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    With more and more member join, it seems that we need a specific helping thread to tell the member how to use this site. Then this is it.

    #Tag Someone:

    To tag someone, somehow you will see the @ + name but nothing happened, here provide the way to do it. When you are going to tag someone in the post, find his profile and enter.

    For example:

    My name is the same with my tag, some to mention me just simply write down with @ + Arise, then I will be tag.

    Another example, I use Jack. ( Thanks Jack >o< )

    You can see jack’s name is not the same with his tag name, simply copy his tag name in the page, use it in the place where you wish to tag him, it will work. This one is to provide member who wish to use tag function but somehow not work.


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    #Upload the Picture:

    When you are going to share the picture, there are some way to do.

    The bold one is code you can use:

    < img src = ” ” a l t =” ” / >

    With this code, you can have a picture with a directly view in the post also with text, you can use it not just in forum post, also message and activity.

    If you only paste link without file name, it will show as a link line.

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    #Upload Video:

    To upload a video, simply paste the video link then the video will show in the post. >o<

    *The Paragraph:

    When you are press enter to create a line without text, it will be ignore by link and make your post looks very crowded.

    here you can use a way to prevent this, use some character like ” – ” or ” . ”

    with a post with:

    The Link

    It will looks better then what you have before. like this one.

    *About the Video share:

    Some of Urb game take hours, and most of member don’t have enough time to watch all video, make a small content for your video will help other and increase the willing of watching.

    here is the example:

    Write down the awesome moment for everyone and attract them to see the important part of this game, it will be nice for the member don’t have enough time. >o<

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    Here some things that are on a list of mine that should be mentioned here.
    Sadly ran out of time for today. Will work on this later.

    – Mud and Blood HQ explained : How the front page works, Top selection bar drop-downs (Home, Games..), The Forums (how to navigate to and in there), Groups (do not mention private groups), All other features and links (like who is online).

    -First Steps : Registration/Account Creation. Account/Profile management. How “Friends” Work ect..

    – Proper Posting. Posts strait into the front page go into the persons personal account, will get bumped down and are very hard to find again by others making them only a shout like entry.

    Posts into a Forum is a lot better save and reply wise and also has some coding features.
    Important! There is no Preview function and Every EDIT creates a new copy of the whole post in the Front Page that can only be DELETED by the owner.
    PLEASE Delete all excess front page posts through editing yourself so that they do not spam up the front page.
    Sadly we can not change this setting for this site software and will just have to live with it.

    Group posts also display on the front page. You must be a member of a group to post into one.
    Membership Requests usually get accepted but that is not mandatory since groups belong to the person that created them.

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    Dude this is the ticket right here! this should be a READ THIS FIRST sticky! maybe once members register they will be directed to this thread? I myself learned something as i never thought of the edits creating a duplicate post

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    Can anyone see these posts..? I’m trying to use the forums but it’s not working.

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    This topic thread is suppose to be more of a Read Only thing.
    If unavoidable for some reason that you can not post into a respective forum help topic then a pots question here is permitted but will get deleted or moved once solved.
    @caramida9 Still problems with posting on the forums?

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