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    Here I have attempted to create an exhaustive list of all bugs and suggestions made for MNB3 by the Testers. I have condensed all of these ideas for the sake of brevity.

    This is intended as a reference for the Testers and Urb and will be updated regularly.

    Testers, please continue to PM me your suggestions and I will add them here.




    Customizable Hotkeys:

    – These will greatly improve the gameplay experience by streamlining it. MNB3 is all about fast-paced action so the player should be well-equipped to keep up!

    There could be options screen where one can configure the following:

    1. Soldier selection. Tap once to select, double tap to select and then center on soldier.
    2. De-select all.
    3. Trigger formation / Move all. Limited use, but it would be nice to have the option.
    4. Halt

    – Option to hide UI

    Cover System Improvements:

    The defilades could be either natural or man-made. A narrow valley, existing bomb craters, embankments, foxholes, etc.

    The existing cover system could be augmented with the following features:

    All soldiers (friend and foe) on or in a protective structure (such as a trench or logpile) shall receive a damage reduction from explosive-type damage based on the following variables:

    – Distance of explosion from target
    – Size of explosion
    – Type of explosion (AP, HE, Frag, WP, etc)
    – The soldier’s posture (standing, crouching, prone)
    – The type of cover occupied
    – Random chance

    (feel free to suggest more)


    – Structures like houses and pillboxes should be more durable than they are now; a single frag should not be able to blow a house into smithereens. Instead, buildings will lose health and their graphic and cover capacity will change accordingly.

    Axis Features:

    – Different types of enemies should be distinguished by their weapons, uniforms, and behaviors:

    Schutze (“Riflemen”): Regular Germans. Carry variety of small arms and equipment.

    Machinegunner: Carries MG34. Can set up on bipod (just like an Allied gunner) and provide suppressive fire.

    Officer: Makes the Germans less vulnerable to suppression and amplifies their tactical sense.

    Medic: Provides limited healing to the enemy. Will try to save the disabled Germans.

    Radio Operator: Has a chance of calling in artillery or reinforcements.

    Scharfschutze (“Sharpshooter”): has reduced chance of being seen (reduced distance at which is spotted, maybe?) very accurate with slow rate of fire. Unable to one-shot-kill a full HP soldier.

    Panzer Crew: personal weapons only. Tend to flee the battle.

    Other: Special variations of the enemy, deployed depending on the setting, time etc. (Volkstrum, Grenadiers, Fallschmijeager, SS). They can just as well be a reskin of regular enemies (maybe slight shift in stats)


    – Opportunity Calls should last at least 5 seconds. Sometimes they appear and disappear too quickly for the player to react.

    – Buddy Drag. A soldier can drag his incapacitated buddy to safety. Useful if a soldier is bleeding out in the open. The soldier performing the drag will still be able to fire his weapon, but will suffer a movement and combat malus.

    – Engineers should be able to cut barbed wire.

    – Visible cooldown timers for all abilities. They could appear as a little icon in the corner of each ability graphic with a number showing how many seconds remain until it can be used again.

    – BAR as the starting weapon for the Gunner. The Lewis Gun is just too bad to be actually useful.

    – Restore Marksman damage to before the nerf. Instead, lengthen aiming time.


    – Skill description errors.

    Known: – Scout tier 2 skill icon
    – Scout tier 2 and 3 skill description
    – Rifleman grenade description
    – possibly more

    – “Dead” German spawning from the flanks. (needs more explanation)

    – Gunner fires at unmanned HMG and Flak18.

    – Sometimes a game loads only an empty field (no troops, no trees. Not even a beach in first stage) which instantly counts as defeat.

    – The benefits afforded by the “Star Ribbons” is currently worthless, because a fresh GI will lose his Garand immediately upon the next rank up.

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