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    More scenario ideas (mostly)

    Yes, I know Mud&Blood recon was/is set in LAOS, but perhaps some operations could straddle the border…. some concepts such as FOB missions do conflict with the idea of all operations taking place in LAOS (officially not there, yet recapturing FOBs in Laos). So perhaps some leeway is permitted.
    So, a few ideas I which to offer (feasibility varies from ‘who-knows’ to ‘probably-not’).

    – ‘SOAP’ drops – (washing away roads), until the VC learn to quickly try and remove them when dropped.

    – Intel & Merit -> Perhaps these could also work towards requesting additional support in the AO, such as an airborne trooper extraction team, or a convoy. A joint operation between regular army or marines.

    – Rescue friendly FOB currently under attack (because your squad is known to be effective at this sort of thing {high merit or mission success ratio}).

    – Rescue another Recon patrol – helicopter came under fire and crash landed when returning from mission.

    *** Some missions could be a rescue of an ambushed patrol or convoy. Your force would enter the AO on foot in order to try and remain covert. The goals will be determined by the conditions on the ground (try to recover sensitive materials/equipment/VIP present in convoy), try to recover survivors if any, try and recover MOST/ALL DOG TAGS from KIA friendlies. So this would be similar to pilot rescue, dead-drop, POW, and BDA.
    – Patrol / convoy ambush -> could play out in a number of different ways:


    the ambush could have already happened & finished by the time you team arrives (Bad intel, or the patrol/convoy was simply overwhelmed).

    The convoy/patrol ambush happened recently, and you try and follow signs of combat (tracking), trying to find key soldiers from the patrol (RTO, NCO, Officer) and recover them (if still alive), or remove any sensitive intel items.

    Friendly elements still holding out, and your team is to open a corridor to help extract them, perhaps by eliminating local command/communication elements within AO to reduce enemy effectiveness (coordination, response, reinforcements, maneuvers such as flanking, encirclement).

    Patrol/convoy may include Jeeps and trucks (retextured jeep from MnB2, and a green painted truck to distinguish them).


    Some inventory management aspects (as seen in games such as ‘Men of War’), being able to pick up weapons dropped by VC/NVA [when completely out of ammo, yet all these weapons lying around], although these weapons could have very limited ammunition.

    [I guess I really liked the idea of having support options like Marines, armor, etc on the Radio Support menu].


    Lastly, is the idea of having some patrols take place over a few days from a forward position outpost (not quite an FOB) with the recon team staying overnight/camp in the field between ops. Maybe this could be a consequence of poor efforts on your part as the commander (low merit by end of OP), instead of a complete game over and start from beginning scenario. [Someone in command obviously has you on their shit-list, and is making things difficult for you and your team].

    Perhaps your team is back at HQ when your base/FOB comes under attack, your recon team and other personnel at the base must repel/outlast the opposing force until reinforcements/counter-attack elements are in position to engage. This could then lead to scrounging the battlefield after the skirmish ends for any intel (which would be quite limited).

    Just some thoughts and ideas (which you have likely been flooded with already)

    I would buy recon on steam.


    So, is the steam version still a go?
    I would love to buy and play it when it releases 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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