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    Created this topic to conserve and categorize his post from the front page contribution by @thunderbyrd ; Madison.

    I got the Guerilla Warfare Ribbon on MnB2 thanks to Spitzer (SpitzerFX). If anyone sees him or keeps up with him in another form tell him thanks for his “Force Recon Guide,” really helped me out.

    I used Spitzer’s guide as a base and my whole strategy was basically advance abuse. Position my men 3/4 up the map and advance when it felt right. This reduced enemy nade spam and as well as provided a safe escape.

    Started with regular deployment. Got an officer as soon as possible. Withdrew all but one of my soldiers because of his 84 rifle skill. Then proceeded to call in 3 scouts by wave 5. With my officer, soldier, and scouts I rushed through the first 30 waves basically advancing and gaining ground. Stopping regularly for maintenance (weapon upgrades and formation changes). As soon as I had the opportunity I gave them all heroism.

    I went through 50 waves with volkssturm, panzergrenadiers, leibstandarte, ss panzer, waffen ss troops, enemy officers, and other specialized troops as resistance. Steadily advancing, with the occasional flankers such as branderburgers, infiltrators, and unluckily common Sd Kfz 222, kubelwagens, and motorbikes. Dealt with them quite breezily due to my scout troops mobilization abilities and the fact that i had armed 2 of them with thompsons, and one with a bar and ranger training, and grenades. The 84 rifle skill soldier reached up to 112 and i stuck him with a bar as well. The officer luckily regularly handed me tactical points and could shoot well. By 50+ all my grunts were Master Sargeants. On this playthrough I also ended up with the Westpoint Commendation, Mnb2 Anniversary, and Silver Star Ribbons.

    However, by wave 70 shit hit the fan. Advancing usually helped reduced Blitz waves and chances, but the Germans called in a few Arty Strikes literally DIRECTLY on my men so I lost some progress, such as 2 men close to 2nd lieutenant rank. Luckily, since my men were mostly kitted out, I had 12 tp to spare and replenished them. The crate drops later on also helped boost their xp back. As well as used heroism on all my troops again.

    By Wave 80, the Germans sent Goliath RC’s, Sd Kfz 251’s, and Land Mattresses. This section was more funny than stressful. I moved my men back a bit and with 2nd Lieutenant Scouts, they consistently boomspammed the HECK out of them. It was satisfying knocking out the Halftrack drivers despite their armor. The Goliaths were dealt with
    before they reached my men; one even wiped a whole halftrack.

    Surviving all of that above, I was well within Wave 90, and all I did here was advance non-stop, because by wave 93, a Panzer IV was called in. With no anti-tank capabilities, I rushed all my men to the next area. I was fine with the tank crossing my lines. From then on, standard 7-15 men Blitzes were thrown upon me.The armored cars and nebelwerfers the Germans sent didn’t do crap for them.

    Eventually I reached past wave 100, only deploying 9 men in total. Five scouts, 2 officers, and 3 medics. No vehicles, nor any structures deployed. Wave 101 granted me the Warfare Ribbon, Anniversary Ribbon, and Silver Star. I cried after what came next not due to tears of joy, but sadness. I did not check the incoming wave counter before advancing and i was met with 10 WESPES. So ends the career of my Force Recon Squad. Cry, try not to cry anymore than I have to.

    I didn’t know where else to post this as this site’s UI confuzzles me. Sorry in advance. Going to try for other hardcore ribbons now though such as Urbz Anatomy, or the Survival Ribbon.

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