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    Bring our old MNB2 challenge mod back to here. To show how to use Engineer as wise as possible.

    Challenge Rule:

    1. Use Close Protection deployment.
    *Means you have to start with 12TP, no matter how many ribbon you have. it can be engineer + 8TP.
    *Find a way to waste the additional TP if you have. Build Sandbag near the useless place, Call Officer and retreat the unit is the way, but have to done before German start attack.
    2. Only 1 Engineer only.
    *This means you have to retreat all your other unit or send them advance, no matter where they come from. (If you play advance tactic, then you shouldn’t use advance to clean your other unit)
    *Once you lose your current engineer, you lose this challenge and start to calculate the score.
    3. You can use any Engineer building option, Officer order, Weapon upgrade.
    4. Score = Wave*5 + Killing*1 = Final Score

    So enjoy the challenge. >o<


    Here comes my first shot.

    The day is belong the Engineer!!!!!

    Too bad I stand too close to outside so I did not receive the shell protection and bing killed by Wepse shell. Sad! >o< (Bad thing always come from the mistake.)

    Final Score:

    111 * 5 + 597 = 1152!

    Please enjoy my show. XD

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    WOW! Very impressive! Tells me how much I have to work on my own useage of line of sight! Really awesome run!


    Thanks! @joker >o< Glad you like this one.


    Wave 69. A Panzerschreck hits you dead center but does no damage.
    In a previous version you would have been killed.
    Lovely game challenge.
    Interestingly despite that you have such a great profile you do not use shortcuts.
    Survival Ribbon?? And I thought that you had that one for sure.
    Wave 103 looks awesome. All them 222s and such just standing around not seeing you.
    Wave 107 – Quick thinking to Booby-trap that mine as the Assault Pioneer comes near.
    Good run. As soon as I have a LT.Colone profile again I will take this up.

    Noticed; 😉 When you place your man just right he can shoot on the edge of the Pillbox and still have full explosive protection.
    However certain gun units can shoot back including the 222. We know how that ends.
    The Pillbox is full of wonders. Our old pall brutalized had it all figured out and posted a very elaborate thread full of this super bunker in the old forums.


    To tell you the truth Arise – it was an honor to watch it, unbelieveable good use of LOS! I really need to do some run with a LOS srategy, already have my boomspammer in mind – but urb…always has other ideas 😉


    Indeed Lance, I did not expect I can survive through that Panzerschreck shoot. For the profile, I use another profile so there are no survival ribbon yet. I have a lot of old copy profile!!! XDD

    Pillbox really is a amazing structure here. I love it, I believe this one is my favorite building in all MNB2 game play. >o<

    Thanks you very much. MNB2 is great game create by a great men – The @Urbzz!

    I will post my small guide about this game play later. ha!ha!


    Arise – Super Engineer Challenge Guide:

    Part 0 – Overview:

    Super Engineer Challenge actually is not the good strategy if you are going to play as long as possible, This challenge is just for practice the LOS blocker and Mine use, it require lots of talent. Mainly the Pillbox + Minefield is common use for most of strategy to hold the field as longer as possible so it will be very helpful when you are trying to collect all medal here. This challenge common survive wave will be about 50~75, not a good way if you wish to obtain the hard ribbon.

    #1. Bonus Ribbon:

    Playing with only a Engineer to against whole German troop is funny, building is the whole spirit of this challenge. Before we go, if you have some ribbon, it will make your game much more easier.

    *Interdiction Ribbon:
    This medal will be much more hard to obtain when you are working for another medal like Victoria Cross. But this do help you when you are trying the challenge. 10% for every mine to have a booby trap, means you got 33.1% to have a booby trap on every 3 Mine you cost the 1 TP to place it. And this is the best friend to counter the German Assault Pioneer as this guy will clean your mine and break your line.

    *Sapper Commendation:
    This can give you a bonus free construct chance, even 1% is low but as you mostly only use 1 TP each times so trigger the medal become much more possible, more then less to help your fight.

    There are also some common ribbon can help this challenge but I will not list here, ribbon the more the better.

    #2. General Thinking:

    No matter what you are doing, you should always make sure your engineer safety. In this challenge, Engineer play as most key character. If he die then game will be over, so keep him safe is the primary target.

    Part 1 – Start Up:

    #1. Check:

    Check the Engineer you have, especially the Rifle skill, this will affect what tactic you should choice. If you have a very very bad unit, with 15 rifle or below, then means you have to buy a BAR later for him. To check the Unit is mainly on how you can fight for this soldier, morale is not important here, as he will be your only soldier on the field. ( Ignore the HTH, you will not want to try it. )

    #2. Advance:

    Advance to find a good place to build up. You might want a pond in the middle place so you can counter the flamethrower or stop the men who set on fire, or maybe you would like to have some trees to block the LOS. No matter what you wish is all good, just make sure it work as you think.

    Advance have two meaning here, first one is what we say in previous part to make sure the place is where you want. Another is this give you some extra exp and TP per map you advance. But this also have some draw back, as you will only be able to use 1 Engineer to stop the enemy so you might get pass by few enemy, and this will create pressure in your later game play. So estimate your risk and do it wisely. Also, this does not always guarantee you can find the place which good for you, you should stop advance before the enemy become tougher.

    Of course, if you think these place is good for you and don’t wish to advance anymore is also a good option here. With that you get more time to build up the defense and will not be easy been killed by early Vehicle like Flak38. ( Although this seems will be rare but it is still possible, so be careful. )

    #3. Build:

    Build the Pillbox first, be consider very carefully! The pillbox in the different place will change the game play style, different position will be good to counter different type of enemy but also have different risk and weakness. We will talk these difference later, right now just take it as a general thinking for your tactical defense solution.

    I divide the tactic with Up – Pillbox and Mid – Pillbox base on the Pillbox position which I will discuss in the later part. The Pillbox will not be suggest to build at the down side when you do this challenge if you want to stand longer enough.

    After you build up your pillbox, then the whole thing is stand ready. You can use your TP very wisely, no matter you wish to build up the Mine field first or wish some bard wire, all good.

    #4. Weapon, Equipment and Upgrade:

    If you remember the step 1, we already talk about the Engineer starting rifle skill will affect what tactic you should try. We will discuss this much more deeply now. As we can understand that we can’t hold the line with mine field, German numbers are more then the TP you gain from the each wave, so you need to use weapon to stop some of enemy, mostly will be infantry, otherwise you will going to be over run very soon.

    *Weapon choice:

    *M1 Garand
    *Tommy Gun
    *M1 Carbine

    *Equipment Choice:


    *Upgrade Choice:

    *Ranger Training


    Before start to talk about the weapon, I will list few important part about weapon which will decide you combat style.


    The Number means the hit chance, like rifle 50 means you have 50% to hit the target per round. This formula will be cap at 90% hit chance, of course this is far from our engineer unless you have a real super engineer at the start.

    Range Malus:
    The number will decide when you try to hit something out of range, the penalty on accuracy. If it will be X then your Rifle will be count as: Rifle/X when hit the target which is out of effective range.

    The number means when you hit something in 100 pixels, you will gain benefit on your Rifle. If it will be Y then your Rifle will be count as: Rifle*Y when hit something in 100 pixels range.



    Engineer start with M3, with a very high stopping ability in close range. So if you don’t wish to change the weapon now, then you have to well know about the M3 effective range is very short. Make sure your target in the range and kill them quickly, once you get pinned, you will likely lose very quickly as no one can save you.

    I will not suggest you keep this weapon as it’s effective range is very short and due to you have to engage enemy from different place, somehow you will require to shoot on long range target. M3 is useless in that situation, simply replace it with better weapon can help you to fight well. This weapon can be use in Up-Pillbox Tactic.


    Shotgun is mainly for use at close range, cheap and with high damage. Experience soldier can reload and shoot shotgun very effective, So if you use the Up Pillbox Tactic then you can try the Shotgun, I will not suggest you to use it if you start the Mid Pillbox, most of enemy will be count as too far from your effective range. Be very carefully, although you have better CQC bonus your range malus is 5, means when you shoot the target out of your range, you will not hit anything. This weapon can be use in Up-Pillbox Tactic.

    *M1 Garand:

    M1 Garand is a standard long range weapon in this challenge, so you can choice it when you just start the game, normally it will pair with the ranger training. It is much better then Springfield when your exp is still low. But you will not be able to use this weapon to kill enough enemy, so just remind it is not a good weapon for this challenge. This weapon can be use in Mid-Pillbox Tactic.

    *Tommy Gun:
    Tommy Gun is an upgrade version of M3, through it have bigger range malus, so you have use it in close range. To use it, you will not need to frequent reload like M3, experience soldiers can use this weapon become very deadly in close range. Very suit for Up-Pillbox Tactic.

    BAR is very expensive, but it is a very important weapon for Mid-Pillbox tactic. When your Engineer start with very weak Rifle, The BAR can guarantee you will be able to defeat early enemy. Which can make sure Your Engineer can gain the exp and hold the early wave without any cost on Mine. BAR have very high damage, through it will not be a efficient weapon for old soldiers or excellent shooter, but it is a gift for new guy. Especially if you start with a bad Rifle Engineer.

    *M1 Carbine:
    M1 Carbine will probably be the most reliable weapon for expert soldier and shooter, it cheap and have moderate damage. Large clip size and moderate reloading speed. The Most important thing is, it have Switching Target ability just like Gunner. This is the most useful weapon in this game, once you think your engineer rifle become higher enough, then replace any weapon with this one. As you only have one soldier, so this is the key to stay and engage with max enemy in the same time.

    You will be able to clean the enemy with this weapon if you use it wisely, most of German infantry will not be the problem. Even some of soft skin vehicle.



    Grenade give you another opportunity to kill and pin down more German, also have slightly chance to kill some soft skin vehicle. You can have different think on using this item, but it does help in your fight and only cost 1 TP. I will not recommend you to use rifle grenade, because mostly they fly out the screen and can’t hurt anything, this will still happened on the Mid Pillbox tactic, nor to say the Up Pillbox. Grenade will be useful especially when you fire from flank side of your Pillbox, mostly those grenade will directly landing on the German head.

    But it is still an bonus and do take some time before you start to shoot. So Gun shoot will still be your main firing power, of course you can change to Springfield in oder to toss more grenade then any other weapon.


    Bayonet is an additional equipment to help you to fight when you accidentally contact with German in H-T-H combat. Because it is your only Engineer so this will increase your survival ability, and help you not need to use too many healing to win a hand to hand fight. Of course you should avoid the HTH combat no matter what situation. Don’t worry about the exp. You have full board German, they all yours.


    *Ranger Training:

    Ranger Training will only be use near the start, when you feel not happy with your Engineer’s rifle skill. Although it help but don’t put too much hope on this upgrade as it commonly only give you about +5 ~ +10 Rifle, so no need to do it more then two times. Buy a BAR will be much helpful then pray.


    Heroism will be your only healing option here, It cost you 4TP and help you to not dead by any damage kill and give you to 200HP, also give you more chance to survive under Sniper Shoot. ( Through it will not be very helpful ) The only thing you have to know is you can only use once you reach up two exp20, so don’t die before you can use this. One of another thing is you can not use this as a healing when you been disable. That is pretty bad but it is true.

    Part 2 – Main Tactic:

    Now we come to main part, this part tell you how to deal with enemy and combine your structure with your skill to hang as long as possible. We will come with two divide, but before we talking about the main part about Pillbox, we have to understand pillbox first.

    #1. Pillbox:

    Pillbox is a structure which cost 5TP. It have full explode protection and some bullet protection. It also block the LOS, which help you to divide enemy as few part to contact. Some deeply information you should check about the wiki and try yourself, but Pillbox is very complicated so you should try everything you can. You can check the Wiki Pillbox and Wiki Pillbox Analysis.

    Mainly your men will stand in the place and fight like this.

    Or like this:

    You will stand like this to contact the one flank Units, other units who stand in the mid or opposite flank will not be able to see you. So you can kill them base on you have max benefit on the Exchange of Fire.

    You will not stand like this, that means you don’t have any LOS benefit from your Pillbox, all German be able to shoot you, that will make you killed very quickly.

    Of Course, your Movement and defense position will be limited by your Mine field.

    The Key movement is to stay close with your pillbox no matter what, the Engineer moving speed is not that fast, especially if you are going to somewhere that far from your defensive structure. Just walk around the Pillbox and don’t get out too far. If there are some crate very far from you and above your pillbox. Ignore it! Don’t try to take it especially after the early game, you may simply be pin down and probably been killed there before you back.

    Stay around your Pillbox and use LOS wisely, control your position to avoid and shell instant GIB you, then you will be able to stand long.

    In oder to increase your chance to survived, Some Trench on the Pillbox or Sandbag near some where can help you to fight. Like this:

    #2. Mine Field:

    “ 1 TP for Three Mine = Three German, seems worth what it take. “ Engineer.

    Mine is very important on this challenge, it catch any German who try to pass through your line. And also you can use it to build the mine under the Tank to destroyed it. like a small range explosive, but it guarantee you to kill most of them in one mine. So how to place your mine is a big discussion here, because it is RTS, so you have to make right decision and make it quick. Keep you mine that Engineer have placing range limit, which can be seen by this picture.

    As you can see, the outside Mine is the place which can feet your Max reach range of placing. Have a feeling on how far you can place is very important during the game play, That will save time as you know that will be out of range or not. Be always keep eyes on those mine, after the game play, some part of Mine field will run low and open as a gap which can’t stop anything, then you have to go and put some fresh mine to complete your mine field.

    This picture show as max place, it is not the most cheap and best place, but this show if you only walk inside the Pillbox, How far you can place your minefield. It is very short actually.

    Also, in the MNB2. The mine will hurt yourself, so be very careful. Do not blow yourself up, as you will have to constantly pass through or near the minefield. You have to use mouse to check, make sure the way you go does not have any Mine when some of Mine explode in the area. Like this, you have to do the search very carefully.

    If you get a message:” This is mine and it’s yours! “ That means there is a mine!!!! Watch your feet.

    You need to have a note in your mind tell you how far you can take close from your mine, this is probably the best place you want to stay, but sadly you don’t have that much TP. However, this still give you a view on how close you can take from the mine.

    You are the Engineer, so your worst enemy will be German Engineer. As they can easily clean your Mine, I will discuss about them when talking about the Threat.

    #3. TNT, Barb Wire and other Construction:

    I – TNT:

    TNT is rather easily to place. It have radius so you can place this everywhere. It have larger explode radius and very powerful explode that be able to destroyed the rock. Also, it is click to detonate, so unlike the Mine, you can create some safe route with this weapon. Of course it is rather expensive, cost 2 TP per set.

    When you are walking around, be sure do not blow up yourself by mistaken click the TNT, you will not be able to run away, so watch your step.

    TNT can help you to complete the Minefield which have some not easy place to set the Mine, As he only count as a circle on it’s range limit, also with much powerful explosion and click control ability which allow you to choice Target.

    II – Barb Wire and Sand Bag:

    Barb Wire can use to detect the Brandenburg Infiltrator, also slow those German who are get into your pillbox to give you more time to react, You only need one which place in front of your Pillbox. It is weak but cheap, just watch out those explosive and German Pioneer.

    Sand Bag will be use to increase the protection for Your Engineer, you place it like a double protection specially when your Engineer is working outside the pillbox, Sand Bug can help you to get less hurt also reduce some explode damage in theory. It is weak but cheap, so place two sand bag around the Pillbox corner or place one inside the Pillbox is good choice.

    III – Trench:

    Place one in your Pillbox, in order to increase your survive ability when the German shoot at your Engineer. This structure only need one, no need to place too many around your position.

    #4. Up – Pillbox Tactic:

    Up – Pillbox Tactic, as what it mean, you place the pillbox on the Top and start your fight. This Tactic require high reaction speed, also be fast on controlling. If you are going to use this tactic, you better use Hot key, and click fast.

    I – Advantage:

    Up Pillbox be able to handle any enemy Unit, Even you can’t see them. As your pillbox is very close to the German Spawn line, so your Mine can reach every place you want to. Any Unit who like to stay behind can be easily clean.

    You will much easy to shoot the enemy in the CQB range which give you bonus to kill them, also this is rather easy to kill most of them as they are group when they spawn, very suit for mine. They will die like a body package, no matter Vehicle or Infantry.

    II – Disadvantage:

    Because you are very close to the enemy line, so you will have very short reaction time. When something bad is coming, you only be able to have one chance to make reaction, so there are no time for you to adjust your mistake. You need to control your LOS better then Mid Pillbox Tactic, and make sure you don’t miss anything when each wave come. Clear the every threat, take down them very quickly.

    Also, your shooting range will become short, Means enemy will quick to reach your Mine field, and waste your TP which might can be clean by your weapon. So you have to place the minefield wisely, and save more TP in your Bank to fix any problem during the fight.

    #5. Mid – Pillbox Tactic:

    Your Pillbox will build rather close to the battle pause text. ( When you press Space to pause the game ) You have more time to react on most of situation, so this one is much suit for those player who like to use order panel by mouse, not Hot key.

    I – Advantage:

    You get much long range before enemy Unit be able to get in your Mine field, so you can take more down and save the TP , so long range weapon will fight well with this tactic. Also you get more time and space when some threat come in, this give you more time to think the solution and walking to build your defense. It will be rather easy to take different group in to list and kill them. Much close to standard LOS tactic.

    II – Disadvantage:

    You can not reach the up field, so some of Unit you will never be able to clean with mine. Like German Sniper, Mortar, MG42, Wespe. And some of unit you can not take down on time if you are pin by some shell creator, Like German Officer, Enemy Engineer. You are much passive on your tactic and be force to face with much more enemy number.

    #6. Mix Pillbox Position Thinking:

    Of course, there are no meaning to make sure the pillbox to be build where, you just have to make sure your build Pillbox which can suit your own tactic. You can slightly change the pillbox position to rather behind or rather ahead, this all up to you. And this will give you different effect when you facing different German Unit.

    I will say even it is commonly to see Player to build the pillbox on the ending line, but it is not effective as you can not shoot the weapon behind the Pillbox, Also The engineer Placing Mine ability will be limited. So mostly and change will not set the pillbox to the down side of Map, unless you have any special thinking.

    MNB2 will give you a very tough fight, no matter how you build your defense, but we are going to trying the most possible way to survive the German wave. Keep your eyes on and stand brutal!!!

    Part 3 – The Threat – German Unit and Support:

    German have different Unit which cause different trouble to your Engineer, some of them are harmless but others can kill you quickly, so I am going to discuss with these.

    #01. V1:

    You think I have a tip to against the V1?! No! you are definitely wrong! For any situation, you have to do is hide in the Pillbox and pray for main explosion will not hit you. Of course you can react very fast to let your Engineer go out for V1 Strike, but the reaction time is very very short! So you better pray it do not hit you. ( You only have to worry about the Main strike, the small explosion will not hurt you. )

    #02. German Arty and Strafe:

    Mostly they are friend, and helping you to kill the German, just be careful when you try to go out on the raining day, keep yourself in the explosion protect zone. If you are out and don’t have cover, you better run fast.

    #03. 1st. SS Leibstandarte:

    This guy is very annoy and better take him down as fast as you can, mostly this guy will continuous call the German Pioneer come to clean your defense line, and also trigger German support, so kill him with your gun.

    #04. German Pioneer:

    This is very annoy unit you will commonly face, he will cut your Barb Wire and clean your Mine. If you don’t try to stop him, each of this unit can clean 1/3 of your minefield and take out few TP in meaning. Booby Trap is very important here, 1 TP trade one Pioneer. Of course, he os not commonly clean the mine, so you can place Mine on his face to kill him when he is closing. That will still be able to kill him.

    German Pioneer is not very dangerous, but he can let you run out of TP quickly and break a gap for other German Unit, so be always clean this guy first.

    #05. Brandenburg Infiltrator:

    He is not harmful in the pillbox, and most of time you will only see a random explode in your mine field, then you will know that is him. But if this guy show up near your Engineer then it will be very dangerous, his HTH ability will be the best in the game. You better hope your Engineer can win, or use the Mine or TNT to save yourself which I list in the part 4.

    Always keep distance with your Mine, because it is possible to have a Brandenburg Infiltrator trigger a mine and hurt or even kill you when you are nearby. Be very very careful when walk around, I do get killed by that situation!

    #06. Brandenburger :

    This guy will come from the flank side, and mostly step on your mine immediately. But be very careful, this guy shooting is very dangerous, it can kill you with a burst in early game if you are bad lucky and it can kill you in one burst even you have 200 HP in mid game.

    #07. German Flamethrower:

    This guy is a common killer in this challenge, it have decent fire range just like Alley Flamethrower, and you are in the Pillbox. (lol) Kill him before he get into range, or hide until he pass or step on the Mine. Mostly he can kill you in one shoot, so if you survive through that fire is just because you are extremely lucky guy. >o<

    #08. German Officer:

    This guy is also an annoying guy, as he will call more Unit to get in the battlefield and give you more trouble. Kill him as quick as possible. Mostly Up – Pillbox is mainly try to clean this guy and German Sniper as soon as possible, so the build so close to the front.

    If you give him longer enough time, he will bring you whole German Armor division to you. So just kill him!!!!!

    #09. German Paratrooper:

    This guy is a little bit annoying, keep in mine you only have to take care the Paratrooper who land behind your Minefield, Don’t take any risk to exchange any round with this guy if he stand up, he can kill you with three shot. FG-42 is very powerful weapon in MNB2.

    The Only bad will be if you get Paratrooper Blitz, there will be 8~12 Paratrooper and some of them will land very close to your ending line, hope you can take them down as more as possible before they can get up If they get up, hide back to the Pillbox immediately unless you will lose the game after they pass through.

    Luckily you will not get any bonus Blitz, because you only have one Soldier.

    #10. German Sniper:

    German Sniper is the top killer for your Engineer, if he come as a single with normal wave, you will only be noted when you get shoot. Up – Pillbox have way to counter German sniper by placing Mine, as the German Sniper like to walk around the top area of map. But it is not so effective as you will hit other normal unit and waste lots of TP.

    If you see Sniper Blitz, then you better hide inside the Pillbox and never try to go up. The only way to counter it is wait and hope the German will change tactic, although it is not so common.

    This is the most dangerous unit in this challenge, you almost get nothing to against with this unit, so prey you won’t get more.

    #11. Sd. Kfz. 222:

    This guy is very dangerous as it is accurate and fast, also can get in from every place. Do not give him a chance to shoot on you, hide and use LOS to protect yourself or blow it up as soon as possible. In some of case, this vehicle will direct get into your Mine and been blow up.

    #12. Waffen SS:

    This guy have awesome speed and accuracy, they somehow can move even they are dead. And will be able to trigger two mine if each mine is close enough. But use Mine to stop this tough guy is better then facing their gun.

    #13. Wespe:

    Wespe can be your best friend or worst nightmare, try to stay in the Explode protection zone when the shell is falling. If you only have one Wespe, then you can use In and out tatic to find a gap to kill German and hide back on time. If there are multiple Wespe, you should hide back to the pillbox and build Mine field, it can help you to clean the German and hold longer enough. Just watch out those fat shell, each one can easily kill you if you don’t hide.

    #14. Other Unit:

    Other unit is not bad, worth as one Mine or few bullet, just watch out those bullets that fly to you, don’t die!!!

    Part 4 – Small Tip and Important Fact:

    #1. Use The Mine or TNT to Save You from the HTH Combat:

    It sounds weird, but in fact it can help you, just you have to estimate the range very carefully. In the case, if your are forcing to HTH and likely been killed by those German or have to pay lots of TP to save yourself, Mine and TP both can help you.

    When you are placing the mine, be sure to place it near the German, not direct on him, if you place too close you will also put yourself into the Gib Range, then game will be over. Of course, you can’t place too far from the German otherwise the Mine will not be trigger.

    If you are placing the TNT, make sure you place enough far from yourself and detonate it. Even you count wrong distance and it does not kill the German, you will be able to win in the HTH combat. You can count too far, but never count too close. (lol)

    Before doing this, make sure you better have 200 HP and High Exp, or you might get killed even you save yourself from the HTH combat.

    #2. Try Not to pass any German inside the Pillbox:

    In theory, non of unit will be able to see each other or engage each other in the green zone of Pillbox. But right now I am going to tell you, some of Unit will be able to engage you as a HTH combat in the Pillbox if you do something wrong or game have something wrong. You can not always hide in the deep side of pillbox, so when you walk through or German walk through the Engineer, it will get into HTH combat.

    And if it does happened, you will be killed without any chance. Inside the Pillbox, Non of Alley will be able to do HTH combat, but Some of German can kill you with HTH. So do not give any German a chance to take close to you in the Pillbox, especially 1st. SS Leibstandarte and German Flamethrower. I know there still have some other unit can do so, just not sure who, so better not let anyone step on you in your pillbox. Keep this in mind, especially the Up-Pillbox Tactic Player.

    #3. German Pioneer will Give you Free TNT and Exp:

    It will not be rare in the game, when the German Pioneer pass through your Pillbox, he will left some TNT, call your Engineer to take close and click those TNT, then you will get a free TNT and some exp per click. Actually the Pillbox can’t be destroyed, so this is some special gift for you from German Pioneer. If you handle well, he is your best friend as he will commonly left 2~5 TNT when he across your Pillbox. Up-Pillbox Tactic can get max of these gift as most of German Pioneer will be able to put something there.

    #4. Prey! Hope the Construct Fade Away Bug will not Happened on You:

    That is the worst Bug you can have in this game, your Pillbox will slide away far from the Mid of screen and leave you along, we can’t do anything about that, so just prey this will not happened on you. This mostly cause by the cleaning per ten waves. Good news is, it is very rare to happened!

    Thank you to read a long post, enjoy the challenge! >o<

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    Have some run again, but damn did not make to run out from that burning soldier, then challenge end.

    Too bad!

    79 * 5 + 441 = 836.


    Here is the new record for this challenge, I made this when I am streaming. lol
    I would say I get a lucky on Engineer draw, this one is awesome, so I no need to buy BAR, just pick M1 Carbine. >o<

    138*5 + 966 = 1656 ” New Record!!! ”

    Important Part:

    *Game start ( 00:07:15)
    *Use Mine to free Engineer from Brandenburg Infiltrator, it is a important skill show how you make you out alive without waste tons of TP. ( 00:21:04 )
    *Paratrooper Blitz!!! ( 00:46:38 )
    *Large German Change tactic! ( 01:07:08)

    Finally, the Flak-38 block the Wespe firing sound ,so I did not notice she fire another round, and damn! How accurate! =_= luckily, the German sniper never get me, or give me a Sniper Blitz. 0o0

    So I need to think how to deal with Wespe, more careful? lol

    Please enjoy the show. XD

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by Arise.
    • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by Arise.

    Awesome game!
    And the most important unit in MNB2 is . . . by far the Engineer.

    Sure got lucky with that super soldier to start with. 87 Rifle makes eve an M3 look like a good gun.
    However I do not see why you built that trench inside the pillbox when you are “working” underneath it most of the time.
    At 22:30 you got very lucky to be close enough to the Pillbox or that Grenade would have ended it all.
    At 106 the game spawned a Flack38 below your mine field. It drove off field but did not count as a flanker nor did it . . . lucky change tactics.
    272 hits done by the enemy. Full Metal Engineer. 🙂

    Hopefully I can give this challenge a try soon. Although I am nowhere as lucky or skilled as you are.


    As I said. Nowhere as lucky. My first try at this ended at wave 6.
    Worst soldier of all time despite 3 Ranger trainings.
    Then I got rushed by 3 enemy engineers that wiped out my mine field. Good thing he ate a grenade or I would have jumped into the game and killed him myself.

    Here the next try that was going rather well. Since I am a sucker to try stuff out I did not build a pillbox and instead some other things. Have fun watching.

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