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    The MG42 gunner, particularly in a bunker, is way way too OP. At least for me. Airstrike after airstrike, bazookas, grenades, etc. did nothing to this guy. The only way to move forward was to literally suicide run past him. Only one guy survived. So I would like to suggest a nerf on the MG42.


    A MG42 in a bunker is supposed to be lethal and a fearful sight indeed. Smoke him and charge the mg nest next time. Young padawan allow me to share with you this pearl of wisdom, Well entrenched enemies cannot be defeated by firepower but maneuvering.

    Bunkers will be destroyable with airstrikes in a future update however. It’ll will remain resistant to everything else.

    Mexican Batman

    So does that mean Mud and Blood 3 Bunkers will be like Recon Bunkers ?


    Thanks for the wisdom, urb. I was trying to take the easy way out I suppose haha.


    Mexican Batman wrote: “So does that mean Mud and Blood 3 Bunkers will be like Recon Bunkers?”
    No my friend. They will be a lot worse. πŸ˜‰
    In Recon it is fairly easy to get behind an HMG-Bunker and there is usually no need to destroy it but If you want you have 100% precision airstrikes available at certain intervals or simply use explosives that you took along.
    Here in MNB3 I see our squad having a hell of a bad time when an enemy occupied Bunker (with or without MG) is in our way.

    urbzz wrote: “Bunkers will be destroyable with airstrikes in a future update however. It’ll will remain resistant to everything else.”
    Only Bomb Drops?? That is a bit hard considering that you firstly must have a “Jimmy” with that skill and secondly it could take a long time until a bomb finally blows the bunker.

    Historically a squad as ours could clear a bunker in many ways.
    – CQC as in getting inside the bunker sprite where then the bunker bullet protection should be void for both sides.
    NOTICE: This nullification of defensive bonuses should be in for all situations where our men are inside the same protective asset as the enemy that they are targeting and vice versa.

    – Bullets should still have a very small chance to hit someone inside a bunker even if behind a gun shield. Say a base of 1% per bullet regardless of Rifle Skill. Damage stays the same.

    – Since we have no Flamethrower we should be able to use the Bazooka that was heavily used against bunkers more so then against armor in WW2.
    To balance this the bunkers hit-box could be rather small.

    – Artillery should also be able to blow a bunker if it hits the hit-box.

    – Sadly we do not longer have TNT available to us. It would have worked well as a short range blow-it-all-to-hell skill.
    I still can see the Commando having TNT as his second skill. How about you?

    – Lastly an Allied Tank or whatever big gun we may get in the future to call to the field should work to get rid of hardened defensive structures.


    Regarding bunkers: Those should be difficult targets to destroy, preferably with few different options. Breaching a bunker is a bit too much to ask unless we are talking about a major bunker complex which would require entirely new map for that said purpose. I feel that there should be light and heavy bunkers (eg. the heavy bunker being the current one only destroyable by bomb drop while the light can be taken out by artillery or a bazooka) in order to improve battle tactics and give bit more room to breath.

    The bunkers should also be more “organic” (same with the heavy machinegun nests) that the gunners are not invulnerable nor mad. There are view ports used to aim the weapons and those are weaknesses. A bullet to the view port will kill the gunner. Fire aimed at the gun, gun shield and/or view port will also pin the gunner if the fire is severe/accurate enough. If nothing else the constant fire should reduce the accuracy and rate of fire of the gun. Bazooka round also could kill the gunner without destroying the weapon system. If we are left with situation where tanks, bunkers and all other heavy weapon systems are indestructible without air strike leaving bypassing them as the only option, the core gameplay becomes redundant.

    And should someone remember, I have said multiple times that we need TNT to blow up heavy emplacements. It did not take long after the engineer skill change for us to see first people wishing to have explosives.


    The mg being invincible is by no mean an intended gameplay mechanic. It’s just a bug πŸ™‚ Even with a shield on the tripod. My intent is to allow a 10% chance that a successful hit on a shielded unit kill one of its crew. they are not invincible to explosion in any way either

    Tanks have multiple ways to die currently with the extensive damage system. Some polishing is required but the foundation work is there.

    Bunkers made of wood and dirt are planned to be added in the forest preset. These will be blowable more easily than concrete one.

    TNT being avail to Commandos sounds like an honest suggestion. what do you suggest it should replace? The second tier skill?


    Speaking of bunkers, the standard wooden bunker dug in the ground was very common and should appear not only in forests but also in the fields.
    At the same time it was quite rare to see a lone bunker in the middle of the open ground as they often came with a trench system and some other fortifications. So, if there is a concrete block, it should have some trenches to the sides.

    TNT for commando sounds very good.
    I’d say it should replace the damage reduction skill.
    I can already see the stealth + TNT being a powerful combination.

    Since we’re talking about skills again, @urbzz, what is your opinion on skills + equipment system that was discussed on the old forum?
    I know there are plans for pick-up able weapons but this here reminds me of that very much.


    If talk about the idea from the old forum, I believe I should bring it on for reference.

    Click here to read about old suggestion thread, be advise it is many. >o<


    For the skill, I am wondering. When will we suppose to start with multiple skill choice upgrade system?

    As many skill is awesome, so choice three skill from a big skill bank will be better then choice the best three skill as only option. ( Even it is far and contain with lots of work or potential bug )

    If for the TNT, I guess the second skill might be the best option here.


    Thanks for the linka Arise.
    to cut down on tedious search: It’s page 7, 8 and 16. link to 7 HERE

    Non linear skill trees, huh? We’re back at it again?


    Thanks for the link. I wasn’t sure where exactly to look for that reference. More skills is always fun. For now, however we will deal with what we have. I don’t see why in the future we won’t have multiple specs for various classes with different skill tree each.


    One of another thing before open beta I would like to suggest, if this is not hard can we just put the original time exp system back. as it will let the test be much more quicker. Like what I am doing, I can not put all day on MNB3 testing but I have a way that I will put the game rest for a while and doing my work. After the exp grow enough high, I turn to test what I want and simply start another test target.

    That is why I can release so much debug report. But as the new time exp system in, I can not use this way anymore. The game have to put full power to run otherwise it will be no exp for skill, nor testing anything. But I don’t have that many time to do so.

    Sure we should switch back to this exp system involve in 0.19i, but can we put it in later or simply upload another version for super speed testing?

    That will be much more easier. (Not the fun playing or slayghter, I am talking about why I can test it so fast and so many target scan. )

    Thanks Guys and Boss. >o<


    When using the scout skill that detects the closest enemy, there ought to be a separate line of text that lets you know that nothing has been spotted. Might also be nice if the enemy that was spotted had little ping circles coming off of him for a short while just so you can tell exactly who it was that was spotted.


    uploading version m which should fix the scout skill

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