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    Hidden among the camnets are three snipers, one sig and one engie. The rest is as you said!

    Didn’t want anymore in the unit as it was already too many men.

    It’s a theory of mine with the sandbags. I remember someone (SuperSniper?) hinting that sandbags may absorb fragmentation.
    It may work like this: Sandbags are destructible, so they must have an “Hp Bar” or something that decides wherever they are destroyed or not. We know that they get destroyed by explosions of any kind, but fragmentation too.
    Apart from the gib zone which is sure kill for soldiers and everything else, explosions have some degree of fragmentation depending on AT or AP.

    So it may work like this: Fragmentation has a damage range and radius. If the damage inflicted in the zone is a predefinite amount, split between units hit it may hit the sandbag first, exceed the cap “HP bar” of the sandbag, the sandbag is destroyed. If there is additional damage it is carried over,and then hits the soldier right next to him.
    This way the sandbag takes the hit instead of the soldier.

    of course this is merely a conjecture. It may very well work that everyone in the fragmentation radius is given a random amount of dmg between a pre set range.

    Given that excess TP’s should be used, and even if feeble sandbags should give additional bullet protection.



    Nazi trying artillery only challenge


    Game 1 stats
    ribbons game 1

    just to get this guy:
    die fat man die


    not a bad game 1

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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