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    In my humble opinion, the Gunner‘s Tripod is just fine. The idea of making use of it more often, or quicker than we can, sounds too much like it’d “Make the Game Easier“. 🙁 Something I think we’d wanna avoid. Stockholm Syndrome is too much fun. 😉

    I do agree with Snipper’s idea of the Sniper having an “Insta-Kill” option( 🙁 Isn’t he a Sniper?!?! What happened to the motto of “One Shot, One Kill”?!?) and the idea of the Commando getting a bonus on a stealth attack. 🙁 ..I mean, shoot. If ya Can’t see what’s attacking you…

    Any additional armor we might have to deal with.., 🙂 Those Last-Two-Words.., “..more pain.” You know you like it rough sweetie. 😉

    As for the idea of the Signaler getting an ‘Extra Call’ for finishing a map. 🙁 Maybe not an extra call, but a ‘Free Call‘. At the very Start of the map, you have the ability to call either Reinforcements(ReinFrenchments was too drunk to show), a Crate Drop or a Sit-Rep. 🙁 ..but maybe not for advancing only one screen(we gotta avoid the “Too Easy Factor” at all costs), maybe Two Maps would be better. 🙁 ..or is it Two Legs?!? Lord knows that Does sound better…


    But in the end, all we can do is suggest. Urbzz has to make the call as to what we’re allowed to wear to our own funeral. 🙁 I sure hope he doesn’t make me wear a Pink Dress. But the Commando wearing a Pink Dress would be funny as hell, he could make it a Valentine’s Day option. 😉



    I just have to note, the Sniper assassinate idea and the Commando stealth idea weren’t actually mine, they were Soldier98’s (on discord). Anyway I agree with all of his ideas!



    maybe also make the gunners turn to where they shoot when they fire their mortar, would look better visually


    Swedish Commando

    I would love to see a possible uniform change for like some trees like in M&B2 the specops had a darker uniform. Same for the sniper maybe a covered helmet or some leafes.



    08 Oct 2017:
    IMO, I think the MnB3 version lacks a feel of rpg elements. The game has been improved tons especially with the implementation of keyboard shortkeys and auto-item promotions (so players wont have to figure out which weapon’s better than the others, but just going from one end of the map towards another end of the map gets boring over time.

    Urb wiki said a random mix of brutality, unfairness and randomness keeps the game experience fresh. True, but that doesn’t differ from advancing your game progress to save/halt vs advancing all your men till they die eventually. The game has a map but without clear directions, i think most new players would just play a few maps and that’s it, they played the game, seen the game, it’s time to move on.

    Why not add career objectives, such as “reach xxxx location by Day xxx” or label the locations on the map so new players can see how far ahead the journey is. When i was playing my 1st MnB3 experience, i couldn’t tell the map at the starting screen indicated the journey players would eventually traverse. It was non-interactive, and as a player not from Europe, i didn’t understand why the star kept expand-shrinking at the same spot.

    And do add hints to the ribbon system. I know the moderators said the game would like the new players to eventually stumble upon them, but wandering aimlessly for a eastern bunny egg is no fun. Especially when they just walked over it when they could have gotten them. There should be at least some hints to suggest the existence of a ribbon or just flat out tell the player its requirement but grey it out before acquisition.
    (This post has been posted without reading the contents of the earlier 13 pages of post replies; if the content of this post repeated itself, i do apologise).



    First of all, I think Air Recon needs a buff. Perhaps have the recon plane loiter around the AO for a while instead of making 1 pass, keeping all enemies perma-spotted for say… 1 minute. This would make it better for monitoring enemy troop movements and planning ahead of time.

    Scout ability suggestions:

    1. Binocular scan, scout 1st ability. Instead of the scout spotting the nearest enemy, the scout would pull out his binoculars and do a short scan (5 seconds). During this time his view range will be doubled/tripled.
    2. Air Recon pass, scout 3rd ability. It would be the same as the current Air Recon.

    New class idea: Assault Rifleman

    120 HP, normal speed

    Weapons (this is something I’m having problems with) M3 Grease Gun – M1 Thompson – M2 Carbine – M1918 BAR

    Abilities: Smoke Grenade – Frag – WP Grenade

    WP grenade would be a more accurate Molotov, useful for burning people in trenches. It could also act as a smoke grenade.

    BAR suggestion: The BAR should not get the LMG loading penalty, it uses the same mag as the T20 anyways. Also, the BAR should not get the hip-fire penalty, being relatively easy to fire from the shoulder. This should improve its range dramatically.

    50 cal buff: The 50 cal should fire faster and in longer bursts, after all it is a vehicle mounted 50 cal. To make it more viable for suppression it could do the following things:

    1. Let it target switch, I’m not sure about this but it would make it that much more useful.
    2. Make it suppress enemies in an area when it fires.
    3. Every time the 50 cal fires, it gives +1 morale to your whole squad. Hearing a 50 cal blasting away at the krauts is pretty moralizing, at least that’s what I heard.



    This is going to be interesting.

    I am not sure what you mean by “RPG-elements”, especially without any examples, in a game like this. The game is focused around the 4th Armored Division and it’s push through Europe as Patton’s Spearhead unit. I don’t see a place for “RPG-elements” in a setting like this where we are playing as faceless grunts that fight on for one day under our command before moving on.

    I do agree that the gameplay can become boring since the fundamental gameplay never changes, only the locations. But MnB2 is even more repetitive than MnB3 and it is still immensely popular. Urb has taken the attitude regarding player base that if you don’t like it, feel free to leave. That is a notable cornerstone of this community.

    The game has several career relates objectives. Various ribbons are awarded for finishing sections of the map ahead of time, and in standard Urb fashion the ribbons are not revealed beforehand. And I don’t really understand the point of the map complaint. I agree that it can take a moment to understand that the map is indeed a map (of the route the player will move through) and the interactive part is something Im neutral about. I really don’t know what to say about your comment about not being European and it relating to the star on the map… Many things to say, but I’ll pass.

    Ribbon system: The game has been created around the idea of hidden ribbons. Again, if one does not like it, feel free to leave. Handholding is not a thing for Urb; if one wishes to know about the requirements of the ribbons, read the wiki or play the game as designed to.

    And on to the next post.

    I am neutral about the change of Air Recon. The player can just pause the game and take notes of the enemy locations for artillery strikes later on. This fact makes the 1 minute visibility time somewhat redundant.

    Binocular scan: Neutral. I like the spot-nearest-enemy ability since it tells exactly how far ahead the map is clear. The binoculars are in the game as a supply crate item increasing spotting range permanently by 100 pixels. And the ability itself is bit weird. Often, outside of hedgerows, the map has so much obstacles that the ability is useless. If there is enough clear area to use it, the game renders only the nearest 10 enemies making it likely that the scout wastes most of the range due to this mechanic and resulting teleporting enemies.

    Free Air Recon every free minutes? Nope, way too powerful.

    Assault rifleman: First things first, why? What is the purpose or role this unit is filling? The abilities are a copy-paste of rifleman abilities. The weapons are almost copy-paste of Commando and why is there M2 Carbine on the list after Thompson when the former is (still) mostly inferior to latter. This unit does not have a purpose in the game since everything this can do, is already done by someone else.

    BAR does not have loading penalty, it gets a buff if working with a loader. And there is no penalty from firing from the hip, but a bonus when firing from prone.

    I can’t comment on the .50 cal since I haven’t used it. Important to note is that all buffs for the .50 will also be applied to the enemy MG-34 emplacements due to balance. Area suppression has been in the planning but not implemented yet. How hard it is to code likely determines will it be in or not.



    Lots of good input to reply to for a change.
    @blackmoore88 wrote: “just going from one end of the map towards another end of the map gets boring over time.”
    The setting of the field does change as you advance. Some just take longer to pass in days advanced then others or are the assets not random enough and if so please specify what is missing for you.
    “career objectives”
    hmm This sounds something like Tyrud’s idea to add Recon’s profile career management things to the game.
    As I stated in the topic for Random Events (ect) I feel that does not fit to the MNB3 game theme nor do we need specific missions to do since we always start with a fresh squad.
    If we where to have more specialties or better more options to spend upgrade points on plus Random Events then we would have a much broader overall tactical variety to play with then now.

    Towards explaining the game objective better.
    I would suggest that in the starting screen there be a brief explanation on the game concept.
    Something like an Army Orders Mail.
    “You play as a WW2 US Army Commander that is part of the 3rd US Army that landed at Omaha Beach after D-Day controlling a small squad of involuntary recruits who where unlucky to have been assigned a spearhead role by probing ahead first into enemy territory but those that survive get changed out on a daily basis for the next unlucky batch of new recruits under your command.
    Your profile character gets rewarded experience points and military ribbons according to how good his subordinates handle themselves in combat.
    Patton wants to end the war fast therefor accomplishing feats that go along with this order will ensure military rewards for the players profile character.
    You have 300 days at max to get the job done. That be all. Good fight commander.”

    Towards players that do not know the historical path of the 3rd us army after d-day they should simply read up on history stuff. Easy as that. Anyone to lazy to even do that may be at the wrong place.

    Now to Sniper. Scout ability suggestions: Yes,a needed topic!
    I like the idea of that 1st Scout skill replacement.
    In game it is a bit silly to just see one enemy strait ahead but miss out the other 5 standing right next to him.
    In addition if he spots someone many visual fields away it feels like the dude has super powers.

    Recon Overflight as a Skill is a great idea.
    Unsure if it should be the 3rd since it does nor seam like a super 3rd skill.

    Older Skills; Currently (or better the most advanced one) 2nd skill Flare was to direct the Signalers bomb Drop. It worked but was (is) way to specific and tricky to pull of to be a good skill.
    For a time it stated, in text, the number of enemies around the flare but that was rather silly since if you know where enemies are at to even shoot the flare there, it matters little on how many are bunched up. *RG,BZ,GR,ARTY ect=RIP
    Was not helpful.

    Let’s work with the Flare and see what it can be used for.
    Most easy thing be to give the Scout the Artillery Support Skill of the Signaller and then give the Siggy something else. Basically what the enemy has now. Was realistic at the time too that Scouts relayed arty coordinates.

    How about a real bombers (B17,B24) bombing run on the flares location. Could be to OP.

    Something different could be that he randomly searched (before the deploy) the entire currently field for stationary enemies, crates ect and any hidden things like mines.
    Chance to reveal any one item be 20% or 30% per item. Roll for each item separately to get a random amount of revealed assets.
    This has either a long cooldown or can only be used once per field where I prefer the cooldown.

    Then there is still the classic where the scout knows how many reinforcements will come per field or for the next 5 minutes at least.
    This would also or either make a nice Opportunity Call or Random Event or Enemy Crate Content find.

    “New class idea: Assault Rifleman”
    Nope for the reasons Hyyppa mentioned.

    The BAR is somewhat not the monster it was in mnb2 and definitely needs some love.
    I be for a longer effective range.

    The Jeep (5oCAL) works wrong in my view. It should not require your gunner but have its own and yes the rate of fire is awfully low.
    Make it behave like the Stuart Tank and it be a lot better.



    i would like to see you bring back tactical points like in Mud and Blood 2 where you get more tactical points to outfit your team with equiptment the higher your rank is that way your not stuck with only infantry and temporary vehicles for instance if i want to leave 3 soldiers behind in exchange for a jeep or half-track with changeable equipment.

    i would also like it if you allow players to outfit their team before you head to the field like in Mud and Blood Recon mainly because infantry men should start as their specialty for instance you dont just become a medic or engineer you have to be trained beforehand on another note i tend to grab German weapons often and to not be able to collect and use them again is really annoying

    vehicles need to come with their own crew and the jeep cant just sit there… it needs to advance a little bit like the stewart

    more radio options and the reinforce radio call needs to be standard either that or make it more common also all 3 radio calls are pretty much the same thing with a communal cooldown time so why would you ever use the bomb drop or CAS when you have artillery?

    everyone should be able to have grenades… its not a special thing just buff the timer to 60 seconds like the bazooka

    depoyable vehicles like halftracks and tanks (a wide variety like Stuart Sherman and then Pershing) that you can upgrade with a .50 Cal like in MnB2 because it feels like the enemy has so much they can throw at us and we only have infantry and light support… i just the other day got hit with 2 tigers and a Panzer IV consecutively with infantry mixed in on a +6 day (maybe a motorcycle with a sidecar and Tommygun for the giggles…)

    if above systems are adopted you can literally translate all the ribbons from MnB2 over that way you dont have to spend time worrying about it so much and focus on other aspects

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    I posted this on Discord, but I’ll post it here too for record keeping.

    I suggest an “Leave Soldiers Behind” Advance option. Any soldier not past the line will be left behind and presumably MIA. Perhaps a morale debuff would be in order for the next screen as well. The reasoning for this is that there are sometimes soldiers trapped and unable to advance while the player is waiting for them to die, as the rest of the squad is waiting to advance.



    ^ This’d be a good idea not just in general, but for debug considering the current issue with Commandos not retreating and getting stuck at zero morale. Though I have noticed that you can fix this bug by telling your stuck Commandos to move backwards from their current position, at which point it’ll fix them and allow them to move ahead again.

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