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    Here is the open Beta main suggestion thread, in order to prevent the over create suggestion thread in the forum, so you can post all your thinking here. If you have some very specific idea, then start another thread is also good. >o<

    Thanks you all and enjoy the MNB3.


    Here is the MNB3 suggestion thread. To read the previous forum post click here.


    Very good work at preserving that all arise.
    You have my deepest respect for being such an enthusiastic contributor here.
    Next step could be to extract some suggestions that would still make sense and have not been implemented into the game already in some way.

    Here one of the first suggestions to make MNB3 something special.
    Game checks LOS for target acquisition AND then again LOS to see if the target is still within LOS to actually make the shot.
    I have a feeling that if this is not implemented soon then it will become problematic to do so later on.


    It was not implemented in order to save so cpu but the Germans and Allies use the same algo so if I change it everyone is affected. So not very long process.


    How about a Creeping Barrage type ability? I’d imagine it’d be something similar to the strafing run now, but slower paced. I haven’t seen any artillery strikes in the videos I’ve watched yet.


    Oh! We do have Arty, CAS, Bomb Drop Function for RTO to call, just because we are testing other function so you might have not seen them.


    Soldier Medal Ideas.
    So there is a new slot for upgrades available now namely Medals.
    Currently the only one there is Bravery that instantly gives 100% Health and Moral for the cost of one upgrade and can be used anytime as many times as an upgrade is available.
    While this is a nice option to the so much needed Medic it still seams a bit OP.
    Furthermore a tree of Medals would be even cooler.

    For starters Bravery Medal = Max Moral +20.
    Purple Heart = Instantly gain max health.
    Medal of Honor = Gain +10 in every spec. (Rifle,Moral,Health)
    —– Thinking of how the current bravery medal works it could stay as is considering that it cost an upgrade that you can not get back. —-

    Engineer Skills: I am not to fond of the current skills he has.
    Sure the bazooka is great but mines on the advance and also build a defensive position is not.
    Better be to have the TNT back since blowing stuff up is his main role and another useful assault ability or item.
    If possible a Flamethrower, or give him the Mortar and the Gunner something more Gunnery like an AT-gun or better Recoilless-Rifle Skill although the later could also go to the Engineer.

    The Jeep currently stops right at the spot where the Gunner called it.
    Not much of help if the enemy is dead by the time it comes nor much help for the gunner if he has to go up so far to “place” the jeep in enemy infested range.
    If we could control the jeep for the current field then that would be a lot better.

    More variable movement speeds.
    The Scout could move almost as fast as the Commando. Say 30% faster then GI.
    The Engineer slower so by 30%.

    Speaking of speeds. The Stuart is rather fast and hard to keep up with.
    Sure he needs to get to your men in time but then he could move slower.

    The Panzer IV seams to drive right past our men now instead of stopping as long as he can see me.
    Maybe he could back up if he spots us behind him.

    Enemy side needs more static emplacements.
    HMG gun emplacement.
    Small and larger bunkers.
    AA Flack and Cannon emplacements.
    Military buildings (destructible for extra XP) like a guard house, weapons shed, radio station, field supply store (has crate like stuff but more then just a crate) ect…


    I think it would be nice to have key bindings instead of having to click everything. Kind of like the hotkeys for the soldier/equipment menu in MnB2, or the numbers for each ranger in Recon.


    Watching some others play MnB 3 reminded me that one consistent problem is that you never actually know how long until a skill is ready to use until you click it. I think there should be a more obvious tell, and I came up with the idea (don’t think its been suggested previously) that since the skill bubbles themselves are circles, kinda like clocks, that when you click on one that has a cooldown the bubble turns gray (or darker) and then slowly fills up with color again as the cooldown timer progresses.

    Any thoughts on this, or on the feasibility.


    100% yes!!! Love it when such awesome suggestions come in.
    – Since I am here. Suggestion: When the Commando uses his skill Stealth he becomes almost invisible.
    I am having a hard time seeing them then even when focusing in on their position.
    Maybe a less transparent way to symbolize that they are in stealth.

    Better point-blank hit chances. It is, and always was, frustrating to shoot at enemies at under 20 pix and not hitting them over a long time or at all.
    EX; In my 2nd or 3rd vid of the Commando Test you see a German pinned and surrounded by 3 Commandos hosing him in bullets from their STEN-Guns and taking HtH swings at him but not a single hit happens.
    Currently (so I believe) the game has 2 ranges for weapons namely the effective range from 0 pix to whatever the weapon is and the max range that is also the max engagement range for all weapons.
    I would love to see some sort of heavy CQC bonus for firearms and as far as HtH goes also a big bonus when swinging at prone targets.
    This CQC range should also effect units under cover (Trench kneeling for instance) since currently we can not even target them at all regardless if right next or on top of them.

    On the topic of weapon ranges. While it is good for the player, since the enemy does not yet use pistols for instance, a soldier with a weapon whose bullets are not suppose to be able to fly as far as that of a rifle can still suppress another soldier and maybe even hit them at extreme range.
    My suggestion be a max engagement range according to each weapon type.
    So basically someone with a pistol would not even target an enemy that is on the other side of the screen.
    A SMG would be used some 3/4 of the screen, Carbines 4/5 and real rifles full screen with some weapons like the .50 on the jeep or a scoped weapon having 6/5 engagement range or whatever the max view range currently gives.


    For the cooling timer, I believe the clock or count down setting might be an option.

    Talk about the Stealth, yes it just clock like a War Bird, even we have the small men icon to find him but it still prefer to fix.

    I think the weapon max engagement idea already been suggest for so many times, even in the Recon. Shooting the target far from bullet proof range is meaningless for soldiers, or maybe just for some feeling to do that. As @Lance already point out so many things so I only list something here.

    *The Max Range setting might create some problem on placing combat team position, also might create an AI weak for player to use. But for another side, It also provide much realistic combat for MNB3 as weapon can not unlimited suppressive fire. These improve can slightly balance the over poer come from burst weapon.


    since the skill bubbles themselves are circles, kinda like clocks, that when you click on one that has a cooldown the bubble turns gray (or darker) and then slowly fills up with color again as the cooldown timer progresses.

    I would advise against making the visual indicator color-based. There are some items, particularly the rifle grenade, that look the same in full color as they do in grayscale. I do like the idea of making the indicator clock-like though, so maybe the animation could be the circle transitioning from a small sliver to a full circle. For example, check out this animation:


    That’s exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. By ‘color’, really what I meant was going from sort of grayed out to lit up to indicate the skill was ready to use. But a nice stopwatch look like that would be excellent too.


    I’m not sure if it has been suggested already but new gun sounds would be nice.

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    Springfield 1903 Rifle is a standard rifle in the MNB3 for every new soldiers, also for the some specialty for it’s different version like scope version. So this one is already in the game for very long time. but what ever, this video is great one. This one may help us if we found the time to add more different animation for gun shooting process. (Awesome look or different action)

    Nice one @nexwiz, Thank you so much. >o<

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