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    Hi all!

    As discussed in this topic, I agree that the downed germans should have some benefit to the squad. So I was thinking, since currently the medic class is very slow on the xp gain (in the early game, late game medics are pretty solid fighters) and I usually leave a grunt until he hits 30xp before specing him into a medic, it would be nice if he had other ways to gain xp besides making him your frontman (since he is quite trash at combat early).

    I like hyypas idea very much that helping downed germans should give him xp, but I think it should grant him xp without the need for ribbons and such. Sure, after your medics have helped a certain number of enemies there should be a ribbon, but more for some extra xp, I think the medic should get experience for helping enemies right from the get go or at least after a small amount of enemies have been helped total (think 10).

    That being said, I’m basing this suggestion on my experiences that germans being downed is a pretty rare thing (as far as I can tell, if there’s usually more of them please let me know) and getting 50 of them could be quite a hassle.

    Also on the topic of the medic, maybe have every tick of healing he does on troops have a very small percentage chance to give him 1 xp (think 0,5% to prevent possible abuse, but even then sending a soldier to get harmed on purpose can backfire greatly lol). If this has already been suggested or is even implemented and I just haven’t noticed yet disregard this suggestion.



    Hey i have a suggestion. give some classes like commandos & scouts, front field soldiers a pistol as a secondary weapon and if this troop is reloading and is in a tight spot or gun jams, they could pull the pistol and fight. it could maybe save some good men. could this be a possible thing to do? and i’d love to see some other like a lugers on weapon crate or colt revolvers

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    The Lone Ranger

    Anybody remember in MNB2 how troops came out of crates maybe that can be implemented but theres a catch like they start injured or with lower morale etc.


    Crudux Cruo

    I would suggest having the ability to retreat, exiting the field and forfeiting your men like in mud and blood 2.

    also sound settings and a basic menu once battle starts.

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    Well bro, I gotta agree I’d love this one. I don’t know How Many Times I’ve regretted the decision not to Halt when I had a chance. 🙁 It’s almost like the A.I. says: “Oh yea Punk?!? Think your getting another map from Meee?!? Shiiiiiittt.

    But am thinking a Retreat option goes against the nature of the game/RL idea, Do or Die Trying.
    . Remember:
    A great man once said; “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. so go out there and die till you win!


    Is this how cannon-fodder feels?



    That is a nice expression about the advance factor. @mo-tah XD

    I know some people don’t like the no retreat option setting, well, it does base with lot of stuff.

    It give you the chance to advance more in one day, but risk to lose all your progress. For game balance, it is mainly for the balance about the starting condition and ending condition. MNB3 will punished you when you advance into enemy territory too deeply, with some of hard obtain ribbon setting.

    If you can retreat whatever you want, then this setting lose the meaning in the game factor. It maybe will give you some Intel about German situation in nxet map or some function like that to give you more tactical sense, but sure the main set will not change. At least, not by this require. >o<

    BTW, even a single men retreat may not be good for this game, as you will not get more soldiers easily in MNB3. It can’t give you more benefit on this part as all skill and resource is define by cooling timer not TP.


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    The Lone Ranger

    Allowing the Commando to not be stuck in the same place for 2 min.+ would be nice. Recently it cost me a section since the commando was just stuck there and my other men were in the “Finish Line” and a reinforcement for the the Boche came in and STEAMROLLED me. Also I don`t want to kill the commando due to his morale or get the Bravery medal to make sure I can win a map with certainty.



    Basic soldiers where not given pistols as additional side arms Jim.
    In Recon the Pistol is more there to give your men something to fire with after their main weapon has run dry and not to actually be able to win a firefight with but more to run away shooting.
    To use it in a weapon jam situation was not intended.

    I would suggest having the ability to retreat, exiting the field and forfeiting your men like in mud and blood 2.
    “Do or Die Trying.” …..
    hmmm A retreat option would be nice for those hopeless games where you refresh as not to waste more time playing.
    Of course after another advance this option is no longer valid.
    Mechanic be simple. Move all men behind the starting line.
    Results are debatable. Lets say its chance based.
    Per GI that makes it back you get a 15 % chance to have something bad happen to your profile.
    On the other side your next days men will get additional starting xp depending on how many men survived the retreat.
    1 = all +4xp. 2 = all +3xp. 3= all +2xp. 4= all +1xp.

    Allowing the Commando to not be stuck in the same place

    His fearlessness is not. 😀
    Maybe it be better if he could panic or if his moral would never fall under 20 or so.
    Massive moral drops are a bit overdone here I fear.
    A starting squad that loses a man and gets MGed runs for home way to fast or is perma pinned till death.


    The Lone Ranger

    Maybe the you could be allowed to manually scroll the map. It gets a bit annoying having to switch from the zoomed in map to fully zoomed out map to see how close you are to Pisek. Also anyone know when the map sections(the place where it zooms in on) will be complete since on the zoomed out map I can see that Im beyond the edge of a section and it doesn`t go any farther so I have to go to the zoomed out map to see where Im at.



    Well I know where I’m at, I’m in hell.
    What I’d Really like is some intel. All I get when I click that tab is a wall of text scrolling past at hyper-speed followed by the words; “More Intel Coming Soon!!” 🙁 ..what intel?


    The Lone Ranger

    Id like to see more intel as well since it provides nice immersion and what to expect there. Id also like to see my current location when the cam zooms in since Im already in Germany(Specifically Liepzig) but it zooms in on the area I was back at Bastogne and The Bulge.



    How about some sort of permadeath mode for MnB3 but with paratroopers? You start with a company and each time you die, the number of soldiers decrease until it reaches 0. Like MnB2, paratroopers get unique skills.


    The Lone Ranger

    I know its a bit early but for the next patch I would like the M1 carbine to receive a higher hit chance since it seems that no matter how good a soldiers rifle skill is it just does not hit meanwhile for every other weapon seems to have normal hit chance.



    Not really “hit chance” since that is based solely on Rifle Skill as far as I know. However the carbine definitely needs a range buff. The reason they replaced the M1A1 Thompson with the M2 Carbine was longer range. As of right now (0.30b) it seems to have *less* range (180 < 200?). Luckily in 0.30c (0.24) the carbine should get 200 range. Still prefer it get like 250 range or something. We could also give the carbine an SMG aiming buff at close quarters, due to its lightness.



    Discord Suggestion Update: ( The name is Discord User name!! )

    *Soldier98 :
    Cooldown for the first ability of gunner should be decreased a lot.

    Snipper added :
    I second that (decrease gunner bipod cooldown). Gunner’s bipod ability is meant to be spammed, but right now we’re stuck using it only in times of crisis. Using it more would greatly improve gunner’s killing/suppressing power.

    Also the sniper should have a “instakill” roll if they hit a target with assassinate and the spec ops should be a bonus on his acuraccy on his first attack while in stealth.

    *Polarfuchs :
    SdKfz 222 or SdKfz 234/1 for more armoured variety, and for more pain.

    *CritMedic :
    Give signaler an extra opportunity call every time you advance.

    Arise View:

    I really like this idea, as it is another balance factor to push player to advance more to regain the benefit.

    Updated by Arise.

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