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    Mexican Batman

    I remember suggesting this before but it got lost . I wanted a mud and blood 4 game that was similar to caravaneer but an URB version which would make it better. Basically it would be a post apocalyptic game that’s is realistic as it wont have zombies but you will have lots of enemies. You will travel from city to city fighting and completing certain objectives . You will have all sorts of weapons modern and not so modern , whatever URB decides was left over after society fell . You would have several classes each with their own benefits such as former military and sub classes that can be unlocked after completing certain objectives such as former Spec Ops , former Marine and so on. You can have survivalists people who expected society for fall and other things that can have their own specialty . If you really wanna challenge yourself you can be a regular civilian with no special traits . You can trade go around finding stuff make money , complete objectives , join militaries , maybe even build towns and create your own country, and so on. There can also be factions or groups , and bands of robbers and criminals that attack you as you travel . Also you can equip various types of armor and equipment that Urb will decide is available . I personally think a modern day realistic post apocalyptic game by URB would be really great.


    After watching Rogue One, I immediately thought that the setting would make a great MNB style game. You could have your infantry squad and call in support with X-wings, Y-wings, Allied artillery/capital ship support, etc. After reading the previous posts, you could include the stealth elements of Recon with the survival attributes of LW: having missions on various planets with varying levels of natural resources and/or hazards.


    Starship Troopers style?


    What I’d really love to see is a GI Joe vs Cobra MNB setting. And of course I’M talking about vintage 80’s GI Joe setting, not that silly film they make on 2009. ‘Infinite’ type of characters, fighting styles, weapons, enemies, support, settings… Maybe not interesting for youngest players, but…


    Mud And Blood 4 : Eastern Front (Cliche name, i know)

    Since Urb wants Recon elements with a dash of survival. Here I have a suggestion,
    Instead of Stalingrad, Theres Leningrad. Which had been occupied by Germans for 3 years or so. There, as a squad or individual Russian survivor/soldier/civilian, you will fight for food as cold winters with harsh german occupation army roam through the dead streets. It is historically accurate too which is for me, quite nice.

    You can also be in a resistance army where you fight the germans like MNB Recon , LRRPS. A small resistance army, plus surviving elements as day by day, food becomes rare. Many Civilian died because of starvation. Recon elements can be implemented in the story too, hiding behind alleyways,debris and deep snow. I sense an astonishing idea for the game. Still stick to the WW2 Theme. Cannot fulfill the fantasy part, sorry.


    @Anonymous That idea is amazing, hope urb uses it.

    I have another suggestion if Leningrad turns into MnB4’s setting.
    So, unless it is made into like a campaign ( like CoD and Battlefield but more brutal and you can do what you want ) gamestyle, like MnB 2 you have to survive waves of german attacks with what you have, and as each attack is repelled, the Germans call in more reinforcements. So you got to recruit the remnants in the area ( wich will need a skill check like Recon ) and gather any equipment ( like the germans’ guns ) that’s left, or petition equipment to the Command. It will need a skill check aswell, and any means of communication. No ways of comms, no guns.

    And also, there should have Finnish waves from the north ( as they took the northern flank realistically ), but very uncommonly.



    I mean, why not. I would enjoy somewhat a sequel or something like MNB2. But for now MNB3 hype baby.


    A Stalingrad setting where you plays as a German encircled squad for pure survival in a Recon engine type city setting including Last Winter elements was on the agenda but who knows if….;)
    Leningrad could work this way too with opposite roles.

    I find a caravaneer type game not MNB conform.
    Business type management with fighting elements on the side is not a soldiers way.

    To them Joe’s. While I like my old heroes quiet a bit they are just that, separate heroes and not a squad of real life like military men as portrayed in an MNB game.
    This Sarge also thinks so. 😀

    Mexican Batman

    The Stalingrad Idea sounds cool Lance , and my idea wasn’t so much a business management idea but like a how long can you survive and how far can you get .The setting would be that a lot of human civilization was lost due to nuclear war. You somehow survived and must find a way to adapt and keep on living. My other description was much better I wanted to have classes like former Military which had the highest combat and shooting stats and decent survival , medical and searching ability. I wanted it to be sort of like last stand dead zone mixed in with last winter and caravaneer all in one . You would also have a survivalist who had decent combat stats and shooting stats but had excellent survival skills and good medical skills. Then you can have former EMS or doctor who was really good at medical stuff but that’s it. Then you can have a criminal who has barely decent stats in everything . The worst would be civilian who had no knowledge useful in a situation where society has fallen . A variety of weapons would be out there that could be made , bought, or found . You could go to cities , and join military groups or a gang and complete objectives and just try to survive in the world. I wonder if this is interesting to anyone as a future mud and blood game or at least a spin off


    Disclaimer: Despite ME personally not finding some ideas here for MNB4 so good does not mean that they are bad or that they will never be considered to be made into a game in the future so please keep posting ideas however wild they may be.

    wrote: ” I wonder if this is interesting to anyone as a future mud and blood game.”
    The concept is interesting to make an urbzz game of. Just not so MNB like I think of MNB.
    Well described and I just recalled having suggested something similar a very long time ago.

    U.R.B.A. = Unfair-Random-Brutal-Annihilation
    Maybe also not so MNB like but could be similarly interesting to make.
    Concept: This world is basically coming to an end for all surface life right as the game starts.
    For political neutrality reasons and so that this games starting point can be anywhere the initial cause is a global natural disaster.
    Here you can pick something feasible like absolute spontaneous planet shocking earthquakes or a long lasting meteor shower that was not detected due to a massive solar flare beforehand frying all satellites and blinding observatories causing all sorts of follow up disasters.
    Tsunamis. Volcanoes. Mega-Storms. Mass Freak Lightning Strikes due to the changes in the atmosphere.
    Poisonous air pockets. Rampant animals. Anything nature can throw at you save fantastic stuff like a Shark-Tornado.

    Additionally of course there are your fellow humans that besides also doing anything to stay alive follow agendas of their own.
    Fanatic cults. Want-to-be-King-of-the-new-World. Military New Order. Local Gangsters playing medieval lords.

    Not MNB material really but we do not have another thread topic for Other URBzz Games Ideas so far.
    Should I make one so we can post this stuff there?


    OR, it could also be about the Fall of Constantinople @Lance .
    It can be the same thing, Byzantines has to face hordes of Ottoman attacks, until Sultan Mehmed appears, you ( Konstantinos ) have to kil him, but it will be REALLY hard, so it can be an endgame, or a game was won.
    There can be Recon, LW and MnB 2 elements on it, also with a cooldown time of waves ( bigger than 30 secs heh ), where you have to stockpile more food, ask for reinforcements from Europe ( requires Skill check, extra: hard as fuck with the Pope ), build defenses, train, etc.

    There are multiple possibilities, this one is a medieval one.


    I would like to se either a 2000-2010 era modern warfare, or a world war 2 mud and blood game playing either as the nazi germans or the soviet union

    Mexican Batman

    @ Lance , thx for the input Lance , I will try to find my original post and add it here , I don’t know where it is that I first suggested my idea though


    A company sized mud and blood game would be amazing!!!


    For my personal preference I would like to see a Modern style Warfare. The game could run like Recon but with modern weapon systems and supports and be facing some terrorist cell called “URBZ” just to throw in some advertizing 😉 I think it would be a good change of pace; NOT THAT THE GAMES ARE BAD I LOVE THESE GAMES YOU ARE AN AWESOME DESIGNER!!!! But there is only so much history you can recreate. if you need help with how modern warfare works I am in the Marines (i don’t know if you served if you did than thank you brother!) But i would love to help!!

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