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    The Lone Ranger

    You realize that you can already do that right. Just click 9.


    Carter Moody

    oh shit.

    also why is there no mnb3 info on the wiki?



    Wiki is currently suffering from the fact that we can’t really update it. For now, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



    😮 Ooo! 😮 Ooo! I got one! I got one!
    Was it an African Swallow or a European Swallow? 🙂




    Carter Moody

    alright so currently I am just using the “9” key to move all my troops at once. Normally I move a group of 2-3 ahead, then once they’ve reached their destination I press “9” and call the remaining troops up to the same location (never moving all my troops at once). Regardless I would still appreciate a way to click-and-drag to select multiple troops at once. Sometimes I want my medic to stick right alongside any injured troops, and should be easy to have them travel together.

    Are there any other keyboard shortcuts in the game?


    Mousing over a soldier in the field should highlight his icon on the screen.
    Mousing over a soldier’s icon should highlight the same soldier in the field. As well as show the soldier’s stats

    Add flamethrowers to crates?

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    Logan Koland

    I think that one thing that really sets Mud and Blood away from other games is the “Critical Injury” feature. In most games, a man with 1 health has the same combat ability as a man with 100. This is obviously inaccurate, and I applaud you for recognizing it, Urb.

    However, while I was playing M&B3, I noticed that German soldiers can be Critically Injured as well. At the moment, however, they don’t really have a role or purpose in the game, and I feel that, as is, they only add to the game experience marginally. I was thinking of maybe a German medic who can heal injured enemy soldiers? Or maybe a Interrogation feature like the one in Recon that can only be used on wounded Germans.



    Now that’s a cool idea, the ability to interrogate injured German soldiers! 🙂
    You’d be able to find out where all the hidden Germans & their emplacements were, and a reduced potentiality for any further reinforcements(You’d know Their whereabouts, and could avoid them, or at least most of them) popping in.
    More XP for the soldiers cause That would be an experience that would definitely affect you. 🙁 ..maybe even scar some…

    The Medic idea is a Totally realistic idea Urbzz -{ 🙁 if I might be so brazen to state}-, especially on later maps.
    If you go say 5 maps in a row, they start sending in Medics with the reinforcements. And even further in the Medics have the ability to heal at an advanced rate.
    ..but the Interrogation idea is just TiTs baby!!



    I like those ideas. At least allow the GIs to execute them for experience. A german medic would spice things up. Maybe improve the AI so wounded germans could withdraw and come back fresh.

    At least do the execute bit. You could have a ribbon after executing 100 germans, call it the bastard and the reward is all of your GIs get a 10% chance spawn with a baseball bat for CQC. XD



    The Medic idea is suggested in the Tester group since 0.18, Sure will be a lovely stuff. I a not sure will the baseball bat be good enough, (lol) but sure some mechanic add here would put the special purpose to the game itself, so does other specialty.

    This factor keep remind everyone that the Alley and German share every code, and act under same rule. So with a German medic must be a awesome add to future patch. >o<

    Keep up Good working. >o<



    I feel heavily compelled to intervene and state immediately that intentional execution of critically injured Germans is not a thing the game should have as a function. Not even Patton’s 3rd Army is above the Geneva Conventions. Have fun ending up court marshaled halfway through France thanks to having ordered the execution of hundreds of German wounded. War crimes, even less actively supported ones like suggested here, can not be part of the game under any circumstances.

    I suggest that the German injured should be treatable by our medics but only to the point of 10 health where they become stable. Alive, condition stable, but unable to fight. The injured will be collected by the forces moving forward behind of us and have a very small chance of providing somekind of intel or other bonuses several days later (the average infantryman does not know much and our advance is so fast the little they know becomes useless in matter of days, nor can the halfway bled out speak anything coherent until properly treated). Reward for treating 50 of them should grant the commander The Red Cross Ribbon granting medics 1xp for stabilizing further critically injured Germans. Treating 75 or 100 could give The Desmond Doss Ribbon either increasing the xp to 2 or granting 50% chance of gaining 2 xp for the said feat.



    @hyypa, I guess it would be inappropriate for american troops to execute someone after the Geneva Conventions. Whether or not they did execute them in RL is not our problem. Personally I like your idea better. It would be great to implement a way to utilize the enemy wounded. Whether or not it involves Pow gathering, or medical treatment or whatever.
    -Again execution is currently implemented in MnB Recon, so ill leave that up to the higher ups to decide whether or not it should be implemented in MnB 3.



    I feel that there should be a 10% or 5% chance that one of our soldiers will do a Ronald Speirs in Bands of Brothers. Offer ’em a cigarette, then BAM!

    Of course, this would go against the Geneva conventions and the POW might possessed some valuable intel for the people back in HQ, thus hindering the war effort and your reputation as a commander.
    After the incident, you’d be given a choice on whether that soldier should be removed from the squad and court-martial-ed or keep him in the squad.

    The good consequences of the first choice is that you’ll gain a bonus such as increasing your xp or a modifier that will make you gain more xp in that specific deployment. The drawback would be is that you’re now one man down and the said soldier was a valuable asset for you and your current squad.

    Vice-versa for the second choice. Negative modifiers for your xp and perhaps lowering the morale for your squad since they have a maniac in their squad. Additionally, you’re risking another 10% or 5% chance that the same soldier will commit the same crime. The plus side would be that you’re not one man down and you still have your valuable asset (if that soldier is one).

    Now this may be quite hard in terms of coding and such, (I know next to nothing about developing a game of any kind) but I guess it would add some flavor to an already excellent game.



    Bad ideas.
    – interrogate injured German soldiers
    – allow the GIs to execute them for experience

    I am with Hyyppa that those things do not belong in MNB3 since here we portray simple grunts that most likely felt just as bad to kill as the poor enemy grunts did towards us but they had to do their job no matter what.
    Recon is a different war, missions, squad and enemies to consider just to mention that not everything “against war rules” is same same for every war game.

    As far as a German Medic…. Hard to tell if that would make sense game wise since either you are winning the fight and then a AI Medic would be just another target (an easy one at that) OR you are losing the fight and then it does not matter if some half dead enemies join in again to additionally help to kill you off.

    I like Hyyppas idea on how to deal with downed enemies very much.
    There where RL medals for Humane Actions towards civilians and enemy soldiers.
    For simple game mechanics.
    Our Medic could heal up a downed enemy to 10 HP that then runs towards our start line as a POW.
    This would only work if no combat is done and would take longer.

    awee scratch that. In WW2 both sides had little medical front line mids of combat resources and they surely did not use them on non valuable enemy soldiers.
    If at all a mercy kill for downed enemy soldiers could be done. In RL that is what they actually did.

    A topic thread for “What to do with downed but not dead enemy soldiers” would be good to continue this if there is still interest.



    Thank you Lance for your clarification. My drive behind the sugestion is more than execution. When you clear the screen, downed german units remain. If they serve no other game mechanic could they just be removed when the screen is cleared? It only adds problems when they attract tanks and resurrect themselves.



    Ya know..,
    If it’s accuracy being aimed for, the “Loving Local Lass” isn’t a stretch of the imagination… 😉

    Also I stand corrected, and agree with both Hyyppa & Lance on the correct stance twords treatment of the enemy, which in this case is the Germans.
    The Americans were over there(according to Patton himself) to right a wrong, and behaving in a manner that was less-than-decent to another Human being was putting us on the same level.

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