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    This is a guide to the various Recon enemy units and their properties, rarity, and danger level. Danger level is for the average amount they will come in.

    Local Militia: They will typically be poorly trained and armed, typically with old rifles and single shot shotguns. Rarely will they have automatic weapons.
    I’ve never encountered any with grenades although it’s possible (1% chance). Easy to identify because they are generally naked other than shorts. From the top they will have these little rice hats and greenish shoulders. Danger level of two, and very common.
    Occasionally they will be armed with rare weaponry, as seen here:

    Regional Force: Danger level of ten. These guys up the ante by quite a bit. Not only are they often armed with automatic weapons, they no longer are equipped with antiquated weaponry like the Musket, and they have a 5% chance to have grenades. These guys are rather dangerous in the way that they can quickly take your troops by surprise, especially when they are hiding in trenches. They are also easy to identify, due to their blue clothing and rice hats.
    Danger level of ten, and common.

    Main Force: This is the brunt of the NVA. They will have automatic weapons more often than not, and it is not unusual for them to pack grenades either. Because they are not truly guerilla fighters they are not as well suited to the jungle as the regional forces. It is rather easy to take them by surprise, but sometimes you will be screwed over by any support they might have (jeeps, APCs, and RPGs) so the danger level is a little higher here. These guys will be completely green and also wear green caps/helmets.

    Danger level of fourteen and fairly common.

    Dac Cong: These guys are stealthy and will often have explosives. I personally have encountered very little about them and I don’t really know all that much about their equipment. But do not worry too much about them, since not only are they rare but they are (in my experience) easily killed once spotted. They also don’t fight in large numbers, so there’s that. Hard to identify properly until he’s dead. I had a picture somewhere but I can’t find it. 🙁 It’s best not to worry about them.

    Danger level eleven, extremely rare.

    Counter-LRRPs: One of the deadliest units in the game. They will always fight in squads, but the thing is they are hard to spot and detect because:
    A: They do not talk. Not a whisper. You will notice that all other VC are chatterboxes except for these guys.
    B: They will often carry silenced weapons that do not change covert to overt.
    C: They are stacked on top of each other. It’s silly but that allows them the least conspicuousness according to game mechanics.
    D: They have…camouflage? Essentially they are identical to the NVA but they are a darker shade.
    When you DO spot them the easiest way to kill them is to spam explosives. But do it quickly because they are EXTREMELY grenade resistant and it will often take several grenades/rockets to kill them all (as shown in this picture).

    Danger level of twenty-five, and very rare.

    VC Gunner: The Gunner sits on a DShK machine gun and pounds your men to bits if you aren’t careful. They are present in bunkers, firebases, and occasionally trenches. In bunkers, sneak up behind them and use explosives to knock it out. Firebase and trench machine guns are not bulletproof and a well placed round will often do the trick.
    Danger level is eighteen and they are fairly common.

    VC Artillery: SPG-9 recoilless rifles that pound on your men if they are present in a firebase. If you are spotted by one of those the game will tell you in a debug (same with dog teams and such). Kill them by going up close to them, they will stop firing and get out in an attempt to either escape or kill you with smallarms.
    Danger level is twenty one and they are somewhat rare.

    Biker VC: Regional forces who have decided to go on a little camping trip (hence all their bags). These bags, bikes, crates, and people are FILLED with intel. A very easy way to get that Tactical Observation Ribbon, since each bike may be two or more intel apiece, and there may be many bikes. You’ll know them when you see them, they are just bikes. Also they do not fight back (at least not in my experience) so if you gun ’em down quickly they should pose no trouble at all.
    Danger level is zero, and they are rare.

    VC Sniper: No other unit gets your men screaming like the VC Sniper does. He is hard to detect and will ambush your men from a distance, picking them off one by one (that may be a bit much, he is actually not very accurate at long range) with his scoped Dragunov. You want to get in close to take him out, although his accuracy does improve at closer ranges. It’s a bit of a dilemma. So I’d say the best way to take him out is to use explosives once he’s located.
    Danger level is twenty, and extremely rare.

    Dog handler VC: These guys use dogs to sniff out your team. You either have to run or stay and face the dogs. The dogs are aggressive and they bring along many men, who are even more aggressive, so, unless you are prepared and heavily armed, it’s best to escape (walking through water will help).
    Danger level twenty two, fairly rare.

    VC Officer: Incredibly annoying units, the VC Officer will use his megaphone to coordinate men in an attack against you. This way you must face more men from more directions in a shorter period of time. Without heavy firepower you either run or die. I do NOT have a picture, although don’t worry- if you run for long enough he will leave the AO like the Dog Team.
    Danger level nineteen, rare.

    VC Jeep: These fast moving vehicles are nuisances that, more often than not, indicate the presence of a large NVA force in your AO. They are not very well situated for the jungle so it is easy to ambush and destroy it, especially with explosives.
    Danger level seven, rather rare.

    VC APC: Unless you are VERY well prepared it is best not to disturb this giant. The BTR-60 APC packs a heavy punch with it’s automatic cannon (similar to the effects of a Flak) and will send troops after you like an Opel. If you do happen to bump into one be very worried (if you aren’t already)…your AO is flooded with NVA. Destroy it as quickly as possible with a rocket launcher, or try to escape and use support on that thing (or just run!).
    Danger level is thirty and they are very rare.

    ZSU-23: A beast of a vehicle that will absolutely demolish your men if you aren’t ready. It is like the Flak 38 with even more firing speed and more health.
    Typically it is easy to predict the presence of the ZSU in your AO because of two factors:
    A: Distinct track noise.
    B: It’s chance of appearing after you’ve unlocked the HVT is equal to your intel level.
    If it appears it appears right in your face when you land. So be prepared to run and then use support/rockets.
    Danger level is thirty and they do not appear in the AO without you unlocking the HVT.

    Hope this helps!

    If you want more info or pics go to this page here:
    Recon Enemies

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