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    Topic for posting pics or movies of real good games.
    Since you mission in Mud and Blood 2 is basically to hold the line “until” the HQ relocates and since past wave 100 the game goes into kill mode it can be assumed the the minimum game goal is to survive to wave 100.

    Here a very good game posted on the front page (sadly not in the forums) by
    Itay posted as an an update a day ago.
    He wrote “might be my best run”. http://i.imgur.com/k2FA0Rhl.png


    Think everyone knows the feeling when you have a good run, and need the bathroom, the longer your fight, the less your run (at start of great run I run like hell, but with time, I take more time, never good for the run)

    View post on imgur.com


    Since Joker said he can not make a forum post I will copy his UPDATE post here since it seams to fit best.

    Joker wrote: “think just scored my 2nd or 3rd best run ever, no clue why I can only give “status update” and do reply to other posts.
    was the run I wanted to comment on, more often than not you don´t get killed by a nasty blitz, but by some bathroom needs and boredome 😉”


    In all honesty that is probably the highest score I have ever seen anyone post on our sites.
    My personal best was something like 80K making it a top 10 score worldwide on the old score board.
    I recall that I simply fell asleep at some point and woke up to see the end screen.
    You MUST tell us more @Joker about that game as soon as you can post in here again.
    If your posting into the Forums problem continues please PM me or make another update post.


    Well i haven’t scored 800 waves but i got to wave 340 with only 20 soldiers 😛

    View post on imgur.com


    View post on imgur.com

    A new record 🙂



    Nice one! 455+ waves!!!! Good job men!!!

    Tell us about your early and middle game, I know you try to use Mine field to hang there as longer as possible. Let me guess, two bunker on the trench with gunner also plus 2 Bazooka. Very possible. XDDD



    thank you!

    Actually i don’t use zooks… My AT is only a tank and a lot of AT mines. But you are right about the bunker trenches.

    This run should have ended at wave 200 when I had a v1 blitz. But every single missile missed 😛

    Something I really wanted to show you is that I managed to get my tank to 90 exp but a second before i took the picture a WASPE took it out :/

    Over all I think I can do better then this. Only time and the U.R.B god will tell XD



    Frugally, but it’s my first time to reach 100+ wave.
    Hope you enjoy 😀

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    Nice work! Wave 100 is not a small feat! Not for me anyways.



    Thanks, now going to get URBed in Recon 😉

    One Kidney

    So I, like Lance, also had a top 10 score on the old leaderboards.


    Wave 435


    This was back in the day with double bunkers so its not as impressive at all, and I think I might have went a bit wild with buying useless units as this strat should have only run 12 men but in 400+ waves I probably did lose a couple.


    Sorry to inform you but those pictures do not show here.
    “Please update your account to allow 3rd party hosting” is written on blanks where your pictures are suppose to be.


    My brother just try with some old successful way on the 2.2.7c.

    As everyone know, the Bazooka once can fire under camnet but now it is no longer to fire it’s round under it. The Basically game reason is because this effective tactic could guarantee enough high waves.

    Enjoy my brother’s show. XD

    Feel free to try old version.


    I am currently having the best run of my life playing at Kongregate. Seams that the version there, although is is suppose to be the newest one too, is a bit easier on players.
    Here one hell of a good double AAA run. After the cam-net got blown I just kept playing without and with so 10 units in open.

    Luckily no V1’s cam along but the rest of the enemy support was rather fun.
    Shot down 5 planes but sadly no enemy pilot. Been forever since I have even seen one.
    Messed up on the Moral part by not pumping everyone up enough and that caused my downfall.
    Called in Sarge for some end game fun. This is a game cut out of a play that was so good that I would have loved to upload the whole thing but then that upload would take a whole day for me so I cut it down to a more viewable level.

    Positives about using the AAA unit:
    *Large spread that pins, hurst and kills lots of infantry.
    *Vehicles get blown rather fast and/ or their passengers killed.
    *If you go over your 6 men limit enemy aircraft usually get shot down. (especially if you have 2 or more)
    *Notice that the AAA has a minimum range of engagement unlike any other vehicle explosive unit.
    Almost No FF!!!
    The only time that did not work the 222 was just outside this limit.

    Have fun watching and may the gibbs be with us.

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