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    With more and more member join, it seems that we need a specific helping thread to show the new member how to use this site so here it is.

    #Tag Someone:

    To tag someone, somehow you will see the @ + name but nothing happened bacause everyone can change their display name.
    So to tag someone and get the ping right find his profile an use the name that is there.
    It’s the registration name.

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    How to make a screen video.
    There are a few sort of free programs just like free image capture programs. Usually a bit of advertisement is somewhere along the way.
    Here a very good list of programs and an all around helpful site for similar stuff.
    I use oCam.
    TIP: Always try to download programs from the home site of the developer since it is safer and the programs do not contain extra unwanted features like advertisement or worse.

    To then share that recording here you need to upload it to a site that hosts videos. You-tube is popular but there are more.
    To upload a video from you-tube, simply paste the video link then the video will show in the post. >o<

    *The Paragraph:

    When you are press enter to create a line without text, it will be ignore by link and make your post looks very crowded.

    here you can use a way to prevent this, use some character like ” – ” or ” . ”

    with a post with:

    The Link

    It will looks better then what you have before. like this one.

    *About the Video share:

    Some of Urb game take hours, and most of member don’t have enough time to watch all video, make a small content for your video will help other and increase the willing of watching.

    here is the example:

    Write down the awesome moment for everyone and attract them to see the important part of this game, it will be nice for the member don’t have enough time. >o<

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    – Mud and Blood HQ explained : How the front page works,
    Top selection bar drop-downs (Home, Games..), The Forums (how to navigate to and in there)

    -First Steps : Registration/Account Creation.
    Use a reasonable name.
    Names that do not exist (grammar wise/ exists in a dictionary) will cause the system to bug out.
    The E-Mail MUST be verified.
    No fakes or temporary ones will work.
    Follow the registration instruction EXACTLY.
    If it gives you a FAILED result do the Password Recovery thing.
    Follow the instructions in the E-mail.
    Good luck and see you here.

    – Proper Posting.
    Posting strait into the front page go into the persons personal account, will get bumped down and are very hard to find again by others making them only a shout like entry.

    Posts into a Forum is a lot better save and reply wise and also has some coding features.
    Important! There is no Preview function and you can only edit a few times within the first 5 minutes.
    ONLY post ONE link into a post.
    If your post “disappears” then the site anti-spam measures acted up.
    The post is not gone. Contact a Moderator for help to restore the post.

    Have fun here. 🙂

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    This Help Page is a bit outdated since it was made before the breakdown of the site and the restart. Needs updating.

    New account registration is working again but . . . .
    urbzz posted an update 8 hours ago
    Glad to see old folks registering. concerning the bans. IF you you go to a webpage that we don’t have on this website (like all the traffic derived by the spammers) more than twice, you will be banned for 5 days. That’s the rule. Don’t go where you shouldn’t 🙂


    urbzz posted on the front page.

    The new mnb wiki is at this link:
    This decision is permanent.


    Important Information!
    Somehow I was unable to find the WIKI related topic thread so I am posting this here.
    For some unknown reason the original MNB wiki fixed itself a few days ago.
    The link in the front tage top bar still goes to the new wiki that is nice but contains only a fraction of the old wiki’s info. To get to the old wiki go here >>>


    For those that like to post STWALT Log-Books here.
    This site reverses text so that the LOg-Book, once posted here, will go chronologically instead of from the end to the start.
    This greatly improves the readers enjoyment of your tale.


    Flash is dead but don’t be afraid! We are here to help you continue your experience in URBland (and other flash games if you may)

    A. Using BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint
    1. All in one system. You will be able to access a wide variety of flash games (including all up to date Urb games) in their database (in tens and thousands) and play it. The database can be updated too.
    2. Comes in 2 version. We strongly suggest you to download the Flashpoint Infinity version.
    3. Your progress are saved inside your device
    4. The only time you need internet would be the first time you download a game/update the system, after that it doesn’t require any internet
    5. Games not available can be requested at their website. Plus, they have a discord community for it’s users. FAQ’s and User Manual are available at their website too
    1. Large in size. The Flashpoint Infinity version itself is 500mb
    How-to / Website:


    B. Using standalone Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player Projector Content Debugger)
    1. Suitable for those who only wants to play Urb games that are available in Urbzz Games Download Heaven (*with the exception of MnB 2 version 2.3.1g and MnB 3 because it is not updated to that point)
    2. Relatively small size (approximately 15mb)
    3. Your progress are saved inside your device
    1. No database of games that you could download. You need to download the game itself manually (if you could find it in the first place) and use this program to open it.
    1) Download Urb games:

    Urbzz Games Download Heaven

    (You will download either a .swf or an exe. Skip number 2 if you’re downloading an exe file)
    2) Download the Adobe Flash Player Projector Content Debugger and use it to open the .swf file:
    3) Help regarding your gamesave:



    quick write up of the MnB2-flashpoint save file system.
    This also works with other flashpoint Urb games but is more or less clunkier depending on the specific game

    the OMG1337h@x0r way to do it:

    *Start your preferred game in flashpoint.
    *Play a bit or immediately quit out, your choice.
    *Close flashpoint (you don’t technically have to, it just avoids complications from initialization on starting the game)
    *Open File explorer
    *Search for the save file for your game:

    o there should be 2 (two) files found:
    One with an older date stamp for the save you want to use/keep and one that was just created. date/time stamps are critical.

    *click the older one and copy it (right click, copy or Cntl C etc) Cut if you like living dangerously @.@ (plz no)
    *Paste it to your desktop to be safe. (just click the desktop and Cntl V or right-click paste etc)
    *go back to File Explorer
    *Search for your file type again (see file names above, also should be in the history or quick access)
    *go to the NEWEST file, then paste the old one there. It should ask you to confirm the overwrite. say yes.

    when ready: open Flashpoint and your game of choice
    *play it once either legitimately or just start a game/mission and quit out. I recommend playing a full game/mission
    this sets the save file in Flashpoints memory and file path. (you don’t technically HAVE to but it makes it way simpler)
    if you are doing this on, say, D-Day you must play TWICE for the date to adjust properly so you get the medal

    TLDR: Copy the save file you want, paste to desktop, Paste to NEW location and overwrite. Play twice to sync Dates without Brandenburgering.

    For reference.

    URB Game Q&A – 01 – How to back up my Profile?

    Navigate to your old file path: (probably. depends where you had it at. Chrome/firefox save the file in a different spot)
    “C:\Users\ (your pc name)\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\ #SharedObjects\H6YRLVAB\ #localWithNet\ Users\mudandblood2.swf\mnb21.sol”

    copy the old/good profile mnb21.sol file

    navigate to the NEW location for Flashpoint:
    “C:\Users\ (your pc name)\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\ #SharedObjects\H6YRLVAB\\ MudandBlood2\mudandblood2.swf\mnb21.sol”

    paste mnb21.sol file. overwrite as needed.

    play twice to sync the dates properly.

    note the only real difference in the file paths for MnB2 is the Kongregate one since the flashpoint version of MnB2 is the last one pushed to Kong and not the URB website

    paste the file, and play once. wait until the next day and then play it again. There’s an initialization issue with flashpoint if you have it open or running when you are pasting/moving files, there is a chance it wont read the file right or accept the location and either overwrite the one you want or flag it as hacked.

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