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    Just have some run on BDA, so I can confirm the BDA work well. @jack the problem we have may be this:

    You continuous with your old profile, and the mission status will be record in your profile, and it might with 5 IP to found, you need to shuffle it to re-gain a new BDA mission then this will simply work to get 1 IP mission. Another possible you did not heard the music might be the day night cycle change, it will block all current tune for a while except the jungle bugs noise. ( lol )

    So here is a game play, sadly I been spot when I am head to the LZ and spot guy get hurt with very close range by VC shotgun. But total mission is fine!

    Following the Truck is rare, but if you can see a visible truck, you have to follow it with screen view, to know where she will going. As now the BDA only require 1 so, this line will be the key to success, the only thing you have to do is search the line.

    Have nice day on BDA mission. >o<




    Yeah, the Breach mission is what you’re talking about. Finding a gap is difficult so I always try to slip through the very edge of the map. If you have high stealth you can always slit the throats of the guys in the trenches, that’ll allow you to make your own gap without being spotted. It’s very dangerous to attempt it, though. I’ll make a guide later to go through the details.

    Sometimes the bomb crater will be extremely difficult to spot. I have combed through the specific grid (where it was supposed to be) for several game hours, well into night before I spotted it. If you do do it in night just remember to stop every so often so your Rangers can fully be aware of their surroundings. Starlight Scope will definitely help. The only tip I can give you is to scour every open area, don’t assume your Rangers have covered everything if they are near it (trees and rocks will completely block their line of sight).
    Scanning the area with your mouse is helpful as well. Dead NVA as a result of the bomb can be indicated by your mouse.
    Also, the music will definitely come. Make sure your game isn’t muted, though.




    One last thing: if you are in a low heat area, don’t be afraid to spread out your men a little. But not too much. One man can only spot so much of the AO and if you spread them too thin contact could catch you off guard. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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    Personally I dread BDA missions as the NVA are real jerks on them:), but they’re fun to kill…
    I love using the WP on eneimes as it’s fun to watch them run around screaming, boy I am evil.



    @arise it only asks for one IP in mission briefing to on my BDAs so i think that is working properly. @Lt.Dan it was just very frustrating when i could see the ip and it was marked on my map but still no spot. let it be known that i have completed one of these before its just a little buggy when the truck gets around it i think.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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