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    From the Discord by @polarfuchs

    Where there explosives involved or did that truck actually drive sideways?



    Sadly no reply here…..
    Taking about MNB3 mysteries. @urbzz what ever happened to this gem?



    The mystery of germans being telepathically gravitated towards defensive positions, even though they are clearly occupied by the enemy. The bunker seems to be the most prominent factor. They are most likely implanted with chips that turns their mind into an automated AI and bunkers are equiped with atomic microwave transmitter devices, made by the jews and given to Hitler. They told him that it’s a combat perception enhancing modification, while it clearly was their attempt to take over the world while the others did the dirty work. That’s my theory atleast…



    The civil war concept is very interesting to work with. Especially with a mix of line fighting and skirmish. This gem was made with the mnb3 engine.



    From Discord
    By Purpoccet

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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