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    Want to add a point here. Think the huge mistake I made in my last game will be interesting for other players. Most of your guys will not fire much when in or close to a bunker, only gunners do good (even get bonus) in or close to bunker.

    Placing your guys between side and bunker can mean one of two things – no dmg from explosions or they do not fight at all.

    Online in 2h or so:
    long video, just want to point out that my bottom left bunker was misplaced, my snipers never really fired, bottom right bunker was perfect, only verrrry small window for explosives to hit my guys but they have normal shooting.

    Is maybe not a discussion for “very new players”, but – wth 😉



    Hi.. I am new here! I actually play MnB2 for some time already but now something frustate me.

    How do you all keep your tank or AT Guns safe from the artilery ( especially that accursed WESPE )?

    Is there a trick.

    I find it very frustating that my tank NEVER reach more than wave 100 before pwned by something,same case with those AT Guns.



    Hello Alvin.
    There is this game feature that just about everyone uses to have it much easier.
    It’s called the 5 men above the middle line rule.
    Simply keep 5 of your units above the middle of the PAUSE (space bar) line and all enemy artillery (inc Wespe) will always fall onto the top of the field.
    To keep those 5 men alive up there the should be inside a bunker or the indestructible pillbox.

    Additional game rule the effects this.
    The 6 men in the open rule.
    When you have 7 or more men on the field here is a chance depending on the wave count and how many units you have over 6 not under Cam-Nets that every 10 seconds there is the chance that you will get a forum of enemy support attack called on you.

    Try these tips. Good luck and URB On!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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