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    Topic request by Joker who had a problem opening a new topic here.



    I find it somewhat depressing that nothing has been said here in relation to the topic yet…
    But I will try to ignore that, and open with my own inquiry.

    As I’ve been playing more recently, I’ve found that I am actually worse than I was several years ago. Most of my strategies fail, and I’m generally overrun before the 50th wave hits. In contrast, I used to do just fine back when I used to play (which albeit was more frequent then) and managed to survive to wave 100 without much of a problem. While my strategy hasn’t changed much since then, I’m having trouble regardless.

    I generally start with equipping my four starting infantry with a variety of rifles and machine guns(M1 Garand to the best shooter; Shotgun to the worst, B.A.R. to the 2nd best shooter, and a Tommy to the 3rd). From there I just rack up Tactical Points, and build basic defenses. A bunker for my more valuable units, and trenches for the grunts.

    Now, that used to work for me. But now, it seems, I can barely keep any plan I come up with together. Any tips?



    I’d like to hear some tips also, hadn’t been on anything Urb for a while and coming back after a few years MNB2 kicked and continues to kick my ass anytime i try to play with old strategies. I honestly think it’s just me being out of practice and making poor decisions, But Orvel pretty much spelled out my strategy as well except instead of a tommy or shotty I bring in an mg or sniper earlier. When I have tried something different the only thing I have been able to do with success thus far is rush until I find a large number of rocks and use the extra tp from advancing to replace my losses with spec ops to eek out a few more waves.



    Well, actually we do have some good stuff in previous forum, but they all lose during the site attack event, so we have a new home. Hope someone can made some awesome guide here, and keep the MNB2 hot. >o<

    Recently I focus on how to max the Engineer power while process with ending mind field stand, That is a big study on how to Mine the German, I even wonder can we have different shape on deployment, Oh! Just a imagine! XD



    When I created this I assumed others wanted to posts some tips here.
    Inquiries are even better since the specific tactic need can be addressed in greater detail @orvel.
    We are a friendly bunch but no mind readers, fortune tellers or professional game site managers that get paid for this so please give us a break once in a while.

    Here a very simple starters strategy from myself.

    This is far a clear field strategy.
    Equip your 2 best shooters with Garands (BAR is the best overall weapon if you can spare the TP) and keep them in the back out of enemy grenade throwing distance.
    Move the other 2 up closer above the mid line and basically use them as meat-shields.
    Upgrading their weapons is not needed (shotguns suck, use Carbines or Tommies instead) as long as the other 2 are killing well.
    Keep your men spaced apart so that they will catch Infiltrators early on.

    Get an Engineer. Build bunker a bit above the mid line. Place worst soldier (if still alive) at the top of the bunker as a bullet attractor or the Engineer. A trench improves the defense of the bunker.
    With the Bunker up and an Engineer in him you have a good bullet and explosive protected base from where you can Mine-Bomb vehicles or large enemy forces if need be.
    Get Gunner and put him in the bunker. You can build multiple bunkers if TP is available but beware that bunkers hinder reaction speed or even line of sight of units behind them.

    At some point before hitting wave 50 a Sniper is important to counter enemy snipers.
    Also past wave 50 you need some Anti-Tank/Vehicle firepower or you are stuck with placing Mines to kill them.
    Bazooka Units are worthless in the newest patch.
    AT-Guns are cheap but slow and more then 2 are hard to put under a Cam-Net.
    I like to use Tanks but you need a whopping 20 TP to get one.

    General Game Tips;
    Respect the 6 men in the open rule. More then 6 units not under cam nets can trigger enemy support calls.
    Later game (past wave 50) you want to have either only 4 men on the field and above the mid line
    or 5+men above the mid line in bunkers/ pillbox so that enemy support will not fall on unprotected units on the bottom of the field. Remember the 6 men in the open rule.

    Special Tips; The less units you have called in total the easier the game will be.

    Trees are your friend early on. Placing a soldier on the edge of a tree gives him partial invisibility but that goes down as waves progress so at about wave 50 it is not given anymore.
    Rocks too BTW. Both block line of sight so use them wisely to either hide or ambush.
    Here my last game with a relative new profile. Maybe that can help.



    I don’t have a specific strategy (yet). I just experiment and mess around. One time, I had a bunker filled with machine gunners, a pillbox with valuable units and extras, and trenches with riflemen. I made it to wave 48, which sucks ass. Then another time I placed 10 men in a checkered pattern upgrading nothing, no defences or support, just plain soldiers. It got me passed wave 120. Shit happens in that game that can’t be explained truely other than URB. Lances strategies do work well, but sometimes URB feels like taking a shit on you and you have to survive an SS Waffen blitz on wave 25, or a Pnzr.II on wave 30. I usually just prepare for the worst (I never even get close to the proper preparation). I guess what I do when I play serious is get an officer and signaler asap. I don’t bother to upgrade my guns, because a springfield in the right hands is like a .50 BMG with nuclear rounds. Then I get an engineer, build 2-4 trenches, and hold off until I can call in Paratroopers. Then comes a medic, sniper, and a flamer. The flamer is my favorite part. Hide him behind a rock, and when a Kraut pops out from the side, toast the SOB. that either gets me to wave 50-75. That’s the best I got, so good luck.



    heres how i do it, wave 100+ on most deployments.

    buy sniper first. this will pin enemies and make volks flee, not to mention racks up kills and makes direct fire more effective.

    buy sig and(assuming you dont have west point commendation) buy officer

    from here i buy engineer and use the strategy lance outlined above, but i usually give my sig and natural killers ranger training instead of buying garands, and then remove the frags(now that removing frags is free)

    RESPECT THE 6 MAN RULE i feel 85-90% of the time i wipe its from german support. nothing like an arty round finding its way through the crack in the bunker and gibbing all inside.

    Also just get out there and experiment we can show you how but until you’re knee deep in brass looking at mobile arty blitz wave yourself you wont understand. Experience is the best weapon in the game



    This post is the member @joker encounter with posting problem so he let me post here.


    I wanted to post a video of a combined mining-AT guns game. Video bugged at wave 68, but I at least have a screenshot how it ended.

    Germans were really nervous early in the game, V2 hit us in wave 12.

    Starting moves are still in video, I bought a gunner and a engineer and build a camnet on bottom left. after we bought 2 more gunners and a medic, we started with bunker.

    Bunker placement:

    If you want to play with 5+ men above middle line, exact placement of bunker is important, top side of the bunker should be just above middle line (where you place your soldiers), but hitbox of bunker (area where bunker is blown up when hit) still in on bottom of screen. This placement protects your bunker from wespe fire as long as you have 5+ men above middle line.

    Pillbox placement:

    The main gun of all tanks, flak and pak always fires at closest soldier (even if this soldier is in a pillbox, right at the edge of the pillbox). In above screenshot all tanks spawned at middle or right will fire at the soldier in our pillbox, only tanks spawned on left side will fire at our bunker. Also be aware that pillbox blocks line of sight for your soldiers, with placement at the side of the field our sniper does see almost all of top field, gunners have free line of sight on all of top screen.

    With only a trench on bottom we are quite vulnerable vs enemy bullets, a bottom-spawned flak took advantage of it in wave 66 and killed all men in our trench. Flak even parked outside of screen, needed a mine and a frenchie stepping on it to kill it.

    Video bugged at wave 68. I called in 2 AT guns over time, and placed them on both ends of bottom camnet (rebuilt after bottom flak), with AT guns around you need to be very carefull when someone comes close to your bunker or camnet, better to move them closer to each other (AT guns will not fire if they are too close to each other). AT guns are very dangerous to cause friendly fire incidents.
    We had 4 times a wave of bottomburghers, and a couple of other blitzes, but no V2 blitz, our bunker and all soldiers inside got blown up around wave 195, could survive a couple of waves more to a new personal best on new profile of 209 rounds.

    Video till wave 68 of this run:


    please enjoy his show. >o<



    This explains a lot. Clever move mining the hell out of the lines you don’t have a lot of men on. Good defense against the infiltrators and any doods that get past the pillbox.



    That is a very good strategy BUT this topic is “MNB2 Strategies for newcomers.”
    This seams fairly advanced for neebees. So Joker still has posting problems?
    @joker. Maybe I can help you. PM me or something to let me know, OK.

    While I am here I might as well give my 2(66)cents to that play.
    A V1 (not V2, they are not in the game) that hits at wave 12 through some 10 seconds of mere 7 men on field is ultra rare. Check the wiki for the math on that.
    Well the game fixed it fast by frying the extra dude.

    From there things seamed to work well till the teleporting Flack38 moved behind the line.
    Still good recovery.
    BTW The game hates Frenchies in numbers. It truly does. 😉



    Yes, there are some more advanced strategies. Should next time post it under a better suited topic. –> if this post works, tyvm Lance! popup-blockerr was the problem



    Ok, so i think i’ve got something. I usually spent my time improvising but i just got something… I just tried it once, and while i didn’t make it to wave 100 (died around wave 80) it was FUN AS HELL…
    STEP 1: get your 4 grunts to the top and change field. It really helps apparently…
    STEP 2: SURVIVE. Do not recruit any backup, keep your 4 grunts, they should survive until step 4 (worst case scenario you could lose 1 or 2 guys but nothing too dramatic, you should survive)
    STEP 3: reach 20 TP and recruit a FREACKING TANK!
    STEP 4: quickly upgrade it with a FIFTY.
    STEP 5: recruit an officier, you will mostly use him for the FOCUS FIRE command ,just in case, if something dangerous for your tank appears…
    STEP 6: have fun and laugh as gigantic waves of german infantry charge to get instantly wrecked by your all new killing machine.

    From step 6 there is not much more to say, you basically have to have fun, but personnaly, once one of grunts dies, i replace him with the Half-track, and from that moment i’ll spare TPs to upgrade it with the quad-machinegun… because remember to respect the 6 men rule, if an artillery shell wastes your tank, you’r doomed…



    Interesting Tank try guide for the start, only one thing I wish to point out.
    If I remember not wrong, the vehicle do not affect by the concentrate fire order, so maybe you should call some Bazooka to do it?

    The reference from the wiki:

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    Then that may explain why they didn’t shoot at that Panzer IV… Well i did not take time to see if the tank was actually firing as i was getting overrun… Thanks for the info!

    Silly me, that’ll teach me for not reading the wiki… This Tank strategy may need more modifications then…



    No Problem! Dude. Actually I try to force Vehicle to concentrate fire on enemy for 2 years, and it always give me a bad result. (XD) After two years play, when My English skill level up enough to read the wiki, then I found I am wrong so deeply. …..Orz…..


    It is good to take some time to read the wiki, there are lots of good stuff and some interesting fact, every player might miss when play the game. Keep up great work. >o<

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