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MNBR-Patch 1.5 Bug Report

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    is there any way to snatch a vc and interrogate him ?
    because, i just accidentally snatch a vc, after that i get an option to interrogate or execute him.

    so, is there any official guide of how to do it ? or is it only my imagination playing ‘_’ ?


    @avalanchesnow Yes we have, but before I answer your question, I need to mention that this problem should be ask in other thread, this one is bug report thread. XDDDD

    The Guide

    Enjoy the MNBR and have a Urb day! >o<


    Decided to play some Recon after a long hiatus, when I got a bug with selecting men:

    I could click on 4 men, but it would not display any indication that they were selected, and I could also select the same guy 4 times.

    What’s more, if I tried to start a mission, this would happen on the huey screen:

    If I tried to switch their gear, the game froze. I did not try to actually deploy.

    So, anyone know of any fixes, or should I just clear out my game files and start fresh?

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    Wow! Ask some question first:

    1. Is this keep happened to you? After you turn off the game and re-up, will it be still the same?
    2. Did you make sure your game load completely, I mean did it still running when you click into the game.

    I can sure this will not be a game bug itself, possible come from the PC capacity. As I did not see any bug report like this one. You can simply try up to back up your profile and reset the game, see if it work or not. If it still not work then problem is not coming from the profile but the game operating.

    Keep eyes on, we will pa attention on it. >o<


    1. It did keep happening after I quit the game and restart it.

    I ended up starting a new profile and that worked just fine, so I guess the old save just got messed up somehow. I guess it was time to start fresh anyways 😛


    Good job men, glad you fix it. >o<

    Keeping back up the old profile is a good habit, Keep it on.

    Have a good day with Urb game. XD


    After I Hit MNB General a lot of my stats went wonky.

    I know I made more than 2500 patrols and didn’t have a perfect track record with some of them.
    I have killed, spotted, Reconed, stealthed more than that on average.
    I have collected more intel and heat
    My average exp is a lot higher than that
    I know i lost more than 5 guys
    so on and so forth
    also some of the ribbons are not displaying

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    Base On What Field report, so I make a small test, also accidentally burn my Medic because I toss WP grenade too close to myself. XD

    Here is some issue we found here:

    1. CS, Smoke, WP all be able to indicate the secondary LZ, I think maybe it is good as CS grenade is a color smoke, but Maybe it is not intentional. One thing is sure that MK2 can not provide indicate effect. >o<
    2. The Burning Ranger can not be pick up or bring back as a body, maybe I have to call Huey to land near him I guess. lol

    So call the Boss in. ( @Urbzz ) XD YOU ARE BUSY BOSS! Ha! HA!

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    Good initiative on testing stuff here arise.
    However, I posted this on the front page before, URBzz coded in the CS gas to work as a pick-up-indicator in the last patch.
    He listed it somewhere. So no bug there.

    Not being able to retrieve a burned to death Ranger is rather sucky but the good thing is is can only happen through FF right now.
    Maybe it would be good if a burned Ranger would always count as KIA, as if you brought him back so not to get the bad MIA results?


    Or maybe the other way around you would think you can’t bring a charred body back on a helicopter right? So Mia I would think is fine.


    Was on a POW mission and I was extracting 4 POW’s along with a Montagnard that I recruited from a village near the LZ. The Monty got on board, but next thing I knew, the two other villagers made a mad dash for the Huey as well. It looks like my Monty didn’t wanna leave his family behind! O_o

    Guys, I’m all for humanitarian operations, but I think that this is a bit absurd. We ended up with 11 people (not counting the crew already on board) crammed into the chopper on our way out! XD

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    I don’t understand what the bug in your video and text, can you specify? All I see is two local force is trying to shoot your Huey down and Huey gunner return fire to keep the Extraction safe, What Bug or issue?

    Sorry, maybe it is because I am not well understand what you say. XDDDD



    Sorry about that, brother. I should have been more specific in my post. The bug was the villagers running towards the Huey and climbing on board as if they were a downed pilot or POW’s following your Rangers. Specifically around 0:05 in the video when a message comes up saying “villagerz climbed on board of the huey.”



    Have you talk to the villager before you extract? you should know somehow the villager will choice to join your team and fight the VC, when you extract, they will also climb up to the Huey.

    I do have an experience to extract with 12 pack, 4 rangers, 4 POW and 4 Villagers. Villager somehow will follow you and catch up the ground weapon which come from killing VC, and they fight just like POW.

    It is a function in the Recon, not bug!

    Just not sure if you have notice, it shall have a message tell you villager join you or something. >o<

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    There were 3 villagers whom I talked to. Out of those 3, only one joined me and became a Montagnard.

    The bug I am reporting is that after I talked to those other 2 villagers, who only helped me with hints and remained at the village, not offering to follow me around like a Montagnard, actually followed me onto the Huey as if they were Montagnards.

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