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    Mister Reyth

    Ok some strategy updates:

    1) I have been incorrect on my appraisal of the OFFICER “yellow star” skill — I thought it was a morale boost to temporarily maxmimize the combat skills of the troops; as it turns out, it only “unpins” the surrounding troops. Because of this I choose to upgrade the OFFICER weapon instead of the skills, making it a COMBAT OFFICER and putting the Tank on the backburner for use once the OFFICER is fully upgraded.

    2) The best way that I have found to maxmimize soldier leveling using the “point man” strategy is to move all the troops upward together in a line but CHOOSE THE SOLDIER WITH THE CLOSEST EXPERIENCE TO 9 AND MOVE HIM FIRST. The system will automatically give that soldier “point man credit” and advance him faster than the rest.

    3) RADAR — Scrolling the screen and listening for footsteps is a great way to pinpoint where enemy soldiers are located before they can be seen. Taking time to listen for these footsteps in between moves can be very helpful for preparing for enemy contact; scrolling the soliders to the bottom of the screen will give a full screen worth of RADAR to warn of impending troops. Scrolling them off the screen will locate Arty targets.

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