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    Pvt. Gump

    I have a suggestion for Recon. Many times have my men been left behind by the evac, and they go MIA on the team selection. Is there a possibility to create a search party mission to try to recover him? It’d be nice to get my beloved men back, and in addition to this mission, you could add the POW/MIA medal.



    I kinda like this idea. Make it a small chance to find one of your men in a standard POW mission, or you could buy a search mission with intel.

    Maybe even a small chance for the soldier to show up on his own 😉



    Oh, man if only you knew how many times this was suggested discussed before.
    Still, there was no conclusion and it’s rather ulikely to be implemented anytime son.
    Still, I do believe it would make an excellent mission, even if not strictly historically accurate.

    Few ideas I remember being thrown back at the old place:

    1-day-map mission
    After completing (extracting) a mission where you leave a MIA behind, you find “MIA search” mission on the map. The mission disapperas when you skip day, or pick other one. It gives reduced exp, but gives you chance of getting your man back. OFC, your ranger has a chance (10-25-50-different value%) of being already dead when you arrive, but, well, that’s URB for ya.

    Memo mission

    Somehow similiar to the previous one, except this one also includes concept of “memo-missions”, where you can take a mission not via the map, but memo.
    After finishing a mission with a MIA, you receive a memo therefore, (cannot skip day without deciding) which gives you either a merit/exp hit or let’s you sent another party to search for a MIA.

    Leave it to pros.

    Should you find youself with a missing Ranger, you can talk to the right people and arrange a rescue party. Costs lot of intel, possibly merit as well, and is never 100% sure, but you can have your men back.

    You just got URB-ed

    He’s gone mate. Deal with it.


    Pierce Wall

    I really like this idea. It really allows you to get attached to your soldiers more, which is a good bad thing. But I also think they should have a small chance to just appear as a POW in those missions we already have. I think his level should affect his survival chance, as well as your heat and equipment. What would be really cool as well would be if he just showed up during one of your missions.

    But with the idea of sending a search party he should be found while running away or bleeding out in a fight, and thus you need to find him before he is shot to death, and there is a good chance that you will need to get out asap because he was shot and is bleeding out.


    Pvt. Gump

    All great ideas, but like Kacpo said, if not implemented, then it’s URB. I get attached to my men a lot, which is a huge problem.

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    Yup. Scientific evidence has implied that most rage quits are a result of getting overly attached to your men.


    Pierce Wall

    And that’s what can make a game great. You are attached of course, but they are going on deadly missions that can get them unfairly killed or even you get them killed for being stupid. Wouldn’t that really attached you to the fights and scouting, put you on your seat at all times. That can really move somebody emotionally, which makes a true great game.



    I think that the idea is great, I once lost my radio man because I loaded my hely with three marines and a wounded south vietnamese soldier, or something, don’t remember very well but it was an ally, and the hely recognized this as a full squad and lifted off and left my radio man.

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