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MNB3 Mysteries

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    Topic for anything that you found but don’t have a clue of what it is.
    Since this thread is still barren I though I’d share something “mysterious” with you all.
    Can anyone guess what this horizontal slabs of rocks trail could be?


    A pathway to Hitler’s personal rock garden? XD


    My guess is those are defensive emplacements known as Dragon’s Teeth (Drachenzähne), which are stone/cement rocks placed in a line to prevent tanks and other vehicles from crossing into an area. They were used primarily as funneling devices, though a they were reportedly easy enough to clear using various methods such as just covering them with dirt using a dozer.


    I think if they were dragon’s teeth they would look more uniform. Its probably just a stone path. However, dragon’s teeth definitely should be in the game (especially at the beach)


    it is just a stone path 🙂


    I am feeling fine if some of single German will show up and walk through the place, it just like Recon black trail. XD


    Figured that it be just a path although the possibility of Dragon Teeth as Tyrud mentioned was on my mind as well.
    Those where everywhere on the way to Berlin but also as mentioned rather useless.
    Still be a nice addition to the game.


    This surprised me since I never seen it before that a Pack88 overshot did damage to a soldier before.
    Is this a glitch or is it a feature?
    Plus there is a graphical issue since the shot animation came from the right side of the field.


    So just a quick question for all you harden veterans. I noticed that in MNB3 there are different enemy units. Is there a forum I can go to so I can see the different types, what they are, and how they will appear? Thanks in advance!


    @Keith This usually has all the info, but right now since Mud and Blood 3 is so new, it’s not really on there yet.

    Give it a little while though and it’ll probably be added.


    Not exactly the right kind of topic to ask that here but it’s OK.

    Unlike in MNB2 the enemy soldiers in mnb3 do not have a fixed set of weapons or extra.
    They are all German Army soldiers (no officers so far) and therefore (for now) all where the same uniforms.
    As far as what their “specialties” goes every foot soldier has a random historical based chance to carry any enemy weapon based on historical distribution references and use any skill kind of extras currently available to them.
    Hence enemy soldiers with their basic standard bolt action rifle will by far be the most common.
    These can also utilize any form of skill that is in the enemy skills selection chart like throwing a Grenade or setting up a Mortar based on a random game calculation.


    So is there a downside for being days behind schedule? Or just the shame of being bad at everything?



    There are a good side for you to play, the German will be weaker and less number. Also the reinforcement chance decrease, less armor, less static weapon.

    The bad is, you will lose the chance to get some ribbon, that will be painful. XD


    In addition to what arise stated, you also cannot win the game if you arrive at Pisek behind schedule, so try to make sure you are as little behind as possible.


    This fits here. Picture taken from Blitznek0 profile front page entry.
    I had this happen once while killing supply truck passengers on a road.
    One of the dead Germans took on giant size. I had it somewhere on a recording but I kind of can not find it anymore.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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