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    After I passed through a slaughterhouse named St.Lo, and took down every single Krauts in St.Vire, I finally met this massive FORT named Mortain.

    Currently I’m in outskirts of Mortain, but seriously, I keep losing so many soldieres even before I assign them a speciality.

    I’ve reached the rank of colonel and currently earned 5 medals. I even enjoyed MnB2 so much. But seriously, I can’t advance those lines of sandbag walls, wooden pillboxes, MG42 nets, and downpouring enemy infantries and most of the time, Pz.IV.




    Seriously, just git gud

    Joking aside;
    There’s no “clever trick” to pass a level im MnB3.
    There is no one fool-proof strategy that works every time. You just have to adjust your strategy and tactics
    (Strategy: what your plan is, what units do you use, what do you want to unlock first, ETC.)
    (Tactics: How do you handle each engagement, how to position your men, when to use what skills.)

    Strategy wise, I recommend the following:
    -Get a medic, to keep your team alive for longer. Try to unlock intense care ASAP.
    -Get an engineer to figh tanks and bunkers and to give you good positions to fight infantry in the open.
    -You can always use a signalcaller for the supply drops, reinforcements, and airstrikes.
    -Try to balance out: Frontline fighting force / support, non-combatant units. Too many of either group and you might have troubles.

    -Don’t rush. If you rn into the bunker line, just wait a bit, have your marksmen pick off the enemy one by one, or use bazooka and airstrikes to soften the enemy up. REmember that time can give you some free XP that might be enough to give you some of those important skills.
    -Fall back. If you are overwhelmed by infantry rush or a tank, fall back to more favourable position. If someone is wounded and you expect them to be at the frontline when the fighting starts again, heal them to full HP first.
    -Focus fire: Position your squad so that as few enemies as possible can shoot back, while your squad can still fire at one or two Germans.
    -Sneaky TNT; Anti-bunker tactic: Use a Commando, give him camuflage and TNT and using his stealth ability run to the bunker, plant the TNT and run back to nearest cover. Works on tanks as well.

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    Realistically I think the worst problem you will face in Mortain are the MG’s, since the map offers ample cover against small-arms infantry so your men don’t really have to fight in the open (for the most part).

    Back in the earlier versions, just lining up your grunts (unupgraded) slightly out of the range of the MG is the best strategy, as the springfield has a slightly longer range than the MG. However, in one of the updates urb increased the effective range of stationary MG’s, so this simple strategy no longer works.

    Depending on how far into the attack you are (ie how experienced your men are), here are some strategies:

    First of all, the early level all-grunt section.
    Since the ‘stay out of range and keep shooting’ strategy is no longer viable, and the MG can easily pin or outright gib your poor grunts, the most effective strategy possible is to force your enemy to leave the MG.
    To do so, you have to get a soldier close enough to the MG itself.
    This is not an easy task unless if you’re really lucky and have something blocking the MG’s line of sight to get close stealthily, but we aren’t so lucky for the most part.

    So here let me introduce you to general Zhukov’s strategy: charging your men at the MG.
    But not just any charge, mind you. Since the MG has a slow turning speed, and tend to target the soldier closest to it, it is possible to overwhelm the MG position by having 2+ soldiers charging into it at the same time.
    To do so, have the grunts (2 or more) advance, but with some distance between them (i.e. one from the left and one from the right) and move in toward the MG. If one gets pinned, focus on getting the other one closer to the MG, as well as giving the pinned soldier(s) time to unpin himself. With 2 or more soldiers closing in from different directions, you can minimize the chance of the MG actually firing, and eventually one of your soldiers will get close enough for the MG gunner to abandon his heavy weapon and start using his small arms.

    The best way to do this is to first try get rid of any other infantry around the MG while not getting within its range, then commence the charge while crying ‘Uraaaaaaaa!’.
    Also remember this strategy works best if only facing one MG, as multiple MG can target different soldiers at the same time, making the charge end up as a Somme reenactment.

    Once you have your grunts upgraded to specialized classes, more options are available.

    The(arguably) best counter to MG nests is the rifleman’s smoke + rifle grenade.
    Rifle grenades are fairly accurate, and have a comparably short cooldown, and smoke grenades can block the MG’s line of sight.
    The biggest downside to this however is that the rifleman has to be reasonably upgraded (at least at 50 exp to unlock) to use the rifle grenade.

    Another option with similar effect is the engineer’s bazooka, which can be unlocked comparably quickly(20 exp engineer). But keep in mind the bazooka has around same range as the MG, so best way to do it is hit and run.
    Downsides of this strategy is that bazookas take longer to reload (60 seconds), and that low leveled engineers can’t aim for sh*t.

    Then there’s the signaller’s support options. The air strafe shoots over a large area but usually misses all the targets you want to hit, so it’s not the best choice. The air strike, while inaccurate, can potentially solve your problem. Calling in artillery on the position will most definitely get rid of your woes, but require the most upgrades on the signaller.

    The scout-sniper combo is also a good option. Since a scout can spot hidden/unseen enemies as well as having 2x detection, and the sniper has practically unlimited range when equipped with a scoped rifle, the combo can take out MG positions with ease. That along with sniper’s good ground and eagle eye skill makes MG nests practically a joke, just not a very funny one when you remember how much pain it took you to get to that point.

    The commando tnt method works well too, but keep in mind your commando can only stay stealth for 15 seconds, and the fuse of the tnt takes quite a few seconds to go off. Remember to be as far from the direction the MG/tank’s turret is facing when doing this to give your commando the most time to get the f*ck out of there.

    Also remember to not rush, pull back when you feel overwhelmed and always let your medic lick your men’s wounds after a firefight.
    *very important- don’t upgrade grunt to medic unless he already has 20 exp. medics suck at leveling at low levels, where a grunt does a much better job. once hitting 20 exp you can get the medic his intensive care skill right away*

    Good luck out there



    Thank you so much for those tips, guys! I had been struggling with this baby for a while…

    Mortain, I will scream your name in my sleep for the next 30 years…



    I still can’t get past Hedgerows *Sobs quietly in corner*



    AAAaaaaawwww…poor puppy ;_;



    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just advanced 3 maps with an incredible squad then a random mortar round, and a while later a few more lucky god damn shots from those NAZI BASTARDS killed most of my squad, AND I LOST ALL OF THAT PROGRESS. I WAS PROBABLY ALMOST OUT OF THE HEDGEROWS DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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