sneak in through my infantry screen, and plant an IED, or utilize a short range from 50m away. OR BETTER YET…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YOU GET A SURPRISE ANTI-TANK GOLIATH [*sign* I miss Goliath ;( ]

    -Is my ADS protected tank far away enough from the enemy RPG team, for the system to engage it with enough time

    -What are the vulnerabilities of my ADS system. Is my radar panel bulletproof enough, or very vulnerable to small-arms fire. Does my ADS system provide complete 360 degree coverage, or does it only protect me only from the sides of the turret, and leave me vulnerable in the front, the rear, and the top? Are the APS’s countermeasure munitions strong enough to completely obiliterate the incoming projectile, or does it reduce it somewhat, and is still able to penetrate my vehicle’s physical armour?

    -Does my APS system react fast enough to engage hostile RPGs, or is it significantly delayed, because there’s a nearby Spetsnaz commando team employing EM spoofing?

    -How far away does my radar panels broadcast its radio/microwave signals? Is it a comfortable 5-10m radius around the vehicle for engaging low tier threats such as RPGs/ATGMs. OR is it a 500m meter radius around the vehicle for detecting, and engaging HIGH TIER LETHAL THREATS early such as the URANIUM ROCK FROM HELL (APDSFS)?!?!?!?!?!?

    -What is the quality of my radar panels? Can it detect APDSFS in time? Are there specialty munitions that can slip past the radars of my APS system…such as an RPG cloaked in a specialized radar absorbing material?

    4. SMART weapons, Drones & Specialty Equipment

    -A. Small micro drones for extending the view range of your troops
    -B. Wire-guided Anti-Tank Goliath Drone bombs
    -C. Wire-guided repair drone that can fix the broken tracks of your tanks, even when under heavy fire
    -D. The squad/platoon-level robotic cargo/load carrying MULE
    -E. Tanks with robotic autoloaders (with varying quality. For example, is it like a T-72’s Carousel autoloader, that just instantly ‘catastrophic kills’ the tank when the ammo rack is hit? Or is it much more modern design such as the one found in Leclerc MBT (but suffers from a gigantic turret weight, and size due to the ammo rack being mounted on the turret bustle of the tank. But its extremely hard to get to the ammo rack, because the turret has the thickest armour), or the prototype NKPZ Tank with a unique turn table-based autoloader that extracts ammunition from a hull mounted ammo rack equipped with blow out panels (Allows for a very small, and narrow turret, but easier to get to, because the hull has the lowest amount of armour). The autoloaders could have random urb related events/factors such as…explosive concussion knocking out the autoloader, forcing your tank crew to manually extract & load the ammunition, increased tiredness of crew/slower maintenance of tank, because you had to swap out a crewmember for the autoloader (but this may be only a slight problem if your panzer is part of a panzergruppe with other tanks, and IFVs filled with security personnel. IT ONLY BECOMES A SERIOUS PROBLEM IF YOUR panzergruppe is engaged in combat for extremely long periods of time, or if your tank becomes completely isolated, and behind enemy lines)

    -F. Robotic minefields. Mine bomblets that are controlled by wire, sensitive tripwires, and can walk/hop, because they got robotic legs.

    -G. Unique Resupply Equipment

    From the regular overhead air-dropped cargo that is extremely vulnerable to AAA. To the GPS-guided parachuted cargo container that keeps your air assets away from AAA protected zones. To the squad/platoon-level resupply mortar/howitzer/rocket munition (basically it’s a hollowed out shell, that is packed to the brim full of bullets, batteries, maps, and other essentials. It won’t allow your isolated troops to last indefinitely, but surely enough to allow them to finish off their ambush of a small OP-FOR armoured convoy

    -H. Unique Munitions Mods

    >Self destruct munitions to control your engagement range without inadvertently harming civilian AIs
    >Cluster-bomb mods
    >Incendiary mods (Really liked the White Phosphorous packed into the arty rounds of Mud And Blood 3 game)
    >Booby trap mods (make your artillery barrage be able to sow a field with 155mm landmine shells)
    >High/Low-Quality munitions (So as to either enhance your fighting power, or reduce consumption of precious supply)
    >Heat-Seeking bullets (only for snipers. For the lower tier grunts though, they may get munitions that sorta drastically increases their accuracy. These small amount of special munitions could be very useful for knocking out the small radar panels of an ADS system a lot more quickly)
    >Head Crab (HL3 confirmed)/chemical/biohazardous shells (or something similar for “siege” purposes)
    >Short supply of non-lethal weaponry to prevent further insurgent RNG
    >Specialized Armour Piercing Munitions (Apparently there’s work being done on a special type of shaped charge warhead called MAHEM, that uses a disposable, and powerful electromagnet to shape the jet tip of the HEAT munition. This could be fun to implement in a future game, you could have a low-pen mode for your HEAT round to have lower perfortation, but maximum behind armour damage effects. But you could also have High-pen mode to have maximum penetration, but have significantly lower behind armour damage effects…IDK, maybe this could be simulated by just programming in a simple multiplier effect)

    -I. Unique optics equipment

    >NVG, AND OTHER. The regular green phosphor NVG with terrible image resolution, and clumsiness in close quarters. Or the more compact digital NVG that record footage (so maybe a targeting buff for all surrounding networked friendly truppens) with top notch image resolution, and ability to use both Thermal imaging, and light intensified images overlapped on to each other for another targeting buff. oR BETTER yet, a helmet mounted micro-radar array that allows you to detect the bullets of an enemy sniper, and counter-fire against that SOB!!! With the added benefit of having this same radar array being able to detect certain booby traps, and enemies behind LOTS OF RUBBLE/SOLID WALL with microwaves.

    Apparently there’s a weird goggle concept that connects a user’s brain via EEG to the goggle’s CPU. This CPU interprets the images interpreted by the brain to allow the soldier to spot targets much faster. Quality, and rate of False positives could be implemented in the game to keep you on your toes

    >Gun Cameras. Be able to engage targets without the full penalty of exposing yourself for counter fire.

    >Extendable Surveillance Mast Backpacks. It basically looks like a radio antenna, but significantly thicker, and allows your troops to have extended view range. For the standard infantryman with a 10-12 ft tall mast will allow them to see past 10 km

    >Exoskeletons. Provides all sorts of buffs to yours/enemy troops in terms of movement speed (your exoskeleton could be modded with a special type of artificial Gecko adhesive that allows your troops to have a field day “Stalingrad-land”), reaction time, aiming time, meele abilities, load carrying capacities [for a larger backpack, or jet pack], and other)

    >Biometric locks/Scuttling Charges. Prevents enemy troops from looting you, and preventing the occasional civy from hurting himself

    5. Direction of Armour

    >There are some space-based games such as Fractured space where it employs the unique mechanic of directing your fresh armour towards enemy fire when your other other side is depleted of armour. This should be employed for vehicles only, and could be a cool idea for vehicles that employ Explosive Reactive Armour, Damaged APS systems, and spaceborne naval combat

    >In addition, the orientation of your armour could allow your vehicle to “side-scrape” (for increased armoured warfare pleasure), and engage targets with impunity, or angle your armour towards the threat

    6. Permanent Upgrades

    >I have enjoyed medals in Mud and Blood 2 & 3 permanently buffing my troops’ stats, but they felt sorta lacking, because the benefits were small. I also liked the ranking system for my troops in both games, but it’s slightly disappointing to see that ranking system is only temporarily. It would be fun if there was a greater area of upgrades available that allow you to heavily customize your army. And what you could customize could range from local partisans, infantrymen, heavy infantry, tanks, SP-Howizters, IFVs, transports, artillery pieces, Cargo/mining/supply vehicles, air assets, spaceborne naval assets…and etc

    >There’s a game called “FTL” that utilizes a cloning machine of some sorts that replaces your dead crewmember with another clone replica, but with some of its stats/EXP level nerfed. Something similar to this could be interesting for a future M.A.B game, maybe you have to guard a “brain factory” or something \_(-_-)_/

    7. Multiplayer. Could be fun, but HIGHLY unlikely. =(

    8…and…and….x_X…….//TANKyMEOw.exe has stopped working


    So I intentionally did not reply till now in hopes that someone else would before I do so again.

    I love good suggestion posts. This one is a bit long for one single post but still a lot better then what is currently going on over at the Discord server cause there sheer limitation of space makes for way to short of of any decent suggestions let alone the possibility of any decent reply due to someone switching topics gain and again.

    Towards your 1st post in line:
    All nice and good. I agree with most of that.

    Second post:
    1A) Higher Terrain
    Ben up there since MNB2 but I doubt that urbzz will ever put anything remotely into MNB3 at this point.

    B) Terrain Features with Buffs/Penalties
    A. Large bodies of water

    That would take us away from the MUD (ground) and it would kind of feel wrong.

    B. Ice
    That has some good potential for specific mechanics like Breaking-In or giving you a negative Combat modifier.

    Heavy mud, and sand
    Both very good. I would love to see that in MNB3 as well. Like any Farm Field could be considered Muddy enough to seriously hamper movement and more.

    Buildings, or walls that actually block movement
    Was considered in the pre-alpha talk for MNB3 but I suppose it is to troublesome to implement so far.

    ….Tanks usually have their thickest armor on their turrets. Their lowest armor on their lower frontal glacis plate….

    urbzz tried to implement this into mnb2 in the last patch but the game always froze as soon as a Bazooka hit a Tiger Tank.

    Exposure Time:

    I really like that idea. Especially for a future mnb4 it would be a great implementation.

    4. SMART weapons, Drones & Specialty Equipment


    ……. long good read ….. All good ides!!

    7. Multiplayer. Could be fun, but HIGHLY unlikely. =(
    urbzz posted the possibility of MP as soon as the next Recon patch comes out.

    Here an idea of me own.
    Since we will be playing specialized combat troops it would be almost natural that they will be Physically and/ or even Mentally enhanced for their “job”.

    Bones like steel, muscles to topple cars or bust through doors, speedy healing factor, agility that would let spider man look like a snail.
    The list could be very long for this.
    Thanks for the swell read and URB on!


    Thanks for the reply Lance, I was half-expecting someone to give me a response soon after I put that post up…but I guess I probably scared them off with a wall of text, and the railgunny thingy (well that is until you showed up) ๐Ÿ˜›

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