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    Note: The guns are ranked in their order of overall usefulness, unlike the last guide which emphasized firepower. This guide also has descriptions, which may or may not be helpful, depending on what you’re looking for.

    1. Stoner 63: Jack of all trades, master of some.
    This is the ultimate assault rifle, with balanced damage/range/fire rate, one of the lowest jam rates in the game (which is strange, since the Stoner was known to have reliability issues in real life), low recoil, low weight, and high ammunition reserves. It can be used in any mission: Whether a mission requires low weight or high firepower, the Stoner delivers. A great gun for new Rangers to rank up with.

    2. BAR: BAR stands for Browning’s Awesome Rampager.
    While the FN FAL boasts slightly higher damage and range, plus a slightly lower jam chance, the BAR has a 67% higher rate of fire, more magazines, and less recoil. This allows it to kill faster at farther ranges. Both weigh the same, and both should be equipped by experienced rangers.

    3. M16 M203: M16 with a tube.
    The M16 by itself is already a decent killer at mid-range: with the grenade launcher attached it is capable of rapid destruction near to that to a helicopter gunship. At ten pounds, it’s lighter than most of the other heavy killers and thus is a great trade-off. The other great thing about the M203 is that it negates the high jam disadvantage; when jammed, the gun can still keep enemy heads low with grenades. will put it to devastating use).

    4. M60: Get that pig unf*cked and get it on the treeline!
    That incredibly high weight will turn off players wanting a light loadout but for high-heat, high-danger missions the M60 is superior to any other machine gun. Experienced rangers will utilize it’s insane range and damage to it’s full potential, allowing it to decimate enemy positions. New rangers can still help by suppressing, wounding, and eventually killing, due to it’s high rate of fire. Rangers will rank up quickly with this gun.

    5. M14: It’s like the M1 Garand grew a pair.
    Yes, I know this is one of the easiest weapons to unlock. Yet, in the hands of a veteran ranger, it quickly drops opponents, even at long range. High Combat and Spot turns your M14 man into a sniper with incredible precision. It’s easily the best marksman rifle in the game, with less recoil than the SVD, higher fire rate than the M40, and twice the ammunition than both put together.

    6. FN FAL: The right arm of the free world.
    Number 6 for reasons above. It’s just a powerful weapon in every respect. Because of it’s very low rate of fire it should be only equipped on rangers with high Combat skill so they can make use of that high damage.

    7. HK33: Heckler & Koch’s wunderkind.
    This is a rare assault rifle, but a decent one at that. For low-weight missions the HK33 is a contender with the Stoner 63, and although the Stoner wins with less weight and better balance, the HK33 holds it’s own with decent range, good recoil, and low jam chance. The Stoner is slightly better but it can be really based on preference when you equip this thing. Like most assault rifles, the HK33 is very suitable for new rangers due to low recoil and balanced stats.

    8. Model 77E: Unrivalled ‘Nam boomstick that can kill more than just birds.
    This is the heavy-hitter of the starter weapons. Right off the bat you can see massive damage and decent range; but soon you will realize that it takes a lot of skill to use this weapon efficiently due to it’s slow rate of fire. But when it’s in the hands of an experienced fighter, it’s pretty much a mid-ranged sniper rifle. Also, the low rate of fire (plus a 0.2% jam chance) means that it’s near impossible to jam this thing.

    9. Thompson: Popularly known as the Vietnam Typewriter.
    There is no gun better at close range killing than this one. Low recoil, MAC-10 rate of fire, and high damage means that at close to mid range the bodies will fall fast. The only reason it isn’t higher than number 9 is due to the range deficit when compared to other heavy killers, and it’s moderately high weight.

    10. Silenced M16: M16 with a can.
    Although it’s a fairly average weapon in normal combat (superior to some SMGs but inferior to most other guns) the Silenced M16 holds a very useful niche in that it doesn’t cause overt status upon firing. I personally have a stealth team all equipped with this weapon and it’s awesome how they can just rack up kills without the enemy noticing. Not too hard to unlock, either.

    11.RPD: Rapid Punching Destruction.
    Many commanders dread the sound of the RPD; they know that it can screw up their mission big time, especially when it’s implemented at close range. In truth, the RPD is an infantry shredder at such ranges due to it’s rapid-fire capacity. Although in a standard fire-base operation, the M60 is far superior due to higher range and damage. The RPD can be a good choice if you want slightly lower weight, but the trade-off is negligible.

    12. Stoner LMG: An LMG that strangely has less range than it’s assault rifle counterpart.
    In a normal combat situation, the Stoner is inferior to others in it’s weight class, with just about average stats akin to that of an assault rifle. So why use it? Well, it’s 8 pounds lighter than the M60 and 6 pounds lighter than the RPD, while retaining the suppression ability of both, which is the important part. So if you need some backup firepower on your stealth mission, don’t hesitate to bring the Stoner along.

    13. Carl Gustav M45: Jack of all trades, master of none.
    The popularly known “Swedish K” is a low-weight alternative to the Tommy Gun. Despite being 5 pounds lighter it still retains fairly high damage and low recoil, which makes this a perfectly viable asset in a low-weight situation. Of course, the fire-rate is lacking (for reference, it’s 70% lower than the Thompson) and the range is average, but on a whole the Gustav is a good weapon for light loadouts.

    14. G3: If the FN FAL is the right arm of the free world, the G3 is it’s other arm.
    Superior to the M16, but inferior to it’s little sister the HK33. Use it if you don’t mind the weight, but the 3 extra pounds typically will not be worth it. What you get is a balanced package with the drawbacks of low firing rate and high recoil. I’d advise use of the Stoner and HK33 over the G3.

    15. M72: A tube. Just a tube, with a stick.
    Devastating weapon. It can destroy pretty much anything, provide your Ranger is accurate enough with it. The catch is, it’s a single shot weapon. Use it, then dispose it. Fairly useful if you know you’re going to encounter something big and bad (like the ZSU-23 for example) but for softer targets, grenades are a far better deal.

    16. SVD: It’s like the AK47 hit puberty, big time.
    While inferior to the M14, the Dragunov surpasses the other sniper rifle (the M40) in several aspects, the most important ones being fire rate and ammunition. The reason why the Dragunov trails so far behind the M14 is due to the latter’s superior recoil and ammunition. Recoil is a big factor for rapid semi-automatic fire, and in this the Dragunov loses. The Dragunov does have lower jam chance and slightly higher damage than the M14, but the difference is tiny.

    17. Sten Mk.2: A badly twisted piece of corrugated iron.
    Here we get into the first of the lightweights; guns that are used only in the event that you need EXTREMELY light loadouts. And the Sten is undoubtedly the best gun in this regard, with a low jam chance and decent range.

    18. M79: The blooper. ‘Nuff said.
    Not really a gun, since it falls under the equipment section. Very useful weapon, but there’s only one thing: The M16 + M203 pretty much makes this thing completely obsolete, since the M16 has the same function except it’s also an assault rifle. If you don’t have the M16 Grenade Launcher yet, then by all means, equip the M79.

    19. M16: “What? Cleaning kits? Oh no, you don’t need cleaning kits. The M16 is a self-cleaning assault rifle.”
    Ah, the good ol’ M16. Light, fast-firing, and possesses decent stats overall, including a very low recoil. Would be superior to most other assault rifles if it didn’t have such an abysmal jam rate (reflected by the lack of cleaning kits in Vietnam). It’s a pretty good killer…until it jams, of course.

    20.M3: A badly twisted piece of pot metal. There is a difference, y’know.
    A lightweight SMG that is among the better in it’s class, for it retains above-average damage and range, superior to that of the Sten. But the Sten has the lower recoil/jam chance, plus a higher rate of fire, which gives it the win.

    21. M40: A Remington 700 with a thin disguise, and even less ammunition.
    I equipped this weapon to my best ranger, imagining it’s awesome offensive use at long range. But the truth is, your trigger happy Rangers will run out of ammo right away. Then they are rendered useless, being equipped only with a pistol as backup. If you are going to run extended firefights without extra ammo, I advise you to avoid this weapon. Obviously the range and damage is some of the highest, but even with your best ranger the maximum amount of kills that can be garnered is 20, and that’s very unlikely.

    22. Xm177: You’d think that the name implies that it fires .177 bbs, but this gun hurts a bit more than bbs, although not that much more.
    Another lightweight, with half-decent stopping power and range. The semi-auto only makes it a poor weapon against heavily armed soldiers, and even if your men have decent Combat the gun is limited by it’s average stats. It also possesses a high jam chance.

    23.Mac-10: Discount UZI that fires twice as fast.
    The only “lightweight” that actually has good killing ability, even if only at very close range. I find it fun to use it in firebase missions just for sh*ts and giggles, but don’t expect to be successful at any range but point-blank. Honestly should be either silenced, or a sidearm. Or both.

    24. MAT-49 Silenced: A piece of pot metal with a can.
    Just about the worst stats of any gun of the game. It does have advantages over the Musket due to fire rate, but as a killer, it’s sadly deficient. It’ll often take 4 or more hits to completely disable an opponent, so the use of this weapon is discouraged unless absolute stealth is needed. Even so, the Silenced M16 is a far superior weapon is that scenario and far easier to acquire, so there should be no case where this weapon is required.

    25. AK47: If FN FAL is the right arm of the free world, then AK47s are the arms, legs, and head of the Eastern Bloc.
    The worst assault rifle based on high weight/low range. Stats are pretty average overall and the famed reliability is actually just about average in this game. There is really no advantage in using this unless this is the first weapon you’ve unlocked and you want better jam rates.

    26. SKS: Sh*t, and you Know it’s Sh*t.
    A battle rifle with OK damage, range, and reliability. It is very obviously inferior compared to the other weapons of it’s class, and cannot even be useful as a “lightweight” due to it’s bulk.

    27. Madsen: A piece of stamped sheet metal. Still better than corrugated iron.
    Not a bad gun, just not good enough. The stats are thoroughly average, slightly better than the M3. But the thing is, the Madsen also possesses twice the weight. This really limits it’s usefulness, which is why it’s so low on the list. Also, that strangely high weight turns off potential users, who are really far better off with the Swedish K.

    28. M1 Carbine: Invented to give paratroopers more pizzazz. Now it gives them less.
    A “lightweight”, but use of it is discouraged unless you haven’t acquired the Xm177 yet, for the stats are inferior in every way except jam chance. Too bad the M1 Carbine doesn’t have the target-switch feature it had in Mud and Blood 2 (My high-level Scouts with this guncap fools with astonishing speed! If only this was true for Recon as well…)

    29. MAT-49: That useless SMG.
    Superior in every way to the PPS-43 yet inferior in every way to the Sten. Which means it doesn’t have a niche. How sad.

    30. PPS-43: I sh*t you not, the Russians built this gun in huts and cottages. Explains a lot, really.
    At 7 pounds and 50 damage, the PPS-43 is useless and it knows it. Don’t use it, even the M1 would be a better option. For a gun that is known for reliability, it has a weirdly high jam chance of 1.2%. Which would turn you off if you weren’t already.

    31. Pistol: You know you’re screwed when you have to use it.
    Logically an inferior weapon in most combat scenarios, the Pistol is only accepted for use as a sidearm due to a combination of low damage, range, fire rate, and ammunition. Low weight and size allows it to be a sidearm, however. Better than nothing I guess. I support the creation of new sidearms like the Makarov, Hush Puppy, Stechkin, and Magnum.

    32. Baikal: It’s just like the Model 77E, only it’s rarer, slower, weaker, and is utterly useless.
    This is another “sh*ts and giggles” gun, which has no use other than for fun/challenges. It can’t hold a candle to the Model 77E.

    33. Mosin-Nagant: This gun has the S&G Only Approved stamp on it.
    A thoroughly useless firearm. Low range, damage, ammunition, and high bulk make it more than useless. For S&G use only.

    34. Musket: Yeah. Throw in the gun that was cutting-edge when powdered wigs were fashionable. Throw in the gun that was obsolete before the steam engine was invented. Because we need one more S&G gun in the game, amiright? Great idea, URB.
    Despite all the crappy guns in this game, there is only ONE gun that makes you wonder, “Why does this even exist in game?” It’s quite near damn impossible to be successful in any mission, since it’s too heavy for stealth, and far too weak for high-danger.

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    Not bad choices. I remember myself never really using much else than the Stoner the one time I unlocked the thing. A real beaut’ with great firing sounds (almost as good as the RPD’s).

    Great guide and very humorous taglines for each.


    Mexican Batman

    Very well done and accurate guide that any player no matter how new will understand.

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