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    @kingofdajungle requested the VC vocabulary, and while my Chinese is kinda rusty I think I can drop a little insight on what they say. Maybe @arise can help me clean up a bit.

    别这么想。很多人以为遇到了爱情,但是都迷失了。”Don’t think like that. A lot of people think they’ve met love, but then they break up.”
    我没时间,但别担心,《没听懂》, 现在好了。
    “I don’t have the time, but don’t worry. ,<<insert missing dialogue>>, and I’m OK now.”
    这是你的问题,不是我的问题: “It’s your problem, not my problem.”.
    效果差不多了。“Our efforts are pretty much finished.”
    没错, 没错: “You’re right, you’re right.”
    你是说他们?”You’re talking about them?”
    没没没没没。我肯定他们没什么。我只是不想听到关于他们任何的事。我只要往他。 “No, no, no, no. I’m certain there’s nothing up. I didn’t hear ANYTHING about that person. I just want to forget them.”
    你是说真的。“You’re speaking the truth.”

    我觉得我好傻: “I feel so foolish.”
    更糟的是,他和我老家一哥们儿是朋友 : “Even worse: He and my hometown buddy are friends.”
    你听懂了吗?: “You follow me?”
    我没听说: “I didn’t hear about that.”


    When you are spotted:

    但我没说: “But…I didn’t say anything!”
    啥都没有: “What? There’s nothing there!” Note the use of Harbin slang for “there’s”.

    我受不了啦!”I can’t take it anymore!”
    啊,我受伤了!: “Ahh! I am wounded!”
    行 动!: “Move out!”
    向前冲!: “Charge forward!”
    Also something like “Please save me!”

    This list is in no way exhaustive, I think I got about 85% of the dialogue but I’m missing a good 15%.

    Feel free to add content if you can.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  Lt.Dan.


    I really aprecciate the effort but the thing is, I still don’t know which sound is what text, because these symbols mean absolutely nothng to me.
    Maybe if you’ve written it down phoneticly, that would work.

    Also, I remember on phrase that appeared when overt, which I’ve heard before in Battlefield 4. It had something to do with Anti Tank soldier, or something like that.



    In order to know the real sound combine with which sound effect, this require a record file. I guess record a file and point out time line from when to when will easily tell the English even other country player, what they are really saying.

    Yeah, @lt-dan Your Chinese work I guess find just with some small unlike with my answer. That us make a specific file to tell the player what it is will be good >o<!

    I will re-translate Chinese again and require you to translate to exactly English meaning. XD



    Something that always puzzled me a bit. Why are some of the VC speaking in Chinese as opposed to Vietnamese?



    Yeah, even I am cheer I can know what they are talking about, this confuse me for so long since I play the Recon. lol

    In this point it is a mile stone we have a Chinese version Vietnam War, maybe future we will have other language also Vietnamese. XDDD



    For the specific sound track we need a covert part and overt part. I believe it can be divide as:

    *VC heard the noise
    *VC spotted Ranger
    *VC Chatting (Under covert and with at least two guy )
    *VC shutting (during the overt)

    With a full record, then we re-build whole text at once.



    @ Lt. Dan
    Thanks mate, even thought I think there were a few others like democratic tank hunters spotted or something…
    I can vaguely remember something about tank hunters.
    Also @arise, Veitnames would be REAALLLYY REALISTIC!!!, URB should implament that in the future, no rush thought:).



    Well, I remember URB saying something about it being difficult to obtain Vietnamese voice lines and that Chinese were much easier to find.
    Still, for someone who doesn’t know it, it all sounds the same. (God bless ignorance :p



    Strange. I wonder where he got his lines of Vietnamese for the friendly villagers?

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