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    The Stalingrad idea mentioned above is great. In my mind you play as Russians during occupation and you have to last for 3 years. We will have a screen with map like in recon and additionally our supplies would be limited (food, water, ammunition and even manpower). We will have available missions like in recon and we have to choose according to what supply we need the most. Missions will range from hunting animals for food to sabotage german camps. Sabotaging will lower the days that need to pass till liberation. The number of soldiers you have is limited and you gain more with ranking your general but if someone dies, he is dead.

    The bigger battle idea like wargame in urb style is also great. Don’t really mind the setting.

    As for the fantasy setting definitly not defense game as Lance mentioned. I would say something like monster hunter, where you choose 3 heroes and you have to hunt down an epic monster in a recon like map. In the map there are more smaller monsters that give you exp in order to kill the final beast.

    I am not a big fan of a MnB2 reskin. MnB2 is allready a great game and Snarks is developing Skirmish Line which is basically MnB2 in Pacific.



    What i would like to see is by having the current MNB3 but just on modern setting. Gulf war, Iraqi and stuff like that. A bigger map size or even objectives to complete (like recon) would be nice. Just adjust to it by making the game a tiny bit more fast paced or keep it slow, how and/or the community would like it.

    The idea mass futuristic combat sounds really nice too, personally i feel like a small scale urban futuristic combat would be nice too.

    Would love anything that you do for the next game, whatever it will be then



    @maousaki tbh your speculation is quite a good one



    Starship troopers is a INCREDIBLE idea!!! I think.



    It is a great idea the truth very good but also I have ideas like this that when you go to the rank captain or commander you can ask for supplies from the high ranks you could also make propaganda to your defense to obtain a small support of armed civilians who do not stand like a Soldier but good they are armed that is enough that in this game you can also select that you want as “support” as aircraft attack coming from heavy tanks reinforcements of troops that kind of thing but you will be able to select them when you raise of rank



    Iยดm already exited!!


    Mister Reyth

    I have some ideas and even though I don’t think they will be implemented, I feel like sharing them anyway:

    MNB: Apocalypse

    This is a city overrun with zombies! Can you imagine the carnage? Battles have no front, the zombies come in from north, south & the east/west (brandenburgs). At first it sounds boring but the zombies mutate in speed and strength & there are Boss Zombies that have like 1000+ hps; the tactics of having to punch your way through a horde of zombies just to have the time to kill a boss sounds so kewl. Troops can enter high rise buildings, businesses & homes. We can loot supplies, weapons & upgrades. It sounds like so much fun in a very popular genre! I think the number one reason it won’t be implemented is that it requires a whole new graphic set.

    MNB: Counter Terrorism

    This could be like a Seal Team Six type game where we hunt playing card terror masterminds and gather intelligence on terrorist networks and such

    MNB: Future Military Battles

    This could be simulations of battles that haven’t happened yet, such as the Chinese invasion of Taiwan or the Russian invasion of Germany.



    A sole zombie based game in a MNB setting seams wrong since all MNB games so far pitch the player using “smart” soldiers under his control against an enemy (AI) commander of similar strength and resources.
    While a Counter Strike version seams interesting one could argue that there are already plenty of such out there making a “home made” version obsolete.

    For MNB4 the concept of a MNB: Future Military Battles still appeals most to me.
    Could be this setting as mentioned. West vs East where as the game setting place be Warsaw or Berlin or similar big European city like Paris.
    It be mass city combat in the near future. Very interesting game ideas come to mind there.



    Hey king mnb apocalypse sounds ultra good how about this for the game that when you enter a site you can do it your base to put defenses and things to interact

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    A cool game to play would be one where we get to hunt down the creators of Spam-Bots and get to decide oN various ways to… ‘Discipline’ them. ๐Ÿ˜€
    We’d get to choose from the basics of course, I.e. Decapitation, Electric Chair/Prods/Probes, Baseball Bat, etc. etc. etc. But get to ‘Power-Up’ providing for our own ideas or other choices like, A.A Gun, They’re the Speed-Bump on a Race Track, Crowbar…


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    The Lone Ranger

    Since MNB4 will be WW1 I`ll pitch up another idea for a wait for it….a MNB5 game. Not sure if its been shown already but the Battle of Chosin in the Korean War would be a decent idea for a defence game. For a more “MNB3ish” game maybe the landing at Inchon and the rest of the battles can be a possibility. But thats just an idea….a MNB5 game idea.

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