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MG-42 Casual Gameplay

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    So I got lucky and found a MG-42 in a German Weapon crate and processed to murder some Germans with it.


    Those of you who are experienced enough know how uncommon German weapon crates are. Let alone finding a MG-42 inside. Took me literally hundreds of tries.

    It was hours of fun and joy pounding Germans with their own weapon.

    As a side note, when your men have German weapons, they seems to do more damage per hit compared to when the Germans themselves are using them.


    Welcome to the Forums.
    The best random crate find in the game for sure.
    Most lucky moment of that game was at 31:40 where he shot down to 0 HP but does not die since the Medic is near by and brings him back up to 1 HP before the game realized that he was already dead.
    In my last game I hero-medaled my best man but he got shot to death a second later before the HP where added so he stayed dead.

    Amazing long play. That’s some impressive endurance on your part.
    Sadly I do not have the time to watch every second of it.
    That you kept plying for another 40 minutes after your Medic got Mortor-Headed is admirable.

    When you leave a crate MP42 behind then you are doing uber well.
    Gunner is surely good but I do not think that the difference between the MG42 and the 30Cal is much noticeable.
    Good use of the Stuart tank there.
    For long plays that and of course Arty is needed. Fire from later also helps a lot.

    To bad that after such a long game the Gold Star ribbon still was not yours.
    Keep up the awesome work and URB on.


    Thanks for watching.

    Usually I get urbed 30 minutes in, have to say I did get lucky in that run.

    For MG-42, Accuracy wise it felt much the same, maybe slightly better, but I guess it’s just luck. But the gunner do seems to reload less often, I suppose the in game model uses the 250 round mag.

    Also there seems to be a small glitch when your gunner have to reload (under assistance) after deploying bipod. He would sometimes “forget” about the Germans and face his assistant like he fell in love with him the split second his MG ran out of ammo. Goes with both M1919A1 (.30cal) and MG-42 as far as I can tell.

    Wasn’t thinking much when that medic got gibbed, bad idea to bunch your men up when the Germans start using mortars.

    Left the MP-40 as it doesn’t do much good once you have semi-automatic rifles or thompsons.

    Edit: I think MG-42 is so rare that once you do get one, your men should gain the ability to instantly gib the Germans in CQC by hitting them in their testicles with the buttstock.


    Well, I got lucky again and found MG-42 and FG-42 in two weapon crates in the same day. And had lotta fun murdering more Krau… I mean Germans with their own technology.

    Too bad I stupidly got my gunner burned to ashes (I bet urb laughed when he saw that).

    You can see that I isolated the siggy to better demonstrate the effectiveness of the FG-42. Boy does he kick German asses.

    Basically the FG-42 is a gun that has the accuracy and the punch of a Garand, the fire rate of a Carbine and 20 round mags. One hell of a deadly weapon in the hands of an experienced shooter.

    The only cons I could find the its rarity and the frequent reloads, definitely one of the best weapon if not the best in the game.

    The gameplay would have been longer if Flash didn’t crash.

    Judging by the in-game sprite, this model lacks a scope, and the selective fire capability is absent. (The in-game sprite seems a bit…fat, BTW).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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