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MnB3 Axis arty too OP!

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    I always lose when arty hits on my units. Sometimes many soldiers needs medic at the same time, so there is like 3 guys in a same 1 big pile and if i am enough unlucky, arty will hit right there and radioman is gone and half of my squad. Which means losing.


    Well, if you have a cluster fuck, prepare for your fuck to get clustered….then…custered, I guess…

    Haven’t you learned anything from playing MnB2? V1’s, goliaths (Tnt on wheels), and so on.

    But hey, you could always replace them with frenchies! I mean, come on, random weapons, baguettes and wine (whatever that does) what’s not to love?

    Also, you forget where you are and what you are playing. Remember the tag line; Unfair random brutality. Sometimes it is carrot, other times its the stick.


    @keni lol

    There are several way to run away from arty, or keep enemy flare away from the troop, and I think the most important will be the hot key, simply use 9 to run then all of your men will be able to leave in same time, so you don’t need to waste the time to click everyone.

    second, the German arty is as good as yours, so that is balanced! They will even warn you before the arty come, so hang tight. >o<


    Yep, just faced German arty, again. Luckily (but not really, just proper decision making), no men were killed, just 2-3 injured.

    You see flare. Your reaction: ‘Oh fuck! Get outta there!’

    Sometimes arty lands true, other times it nails everything but its actual targets.

    Heh, still wish Recon had additional support calls: ‘armor division’, ‘tunnel rats’, infantry division, air cav., but alas, none were implemented.


    I jut had a game where the German reinforcements called arty on my front guy, who was way ahead of the others, so he ran back, and the Germans, being idiots, chased him through their own arty barrage, killing themselves. So even if Axis Arty is OP, their AI is not.


    Thanks for tips!
    Luckily I have found clitch to avoid Axis arty, so they dont bother me anymore 😉


    Alright, now I see what you mean about arty. Currently on hedge rows, and now being slaughtered. Mostly because of the stupidity of my troops. at 44 morale they get pinned down while the flare is next to them.
    Now, it seems that the entire german army has flare guns. Do the same class restrictions apply for enemy? For example, only certain classes can use certain equipment and supports.


    As far as I know all Skill related stuff like you have can also be in enemy hand but they do not have a cool down time per man but rather every enemy soldier can use any support up to 4 times as long as they are on that field and standing.
    So theoretically any one enemy soldier can shoot up to 4 flares at you.
    Shots are random.
    However I find that even when far ahead a single enemy will not fire more then 2 so I have seen or I was never far ahead enough to get the full deal.


    Officer has special skill to unpin your soldiers, so you could use that to run away


    If you wanna avoid Axis arty without any harm,

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    Thank you.


    15% of German soldiers have flares. If they have a flare they only have one. To get 3 flares tossed at you is a 0.3% chance. Not impossible.. but not common.

    25% have panzerfaust but they are very reticent at using them for no reasons. They will wait for vehicle or if they judge that you squad’s cover needs to be punched.

    20% have 1 to 3 grenades

    5% have rifle grenades IF they have the supporting weapon platform (rifle like)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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