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    Mister Reyth

    This guide contains spoilers if you prefer to develop your own strategies.

    All the way up until St. Vero, I was able to use the following basic strategy:



    This is what I call a “small arms” tactical team. Keep using the Scout’s “blue-discover the closest enemy” skill and use the Snipers and Arty attacks to effortlessly wipe out enemies.

    This game would have become boring if that was all there was to it. Fortunately, Urbz is a hardcore gamer and nobody’s fool and so he brought us St. Vero and beyond.

    At St. Vero, this strategy ceases to work because the German troops become hardcore snipers & machine gunners and they start swarming in packs and aggressively (and actually) wielding mortars in the background. This German tactic overruns the Snipers and Gunner team.

    The only way to survive at St. Vero and beyond is to wield only the most powerful skills available to us. I accidentally discovered this when I got so frustrated at losing over and over at St. Vero that I decided to simply play every role other than the four named above; I just mushed them together and started walking around just for fun. What I amazingly discovered was that I won!

    It was then that I realized that the “non-obvious” role choices are really the most powerful ones and are actually necessary to wield the power necessary to put down the much more powerful and well armed German forces at St. Vero and beyond.

    Here is a basic description:

    RADIO — Every team must have this no matter what. The ability to recruit new troops (Reinforcements) and wield Arty strikes are the sine qua non of any successful team.

    GUNNER — The power of this troop cannot be ignored. It provides IMMEDIATE and undeniable force as soon as it is recruited and is almost always my first choice when starting with fresh troops. Additionally, the ability to call Mortar strikes is a very powerful compliment to the Arty strike ability of the RADIO; notice that it is only a compliment, this is due to the fact that Mortar strikes are highly inaccurate. I would be very suprised to see any team without a GUNNER.

    ENGINEER — Building sandbags and laying mines are practically useless. Snipers hit our troops with ease whether we are in a bunker or behind sandbags. The reason to take the ENGINEER is the Bazooka; THAT is a game changer and with upgraded weapons, this makes the role COMBAT ENGINEER. Sure, you can mine roads as you pass them and it sure is sneaky fun but we are talking about winning here with overwhelming force and it is the Bazooka that accomplishes this.

    RIFLEMAN — So easy to ignore but once you recruit and play with this troop, you must always have one in every team. The combination of Grenade and Rifle Grenade (with separate timers) practically makes the RIFLEMAN a one-man army (with upgraded weapons). Once you wipe out an enemy swarm with the RIFLEMAN Grenades, you will never create a team without this troop.

    MEDIC — Until you see the MEDIC in action, single-handedly maintaining your entire team in perfect health, it is very easy to want to skip this troop. The ability to max out healing and apply personal first aid, really makes a difference when the going gets rough; just schedule a private meeting with the MEDIC behind your front line and you can restore any troop VERY quickly and in the heat of combat. What is not readily apparent though is that with upgraded weapons, this role becomes COMBAT MEDIC; you can give the MEDIC a Grease Gun with its very first upgrade level!

    OFFICER — I personally thought this had to be the worst role of them all. Boy did my opinion change once I played and won with the OFFICER. Part of winning once the gloves come off in St. Vero and beyond, is to deal with SWARMS of enemy troops that get up close and personal in large numbers. The “Gold Star” skill (first one) is extremely helpful in maximizing the firepower of your entire team when every millisecond counts and multiple enemies need to die immediately. The OFFICER also has a natural, “automatic” skill that improves the combat skills of the troops which operates on a timer and which effects are cumulative. Its hard to put the proper value on the inspirational skills of the OFFICER but what really attracted me to this role was the Stuart Tank. Tank hetters gonna het but the goal of this game is to take ground and every time the Tank is around I find myself able to take that ground with confidence. I just focus on moving and let the Tank do his thing. I always call the Tank starting at the first encounter where Germans “appear suddenly” in addition to the stationary “guard troops”. I will then continuously call the Tank every time it leaves the AO. As a side note, the Tank is good for clearing out flanking troops when your reinforcements need to reach your front line. When I am unable to call my Tank, I feel like I am wearing a shirt with nothing else (blush).

    SPEC OPS — As much as I like the idea of Reinfrenchments, they are after all, only small arms soldiers and have no reliable weapons upgrade tree (its only random). The ability to move invisibly is fun but will this actually win games and allow you to move ahead of schedule? The immediate combat threat this role provides as soon as it hits the game is undeniable but in the final analysis, its only a small arms role and lacks any greater power. I used to always bring one of these into every battle until I realized how it was wasting space for a role with more power like even just a RIFLEMAN.

    SNIPER — No doubt the most powerful small arms unit in the game. Their ability to immediately slay the enemy is undeniable. The problem is their lack of any greater power. The ability to target a specific enemy individually or for the entire team is simply underwhelming in the heat of battle and they are limited to killing a single enemy at a time whereas a RIFLEMAN or even ENGINEER can kill multiple enemies with a single strike (Bazooka/Grenades). As much as a I love the SNIPER I have to admit its lack of power in the final analysis.

    SCOUT — The absolute best troop to have until you hit St. Vero. Once there, the Germans no longer play “hide and seek”, they play “MOMMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vimZj8HW0Kg) instead. The SCOUT can stay at home playing jump rope, jacks or other such childrens’ games.


    (continued below)

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