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    Kind of strange that we did not open this topic again.
    Here a specific for mnb3 kind of thing.
    Deep Operation Ribbon.
    Stay 3 days ahead, or more, of schedule in 3 consecutive games.
    This gives more to stride for on multiple games then making single long runs.
    Should be fairly easy for good players. If to easy then go up to 4 or 5 days ahead for 3 games strait.
    Reward; At the start of a game you get a free Supply Drop Crate 20% of the time.

    Croix de Guerre or the better known (mnb2) Legion of Honour.
    For having at least 5 French Soldiers at once (not downed) in your ranks.
    Reward; 10% chance to start with an additional French Soldier.



    A list of already in-game medals would be nice, to avoid repetition.
    Anyone remember where was that?

    Westpoint Commendation Ribbon
    Condition: Finish a leg with all members of squad at 100XP.
    Reward: Everyone in a team have 10% chance to start with a free promotion at start.

    Combat patrol badge
    Condition: call in 3 reinforcements in one day.
    Reward: 10% chance per casualty to be instantly reinforced with a fresh GI.

    Patton’s fist
    Call in 100 tanks total.
    Every called Stuart has 10% chance to come as Sherman.
    Every called Sherman has 10% chance to come with additional Stuart.

    Office of Strategic Services award
    Condition: Being at least 10 days ahead, complete a leg with at least 3 commandos in a team.
    Reward: Enemy reinforcements have 10% chance not to spawn.

    Off the beaches
    Condition: Reach Trivere
    Reward: Pat on a back. Welcome to MnB3, kid.

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