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    You read right, folks! Urb has officially confirmed that he is working on a version of Recon that will be coming to Steam and he is asking us as both urb gamers and Steam users to make suggestions on what should be added or removed from MnB Recon as it currently sits in order to make it Steam-ready.

    In my eyes, Recon has all the essentials and is currently quite a deep and entertaining game. Most of the changes that need to be made are related to fixing bugs, making UI/HUD modifications and of course expanding on the systems that already exist.

    For example, the troop roster page could probably be combined with the pre-mission deployment section to become something akin to a barracks, where you can select who’s going out and with what skills and weapons/equipment. The memos, intel, mission selection and kill card collection could all be in an area known as the office. In fact, a whole little landing page that looks like an FOB would look clean and fit with the game’s theme.

    In terms of visuals, the pixel aesthetic works pretty well considering other games on Steam, but certain things should probably be standardized to be vector images, such as the guns, vehicles etc.

    Those are my suggestions for now, hopefully others contribute as well so that when Recon gets launched on Steam, it’ll blow other similar games out of the water and rise above all the crap that is coming out on the platform these days.


    I can say this for now:

    – Game will be pixelized
    – The entire GUI is redone with the camp suggestion (click barracks to select rangers, click HQ to do admin, click helipad to take of)
    – Briefings will be done dynamically (a little like tie fighter, or bomber crew) with a briefer in front (potentially you the player briefing your troops)


    Now that’s big. I mean, Tet-offensive-type of big.

    I get it that asking for suggestions is a good way to acquire new ideas and solutions for the game, I’m curious what are the basic ideas / changes You (@urbzz) have in mind, so that we can better understand what direction should our suggestions go.

    As for my suggestions based on current state:

    -New room for the Camp-menu: Armory/Guns rack; allow you to view and inspect all equipement and weapons to learn their characteristics (bulk, accuracy, rate of fire, recoil) and equipement details (I:E: Difference between bandage and IV)

    – Some sort of introduction for new players: training camp / tutorial mission / Recondo school, which teaches the basics like Squad management, radio options, Covert/Overt, LoS. Ideally I think of a staged mission, with instructions popping up on screen and explaining what to do step-by-step. I know that it’s not what MnB games are about, but this will give players some insight on how to play and prevent them from bouncing off first mission due to not understanding the game mechanics.
    It can end with a suggestion to check out Wiki for more details, but Wiki should definitely not be the only source of information.

    -one small thing: rework the knife. Instead of auto-takedown, make it replace “choke” of snatched enemy with “slice” which has 100% success rate.


    Not a priority, but steam trading cards and emotes would be awesome.

    Maybe make it easier to get to soldier’s gear while in mission? You could have it so if you double-tap a soldier’s hotkey the gear menu would pop up and all you have to do is click the gear you want and then again where you want to use it.

    Other than that, just general bug fixing as stated above. I can easily say I’ll get this as soon as it comes out 😛


    First of all: GREAT! Love to see a Steamversion!

    What I would like to see:
    – Hotkeys: hotkeys for equipment and a general re-work of keys related to equipment and actions. Way too much clicking around as for now.

    – Formations: pre-set standard formations would speed up the mission and avoid the (un)necessary clicking.

    – The strategic map: make it usefull for more than grid references. Let it give indications of hills (elevation), water, bushland and forrested areas. Maybe even intel bought in pre-mission briefing could be presented. The player could be able to make notes of locations or make markings.

    – The radio log: add date and time for messages so its get more easy to find important information

    – Mission briefing and objectives: Make the briefing and objectives accessible whilst on the mission and maybe indicators of progress, i.e # of enemies killed or 2 out of 3 prisoners resqued.

    – Some stuff already suggested above about troop choice, gear, mission etc.

    I think that was all for now. Keep up the good work!


    STEAM eeee…. Not to fond of how they “allow” games to get played from “their” site but if that is the way you must go then I will support you all the way.
    Hope you will somehow make it possible to play it directly from this site too.

    Tyrud already made a lot of good suggestions that I see urbzz has already (mostly) incorporated. Like this big thing: the troop roster page could probably be combined with the pre-mission deployment section to become something akin to a barracks, where you can select who’s going out and with what skills and weapons/equipment.

    So after firing the game and it finished loading you enter your profile name.
    At this point one recurring suggestion comes to mind:
    *Creating your own profile picture out of the random generator OR allow uploading a picture to use as profile picture.
    First option would be best as not to ridicule the game right from the start through silly players that then share game material that could include dumb profile pictures.

    Will the main screen incorporate all the optional base sites as see in that sketch? (Love it BTW)
    I think not and it will most likely always start at your Office. Office sounds better then HQ since HQ could be the entire building where as all we need is just the players office.
    From there you can go to the other places and then back in case you decide to change your Mission or do other adjustments like Merit or Intel based things or Kill Card uses.

    Before I make a monster post that includes all FOB Places as seen on your sketch I will concentrate on the office page right now.

      *Office: – top left to bottom right –

    Calender : Still shows Remaining Days of the current Tour.
    = Click to skip a day ;effects; Reduces HEAT by 1 and heals Rangers by 3 points.
    Can cause a Memo to appear. An old Mission can be replaced by a new Mission.

    Operation Name: Not sure if this should stay. If it stays then every Mission would need to get its own Operation Name assigned in order to make sense.

    New Sketch item: Memorial
    I assume that there fallen soldiers could be placed. I have a different suggestion to where that could go.
    In the Career page there could be a section where the player could access a list of fallen or otherwise dismissed soldiers.

    Not in the sketch anymore; Film Reel : This could link to a you-tube channel solely for Recon plays instead of the current tutorial video.
    Best be a new channel run by urbzz (and or trusted) where he can place fitting Recon vids.

    Tape Recorder : I see it labeled as wiki link.
    It could function as a Music (start/ end game) selector instead and the Mug could become the wiki link again.
    Maybe play Music on the FOB in general until you are actually in the AO.

    Telephone : I suppose this replaces the Red-Folder in most ways by click-pop-up-selection of options to spend Merit on.

    Gray Folder removed: This is obviously not needed anymore once replaced with a Barracks/ Armory/ Gear Storage.

    Memo Tray : Unchanged save more memo ideas to include in the list.

    Mission Map : Missions could be minimally spaced apart a bit more as to not almost overlap.
    There where suggestions of a more dynamic mission map so that for instance HEAT is not the same in whole AO but that could be misused by players to circle around and thus avoiding heat until it is down in that area again.

    Missions could also have a fixed Availability Time like a POW mission would only be available for 3 days while a Reccee Mission could be up for 20 days. Pilot Rescue only one day and so forth.
    There could be Missions that have a fixed Execution Time like only available at Calender Day 305 cause it is a Screen-Get Mission or a RTX Mission.
    This would allow for strategic office planning to get an optimal team ready to go just then and there.

    Mug : Replaces the Dog-Tag to access the career page.
    That page could use some overworking. Will explain later.
    This is all a bit sudden and it’s time for others to post their ideas.


    Sometimes I like to go solo with one soldier in soldier recon ops so I usually leave the rest of my squad at the LZ, but when I have to contact HQ again I have to go back to my radio operator and when I’m done my solo wanderer is gone, note I know where he is in the map but it is very hard to find him in the jungle.

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    More ideas:

    Strategic map (the table one in HQ) divided into segments. Each segment can have it’s own Heat and intel level, or maybe it’s own typical (more often than in other sectors) missions (Further north: Deep recon, wiretap, dead drop. Middle: Breakthrough, screen. Lower: Recee, scout, Pilot rescue.)

    Tactical map (the patrol, “M” one): Instead of simply being a generic map with a grid and locations of traps, LZs and assets, how about starting out with empty/blank map that fills out as you Reccee the AO. You still have grid and assets placed on it.
    I also think about something like in STWALT where the background is still, but the map get’s filled with bushes as you explore.

    – Regarding hotkeys: Assigning hotkey to gear items (grenade) doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and may bring some troubles with it.
    Instead, how about Gear SLOT hotkeys? 1,2,3,4 are Rangers. (5,6,7… formations or Allies) Q,W,E,R are gear slots. You press 1, Q and grenade pops up. 3,R and radio shows up.
    Also a hotkey for WPS free would come in handy.

    UI as a whole: The extendable command bar with red buttons needs to disappear. It’s too difficult to use.
    These orders can be replaced with icons outside the game screen.
    The perfect example would be the Commandos UI: (excellent game BTW.)

    General information (Covert/overt, Pause, Mute, Halt, Time) displayed at the top, or top of the edge.
    Ranger specyfic orders (search, carry, clear for fire,use secondary) on the side.
    Ranger gear (4 items) somewhere outside the game screen, available without having to use sub-menu.

    -Another suggestion that dates way back: Mission report in the Radio options.
    Aside from Sitre and Contactrep, have option of missionrep. It reminds what the mission is and has it been accomplished yet or not and what the progress is. (IE: Found location: Yes/No. Killed X out of Y enemies in the AO. Searching for pilot, found the pilot, escorting the pilot, pilot extracted, pilot dead. ETC.)

    That’s it for now. I’ll wait for others to post their ideas and then probably will think something up based on them :p


    Wow, well this is quite amazing news!! I am stoked to get an URB game out to a wider audience, yet once again I must stress how important it is for this new Recon to look good and have a consistent style. Especially since more people will be seeing it and comparing it to other games made by bigger indie devs. I say if we are doing pixel art, the game shouldn’t contain any vectors! I also think it should be ‘real’ pixel art throughout, from the landscape to the assets to the GUI. No taking of real photos or vector art and squishing them to make them pixelly. I’m thinking a sort of crummy hand drawn pixel style, like an old DOS game, would really suit it best. Take a look at this rough idea of a desk (Obviously not game ready):

    The reason I think something like this might work better is because Recon is a rough and tumble kind of game, that to me harkens back to the age of the Commodore 64, where games were crude looking and mean. Besides doing it in this sort of style is waaay faster than making it professional and pretty like modern pixel art. So please urb, consider this as a viable art direction for the Steam version. I love Recon so much in terms of gameplay and action, but the lack of consistency in design and certain interface choices deserve to be addressed for the Steam audience.

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    I’m abit perplexed, by pixel game.How small are the pixels? Blocky Pixel Games that are common in this age is not very attractive, at least for me. But some are good pixel game. I want to see some what an example of it.

    As for the gameplay. The map needs to be more detailed. By this I meant, there needs to be actual roads. Rivers, Swamps, Villages , Flora and Fauna. Not just low textured ground and some random trees around. As for others, people already mentioned it above, so no need for me to say it again.

    I really want to help or contribute something since I’m really a big fan of URBz.


    From WillWrite on Discord. Edited to remove some irrelevant bits and format.

    I know that umm there’s a forum for the website
    but i was hoping that you implement some quality of life features for the game
    i dont know how difficult this would be
    but it would be so much better if recon had a bigger screen

    I’ll just say the list of things
    1. Make the character selection (like the 1 2 3 4 hotkeys) the same as the order you picked it in the original squad selection.
    Even better would be if there was a small number beside it.

    2. Can we change the font color with a black on white lettering like they do in reaction imgs because it’s easier to read.
    I hope that the black on white font could also be used for the radio

    3. Man, a zoom in, zoom out feature would be wonderful. Sometimes, one of the rangers would spot a charlie and i can’t move the camera fast enough. I don’t know how you would implement a scroll to a flash game but that would be wonderful.

    4. Overhauling the pause button? I know that your games are based on the whole unfair aspect but I wish there was a chance for ppl to react to the unfairness. I hope that we can move the map around, order around players as the screen is paused (but not have players move), and just a little bit more interactivity in paused mode so that we can react.

    5. Can we tell ppl about the 6 hotkey which moves ppl in formation as a squad? I went through the forums and found that completely by accident. I wish it was a thing in the colored text on the ground in the spot for when you insert by chopper

    6. Can there be more hotkeys? Like r to reload for your characters or some other ones so that i wont have to click at the side of the screen and click back because that’s sometimes the difference between life and death

    I saw this vid for a new indie game

    and it’s got a super snazzy UI
    and it’s just that i wish it was in ‘nam
    they had a lot of things right in this game
    and everything was just super intuitive
    I seriously hope that Recon becomes a steam game on like an engine and not only flash
    Because URB has great concepts for games and I really like its hardcore style but the polish just makes it needlessly frustrating
    Like sometimes it feels like helplessly unfair
    I dunno
    RECON’s mechanics are super detailed and i love it
    and it just needs a little more polish that’s it

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    Mr Kellet

    YEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!! We got Steam coming!

    To add to the fray of suggestions, the ability to turn in only so much Intel for merit. If I wanted to turn in intel for merit or exp, I would have say 163% chance of being successful, but only get that same amount of merit. Say I have 200 intel, I can turn it in twice and get +20 merit rather than how it is now and have a 200 percent chance of getting just 10 merit.

    Additional ways to lower Heat. If I got on a Kill mission, or a mission involving combat (which I usually do) I have to wait an extended period of time before I can safely go on a mission, which lowers the amount of missions I can do in a tour. Maybe there could be a counter to heat like the taking pictures of enemy assets, or destroying traps (just traps and indicators, not regular assets). When someone first starts a character and only has so much Intel, it’s hard to separate themselves from it just to lower Heat.

    Grunt to Officer/easier to get skill points. We’ve had it in Mud and Blood 2, so why not in Recon? I’m not the best at the game but I know the jump from the fourth rank to the fifth is massive and a lot don’t make it. Maybe we could have grunts that can become officers that help with merit related tasks (I.E. Taking care of offenders so you don’t take as much of a merit hit), or a way to train soldiers in other tasks without waiting for a memo. Say a month long training course of your selection that costs maybe ten or fifteen intel. That way the people you can’t really take on missions without being well trained, like radiomen and medics, can be trained while you primary loadout takes on a few missions.

    Exchange rangers. It would be pretty awesome if we could get some people from other nations in the game, even if it’s not a hundred percent accurate.

    (WARNING FAR FETCHED IDEA INCOMING) Future editions/DLCs/Updates. (1) Recon may be focused around ‘Nam, but it could be applied to some other areas, primarily in the Middle East on either side of the many conflicts there. This would allow the idea of the above point to be used where we could play as foreign nations like Britain, Russia, France, or Turkey. This way we could experience some modern combat with some modern guns and thus more chaos and brutality.
    (2) Call me a nerd, but Recon matches up pretty well with the TV series Stargate. A team of four, disconnected from their base for long hours of operation, in a possibly hostile environment. The advantages of using this, or something similar, is that now you have more powerful and dangerous enemies as well as the ability to include Special Forces from around the world without having to deal with historic accuracy. To go into some more detail you could start as a Second Lieutenant USAF Special Forces with a single SG Team and you go up from there and have the same Merit system where at the end of the year you either pass of go home. You could expand the amount of planets you go to and even set up Alpha sites, taking you from leading small squads to leading small squads and managing massive teams from behind the lines. That is all just a wild thought I’ve had since I’ve been playing the game and I wanted to get it off my chest.

    Better explanation of spotting. Spotting to me seems quite strange and the ability of soldiers to engage is wierd and should be explained to people just joining the game. My guy will stand next to a tree and not shoot while an enemy is shooting from the center of a tree? This may be addressed in the Wiki, I’ll have to check and make sure.

    Also, some way to know what parts of the AO you have covered, like shading the parts not explored darker than the rest, and then lightening it once walked through.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Anyhting I can help with to make this happen sooner, I will do. Testing included.


    Considering the rangers’ action menu; how about a system where a simple right click would bring up an action menu. For example if a ranger is hit, you could select your medic, press the RMB on the wounded soldier and select “administer aid” from the menu.
    The menu could also have actions for trading ammunition or items etc. Simple Give/Take commands and stuff. 🙂
    Also, if you right clicked a ranger without selecting anyone first, the ranger’s personal action menu would appear. It could have things like “reload weapon” “switch to pistol”, “switch to (insert equipment here)”, “open radio” “plant mine”

    I’m so stoked about this!! What engine will it be on? Unity?


    Hooooollllyyyy sheeeett!!! Yes! Count with me to help in anything you need to make this real!! I still have some docs with lot of suggestions fromthe old forums.

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