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    Hello all, I have been playing MnB2 for a long time now and realized that there are several small yet useful tips and tricks that you usually learn the more you play MnB2, and it would be great to learn new tips and tricks that could be used for future MnB2 gameplay.

    So I’ll start some tips and tricks that I know,
    1.) Bunker+Trenches offer better protection than Bunker+Sandbag or Bunker only.
    2.) Mines can destroy tanks. (even tigers!)
    3.) High XP troops armed springfields fire rifle grenades more often than m1s or carbines.
    4.) 100 XP Snipers are always cloaked and can never be fired upon except by enemy snipers.
    5.) You can ignore tanks when advancing as they won’t count as flankers.
    6.) Halftrack with .50 cal upgrade can destroy soft skinned vehicles.

    Got more tips and tricks to share that aren’t generally well known about?


    Nice idea for a topic @afrenchie
    I will pick on just one section of somewhat more insider information for now.
    Natural objects Protection Tips:
    Trees give Line-of-Sight protection for units placed behind them.
    Easy recognized if you are out of LoS is that not only do you not get shot at but your unit will also not shoot through the LoS object.
    Rocks (boulders) give LoS protection and can give fragmentation protection for units on top of them. “Can” = it’s an unknown random % chance to not take fragmentation damage.
    Note that nothing saves you from an explosive direct hit unless you are a soldier inside a Bunker or a Pillbox.

    Those 2 natural things are the ones that give any form of protection.
    For new players it may seam that fallen logs or sandpits should give protection but they do not.


    This is something known to Flash Player wizards and since Flash is dead I see no reason to not archive this exploit here.


    its a result of that user profile name that provides the seed for the flash RNG engine. i’ve written a fair bit on this subject already, here and elsewhere
    your profile name gets recorded in ANSI (so capitals count) and then the ingame engine uses that as the seed to roll stats for your troops and the germans. letter and numbers in different positions do different things. so 45GVHT has a different roll than GH45VT even through its the same chars but in different locations
    one of my favorite names is 35YGHV which gives clear fields, 2 guys with really high rifle, 2 guys with average and virtually zero 222s or major armor. Infils can be a problem but the medic heal detection field can fix that pretty easily
    profile names shorter than roughly 6 chars and longer than roughly 10 causes an odd repeat pattern overflow that the game may use against you or for you depending on how often the checks hit

    these 2 are some of my favorites

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