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    I agree with the idea of hotkeys, I also choosing multiple units we could hold ctrl or shift + mouse1 and drag it to select multiple units.
    If the scale of units on the battlefield is a large amount, I would recommend doing a hotkey for squads if anything.
    ex) Ctrl + 1 would save, then pressing 1 would choose em (issue with this is that the number idea for this may conflict with your selection bar for units/supports)

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    Suggestion after few round on 0.19m :

    *Increase the RTS Passive skill Sit Rep exp from 1 to 3 exp, as it will be much worth to take it. ( Compare with other function like reinforcement or Air Recon…etc)

    *Increase the Chance to have a Barb Wire in front of Sand Bag or Trench, make Barb Wire have it’s really effect. and remove it from random asset create, at least be rare. ( Possible to chance the asset create code to make this I guess)

    Reason: Currently most of Barb Wire don’t have any real blocking ability as they seldom set in a right place with enemy. Alley force can simple keep away it. Barb Wire should be use to protect the important defensive position with HMG, MG, Mortar, even the Flak 88.

    *Give the German truck some chance, will drop troop even there are no spotted Alley around.

    *Give soldiers will run away from the enemy who cause his panic, not always going back. As enemy somehow comr from the back side if it carry in by the truck.



    Welcome to the show Huynher. Nice to see new members going strait to the suggestions. 🙂
    However I think that the separate unit selection, as with all MNB games, is a must to uphold the combat command frenzy.
    In Recon we have a bigger field to tackle and the formations there where much needed to accommodate for the different ranger skills as well as tight movement in a very hostile environment.

      Some basic squad commands would be nice. Some movement suggestions.

    – Allow us to let our men crawl when pinned like the enemy can.
    – OR allow a forced PANIC run to get away from a bad place.
    Such a feature would not grant total control in all situations but rather give a means to get a soldiers a bit away from a perma-pin situation.
    Moral could forcefully drop upon usage to 10 or so.

    Fall Back; All capable GIs run strait backwards as if Panicking.
    Advance; Everyone walks forwards for 100 pix.
    Charge; Everyone makes a 50% faster run strait forwards by 50pix.
    Take Cover; All go pinned status for 5 seconds.

    I would also still like to have a way to Retreat.
    Simply move all behind the bottom line. Game goes to a loss screen but you get a bonus per man that you saved.



    General commands would be a good addition to the officer to compliment his more specific ‘unpin all’ skills and such.

    On my end, a nice addition would be some sort of indication of the max range my rifle men can either toss their grenades as well as the max range they can fire off their rifle grenades.



    Max range for Grenades?? Is in and works. The grenade icon gets crossed out when you try to throw or fire to far away or am I missing something in your suggestion @tyrud.

    arise wrote: *Increase the Chance to have a Barb Wire in front of Sand Bag or Trench
    That would be very nice. It would make charging defensive positions much more realistic.

    *Give the German truck some chance, will drop troop even there are no spotted Alley around.
    OK. Currently they drive by every street on the field very randomly. I get that they are suppose to surprise you so that you take a chance to cross a road but how about this as well.
    IF there is a road on the field then a regular reinforcement wave can come by truck instead of strait from the top.
    AI thing be that if you are ahead of them they would need to chase you in order to be meaningful.

    About terrain asset placements.
    There are still things that get placed in spots that are not really right.
    Trenches on a dirt road or in a river for example.
    Nothing should be on a road unless it is suppose to be there like a car or truck or tank or mine or ….
    On a Farm Field there are also sometimes things that do not fit.
    I rest this until we get more around to talk about placement mechanics again.



    Churchs(Bombed out or not:)), ruins of buildings(Castles, Cathedrals, Houses etc Hey, bombing runs/fighting), Wreckages of Vehicles (Planes, Cars etc surely bombing runs were carried out on France…), Camps (German trooper camps.). It sounds ok to me, I love the ideas here…But some extra buildings and stuff would be cool:).



    Are ‘Bangalore torpedos’ in the game?? Could them to be in somehow? They became popular after ‘Saving private Ryan’ and’very’ used during D-Day by US troops.

    I know that as @urbzz said engineer class “that could have 10 skills. But for sake of game mechanics integrity it has 3. For now lol.” As said, “For now…” It could be similar to TNT but with limited range since soldier using them must be static until its detonation, or action we’ll be canceled.

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    Love this one!

    Actually no need to worry about how this skill similar or not, if it sure is different and can connect with real life that is a good skill option for sure. As we can and we could add more skill for every specialty, So I believe it is good time to bring some specific thread back to here again. >o<


    *Update the Marksman first skill, let it be able to target at Truck or HMG target.

    This idea is to add the old function like what we have in MNB2. Marksman will be able to pick the target on high value target like Truck driver, HMG gunner, even the German Tank expose Top.

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    Will there be weather effects in MB3 like Recon? (e.g., during rain = limit fov/los for both enemy and allied troops, no artillery support, etc.)



    @arise It would be very nice indeed if the crew of German vehicles and emplacements could get picked off by the marksman. Would give players other options if their spec ops or riflemen are dead and they face an HMG for example.

    @nexwiz Currently there are no weather effects in game, but don’t be surprised if things like snow and rain get added on later.



    Thanks @tyrud


    1-About the Barb Wire:
    *Increasing the chance of the barb wire appear with the trench or sandbag, decrease the random bard wire chance. (Just mention again to let it complete )
    *Add some special barb wire defense with whole game wide. Be combine by few of barb wire.
    *Give Engineer a passive skill, when he very close to the barb wire, he will start trying cut the wire by his own tool, with some bullet ticking like Recon. The success chance is up to the Engineer’s exp, every try require 5 seconds.

    2-About the Scout:
    *When he is advancing or combat, he should just like a normal soldiers with same spotting range as he has no time to look around.
    *Add a passive skill so the Scout will search around when he is stop and not moving for a while. (The animation will show as using a binoculars to look around like MNB2 officer. ) This give Scout double spotting range and increase the searching speed and chance.

    3-New Asset Camnet:
    *Camnet will cover on the defensive asset like Bunker or Trench even the sandbag. (Like what we are doing in the MNB2 )
    *The Camnet is very hard to spotted, but can easily damage. The asset under the camnet will be hide and before the camnet been spotted, you can not see what is under there.
    *The camnet somehow will just cover the ground with nothing, German laugh at you!
    *Scout have better spotting chance then other unit to find the camnet. (Just like what Engineer with the mine. )



    It would be interesting if we would get special missions after random events or after being urbed.
    As an exampel: if all your men are killed you will be ordered to strike with commandos to a important enemy position to allow regular troops to continue advancing.
    Think if some of these could be on a map similar to recon.



    Id like to know if group movement is on the agenda and if not then I think it would improve the game for several reasons.
    1stly lets get this out of the way, it’s a pain to move all the soldiers individually and also if you dont pause the game shit can happen particularly when trying to advance which seems to be a much bigger focus in this game.
    The second reason I think it would be good it because you cant really get squads to move in formation. I think it would look cool and add a lot to the experience if when selected and told to move they stayed in their formation allowing a huge amount of strategies to become more viable and less tedious especially those involving cannon fodder.
    3rd if you could key bind a group though that may be more complicated (Ive never coded an swf game but if c# is anything to go off just a few lines of text) I think the fluidness of the advancing would greatly improve.

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    I’m not agaisnt moving your squad as a group but quite frankly it is something you’ll probably end up staying away from. If you guys want the shortcut I’ll give to you it takes no time to code.

    Precise movement is key for the majority of the time I find. Mnb3 happens to be a 20min firefight with very short pause. You’ll end up making your dudes hoping from cover to cover for the majority of the time and this at very specific time (aka when another soldier is firing, see the basics of a firight in the wiki)

    You soon realise that moving all your dudes leaves you vulnerable since in mnb3 soldiers are prioritising movement over fire.



    Formation movement would be super useful in areas like empty fields or areas without much cover. For actual firefights individual movement is key, definitely. There are times though where you might want everyone to haul ass up or down the screen.

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