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    I had a moment i needed to share just for all of you to get a laugh out of, My men were on the 2nd push and it was my first time getting caught by an Arty flare. All survived but were around 20-30 hp I didnt have intensive care so I fell them back to a bunker to heal up, after all my men going idle and only around 50 hp i was thinking, hey i’ll save this for next time so i THOUGHT I paused the game and went to take a 4 hour nap when i came back there were countless german bodies 2 dead halftracks all my men were dead except the signaler and rifleman, the signaler was bleeding out so i gave my rifleman his promotions a Garand with rifle grenades and a medal and got to the 75% mark of the push before a tiger came by and gibbed him. lesson learnt DONT LEAVE YOUR MEN UNATTENDED

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