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    It would be like what I did in the old forum, MNB3 have lots of setting and basic concept we can not explain in release article, here I provide some video, screen shot and deep explanation to show how the MNB3 work and why.

    Hope you all will like this. >o<



    Arise I’ve never said this, but it’s a pleasure to have you in this community. You help out so much, it’s phenomenal. I swear this community has some of the best people around.



    Thanks @mrprofilen

    As lots of player wonder about why we don’t give the continuous squad, so here I am going to explain something about the basic MNB3 setting. >o<

    I believe everyone have some experience about a full upgrade 6 men squad killing almost everything right in front you eyes, an awesome feeling! Isn’t it?!

    The painful part is not about the end, is the start of game.

    In MNB3, ally is pretty weak in the start, that is whole point of the game. The hard part is how to bring six fresh men become a real badass before you lose. After you bring them to full upgrade, only accident can hurt you.

    *German VS Ally

    Early Game: German > Ally
    Middle Game: German = Ally
    End Game: German < Ally

    So that is what will happened in every day you start, deal with the German with poor GI, and put them stronger without lose any men. This setting is for the day balance, if you ahead of day then German will be stronger so the day start will be hard. The MNB3 encourage the player to continuous advance to keep the advantage on the build up squad. So some of factor you have to deal with: ( G means Good, B means Bad )

    *Keep advance:
    G: Use the current squad so gain with best advantage to killing German. ( lovely play XD )
    G: Get more score so gain more exp in one day.
    G: Have more potential chance to gain the ahead medal.
    B: German go stronger. More reinforcement also will require you play long to win the fight. ( Kill time )
    B: If lose then all advance map lose.

    G: German won’t be stronger.
    G: Gain all map you already advanced.
    B: You have to start with new squad, so it is going to be another tough day.
    B: You will hard to gain the advance medal.
    B: You will advance slowly, and commonly behind as you always have to face with the weak part every day.

    The always continuous squad will make the game no sense, as German will always weaker then you. We wish to put the game be control by multiple factor, so player have to consider more, and find the good way to survive the day. So exp system always put the pressure on player, as you have to balance the exp gain very very careful, otherwise the game will simply lose.

    That is why we don’t give continuous Squad, that is a new men for you commander, good luck and don’t die! >o<

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    Welcome back to more AT Mine talk, today I am going to show you some squad construction. So I start a fresh profile and have some game round.


    Gunner, Gunner, Medic, Engineer, Spec Ops, Scout. (After one gunner die, I call 1 Frenchies! lol)

    Mainly the Gunner take care the German and pin them down, also two mortar can lead a very deadly result to the German. When two of them fire in same time, the sound effect is so awesome! Everyone might wonder about why I keep Shotgun so long, actually shoot gun is a very good weapon after CBT increase, even target the mid range unit.

    Hope you like my show. >o<


    So now we are going to discuss the topic: Construction of Squad

    You need to know what you need in the field, in the start you can change your plan to adapt the enemy situation, so you can choice what you need. But after some game play, you only be able to choice what you have. So when you are building up your team, you should be very carefully and consider more.

    Here I will list some of thinking first:

    *Firing Power
    *Anti Armor
    *Indirect Fire
    *Moving Speed

    Firing Power means the team firing ability to against the German, mostly the bullet shoot. Different weapon provide different contact ability in multiple range, some put the fight come to close range, some other engage enemy in long range. Mainly you have to handle for some good setting in this part to win the fire fight! Firing power also affect your ability to against with the enemy supporting weapon or surprise attack. LMG can multiple pin down the enemy, Sniper Rifle are good to kill long range enemy in one shoot, Shot Gun can kill enemy in close range effective. SMG give suppressive fire power in long range and deadly in close range. Rifle come to normal balance, they doing good in all range, no specific weakness or Goodness. You choice some benefit in your squad, then you take care some other you are not good at, That is what commander have to do!

    Anti Armor is mainly for the Tank, as it is pretty deadly, so if you don’t have any ability to counter it, mainly you fail in this map because the tank will tract you until you been killed. Bazooka and Arty or TNT are some good example.

    Indirect Fire is some explosive can attack enemy without LOS, it is very important in this game. In some kind of situation you can not contact with multiple enemy in same time so you will lose the exchange of fire. But with indirect fire, you will be able to pin down even clean the group enemy under the cover or behind the LOS blocker.Grenade, Arty, Mortar, Bazooka, Panzerfaust, they all were indirect fire. So that is also your only potion to take care dangerous enemy, such as 8+ German, HMG, Flak88, Even a Truck from flank side.

    Healing, is mainly for save your soldier to not dead so you can against more enemy and advance more ground. The Most common one will be Medic, Medal, Frenchies, Crate. Medic is the common choice in most of tactic, he is effective and have intensive care also kit to heal up every wounded, But he also start with poor pistol and CBT, he can’t do anything except healing. Medal can full heal and can be use by anyone but it cost 1 promotion, so you are hurting the future upgrade. Frenchies is more useful in combat but require you to have Spec Ops Third skill. Crate is common with a +20HP medic kit, but it is random, also the calling is random too!

    Spotting, to spot the enemy. In that case, it will be Scout or Eagle View. Scout have double detecting range, also have useful scan skill to show the enemy. Marksman Eagle view can penetrate all LOS Blocker, quiet helpful in a complex landscape.

    Reinforcement, is mainly when the men down and you need some fresh men to join the fight. Currently Only RTO and Spec Ops be able to call the reinforcement. RTO can call a new GI from the down side for you to promote as any specialty, but the chance will be limit by your rank. Spec Ops can only call the Frenchies from the flank side, but you can call it unlimited times.

    Moving Speed, is the factor between the life and death. RTO and Gunner walk slower and Spec Ops go faster. It change the fact on how fast you can run away from German Mortar and Arty, or when you charge to a static weapon, Speed change your life.

    After you check all of these stuff, then you can start your work. Of course, you have to take care about the map theme, some of map will not suit with some specialty.

    Thanks for the reading!!! XD

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    Howdy commanders, welcome to more AT talk. we come to another topic – The Tip Of LOS Blocker.

    Everyone know to hide the men behind the tree or rock to Block the enemy LOS, To heal the wounded or tossing the grenade. The tree can not provide cover like sand bag or trench, so only LOS blocking ability make them look useless, but actually you can do more about every LOS Blocker.

    See this picture? What do you think about this picture’s story?

    I am not going to lie on you, the men who show up with the smoke actually try to shoot the flak88 gunner out for two minutes. Comes to the question, why flak88 can’t see his target? The tree doing some help here, tree actually block the enemy LOS and still give you LOS on enemy. How? The key is the position you hide.

    Here is a picture, You can see there are two green line and some red dot in this picture. The red dot means the place you should hide, I call them Blind Point. Then come to green line, you can see the mechanic here, the front asset ( I mean the front part of LOS Blocker ) will hide you from enemy spot who come across from up side. Out side of the place, the enemy will still be able to see you like no LOS Blocker. So you should keep yourself on the LOS blocker but not to ahead. It is same to the rock and other LOS block object.

    My picture will not be the exactly position of Blind Point, as different size and shape will change the LOS Blocker characteristic. You can try it by yourself to remember it with your feeling, the best practice target will be Flak88, HMG. They will tell you how good you hide, so you can use them to test the whole LOS blocker, see where you should hide, and where is helpless. You have to know that too small object can not use like this way, as it don’t have enough part to hide you, so estimate is quiet important! XD

    This factor work for both German and Ally, so that is why some of new player will wondering on the Hedgerow. It seems all German can see me in the Tree line, but why does my men can’t see shit?! This factor is the answer. >o<

    German Sniper is an unit who is very good at this skill, they mostly stay behind the troop and continuous shoot on your men with their scope rifle. Although the smoke will tell you where are them, but it still will be real painful. The sniper also been good at to find you when you hide, so take care about it.

    It is also a very good way when you found lots of German, or want to knock out a HMG or Flak88 but no available skill. Try to find a good way to use the field LOS blocker, it most should have something around there.

    This factor will not guarantee you completely hide from the German eyes, as German might across and spot you from the flank side, so you might need to change point you hide to fit the combat situation. But this give you more chance to act like a phantom squad, also be good when some terrible thing is coming for you. Handle this, then you get more potential advantage to win the fight and survive the early game without lose any men.

    Keep up great work, and have fun with brutal MNB3. >o<

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by  Arise.


    Good article series, Arise. Very helpful. In reference to the last article on LOS blockers, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when deciding whether an object has LOS blocking properties or not is as follows: if it has a shadow, it blocks LOS. If it doesn’t have a shadow, but looks solid, it provides cover. If it does neither, it’s time to find a place that does something.

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