L'Grand Armée d'Frenchée fights to the bitter, gruesome, end…

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    This battle was so torturous and gruesome that I had to make a topic for it.

    This is a long tale, by the way, so you might want to make yourselves comfortable. The beginning, unfortunately, has no pictures since I was too preoccupied with survival. No video either. I wish I took a video.

    So here I was, on DD1 + 8 (you know, the eighth round), and I’m doing just great.

    All max level troops, nobody is even hurt (the siggy is bugged but that’s for another time), and life is good (and not for the Krauts).

    Now it’s the middle of the map and the Germans simply don’t stop calling in reinforcements. They just keep on coming, and we keep on mowing ’em down. But all of a sudden, the shit hits the fan when artillery flares are thrown all around my men.

    You can guess what happens next. BOOM! In one fell swoop, all of my men have been gibbed into oblivion, or wounded into the release of death. All except one, that is.

    And it’s my Spec Ops, arguably my least useful soldier, sitting there with a miraculous ELEVEN health left.

    Like, how lucky can you get? Or unlucky, depending on how you look at it.

    So I’m sitting there in despair. My Spec Ops is last alive, barely even able to stand, much less shoot, and he is surrounded by hungry Germans. Somehow he is not instantly shot up, but he obviously has 0 morale, what with his buddies dead and the bullets flying all around him.

    This really stinks. My only possible course of action is to have this guy run for his life back to the relative safety of the beginning of the map, but unfortunately he’s a Spec Ops, and Spec Ops do not run away.

    So he’s just sitting there in the open with zero morale, and it’s the most infuriating thing ever. The Germans have him pinned, and pinned good. So what do I do? I call in support, of course, the laughably incompetent Frenchie.

    This Frenchie does not last long, but he lasts long enough to provide enough time for my commando to get some morale back. Soon enough I put him into Camouflage mode and I try to sneak him back to the start of the map.

    It works. He goes unnoticed back to the front of the lines. Despite the area crawling with Germans, I do not lose hope yet. I decide to make L’Grand Armée d’Frenchée, or, “The Grand Army of Frenchies”.

    Now this is the boring part. As you might know, the Frenchie timer is agonizingly long. So it takes me about half an hour to rebuild my forces. As the Frenchies are waiting, they are also slowly gaining XP.

    But the Germans are also building their forces as I wait. More and more German troops are flooding into the AO, and they are able to set up more and more sandbags and mines. Not good, but that is the sacrifice I have to make for a workable fighting force.

    Eventually my guys have enough juice to drop some bread. My Commando is starving. His 11 HP soon turns into 100 HP. I wait some longer and to my surprise, some of my men have leveled up enough to Private and even Corporal. This is when I decide to attack.

    We are outnumbered by more than 5 to 1. We have only bolt-action rifles and a BAR. We have no support, air or otherwise. We are undertrained and underfed. It seems that the L’Grand Armée d’Frenchée stands little chance against the well-oiled German fighting machine. But we fight anyways to take back our freedom.

    Because our squad essentially has no support, armor, or heavy weapons of any sort, this attack must be done with great caution and planning. If we get stuck we are done for, so I utilize a hit-and-run technique.

    It works wonders. We hit their lines with full force and the Jerries don’t even know whats going on. The first attack is a great success. My men may not have the best training but eventually they rack up enough XP for some Molotovs and Sergeants. It’s looking pretty good so far.

    And the Molotovs may not look like much but they work great in the dense hedgerows. The Krauts are all concentrated in there, so I send two brave guys to get in close and splatter their lines with FIRE! The Germans burn just like the ending of Inglourious Basterds.

    My two guys are obviously easy targets but no worries. They get in and out, and safely return to friendly forces. Bumbling German reinforcements wander haphazardly into a veritable forest fire and whooosh! They join their fellow Germans in hell.

    But it goes downhill from there.

    I try the same strategy afterwards. It works for awhile, but then we get to a dastardly part, quite near the end of the map. The Nazi bastards have concentrated there like a cesspool of scum.

    Five Germans were waiting for us, including a gunner. Pow! Pow! Pow-pow! They pop us in the gut with their dreaded Stielhandgranate. And then, as my men are floundering for cover, they instantly strike with devastating rifle fire, which sends my best Frenchie to an early grave.

    It’s looking grim. Only one of my men escapes the mess unharmed. The rest are luckily not too sorely wounded, but I cannot continue like this.


    So we hastily retreat, chow up with half a dozen baguettes, up until everybody is full. The grisly death of our best man was also rather demoralizing, so we bring out the champagne as well. Only the French can party and feast like this on the battlefield.

    Soon enough, my Spec Ops can call in another guy to replace the one we lost, and we try to attack again.

    The Molotov cocktails turn the hedgerows into a fiery furnace. We even throw one into the river, and to my amusement, it still works. The gunner quickly dies from this blaze on the river (he probably drowned trying to escape) and so far, so good.

    But that’s what URB wants you to think. Right when you’re doing just fine, he hits you with the URB right in the balls. Rifle grenades come out of nowhere and before I know it, almost all of my men are gibbed to pieces. It is a sobering sight.

    We continue to fight, of course. Retreat is not an option at this point, for at this critical moment I simply cannot afford for the Axis to call in even more reinforcements. So we struggle on, with only two men left. One is my Spec Ops commando, and the other is a 80 xp killer Frenchie with a randomized Lewis gun.

    They hold their ground with murderous determination. The Germans come in swarms and we kill them in swarms.

    The Spec Ops calls in another freedom fighter but he is swiftly demolished.

    With these two superhuman fighting machines, I might actually stand a chance. I push through the hedgerows, only to have my Spec Ops have his head taken off by a sniper as soon as we enter open ground. Scrolling up, there are eight Germans left on the screen, and I see even more coming out from the top.

    My man slaughters the sniper and a couple of other guys, but I soon realize that there are simply too many of them. So I make a run for it. It is a race against bullets to get to the finish line.

    Obviously the sheer amount of bullets flying around would make even a grizzled Frenchie curl up and hide. Badly wounded, soon he stops moving, completely demoralized. It is a miracle that he hasn’t been riddled with holes yet.

    The champagne is a lifesaver. Glug, glug, glug and he’s back into action, going for that finish line like Usain Bolt himself. My heart is pounding as I pray.

    And with incredible luck, I end up with this (you can still see his lucky champagne bottle)

    Obviously, I halt, and for all my pains I receive the Silver Star and a promotion.

    So with a lot of luck and a lot of Frenchies, you CAN defeat a high level round. I am just glad that I didn’t run into any armor (although we did bump into a Flak that was quickly burned to the ground).

    Frenchies are good soldiers. Just give them a chance.

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    Very very nice AAR about the Spec Ops(Mother ship of Frenchies) + 5 Frenchies, I can imagine how good this fight is. Almost defeat but win is kinda amazing for sure.

    But however, I am think that the Frenchies don’t need the chance just because they are good. lol

    See those burning German?! >o<



    Well, that there, is what we can call an EPIC comeback *O*

    And you know, just though about it… This would make a great movie!


    The Lone Ranger

    Well there goes my French surrender joke……



    What a greatale of valor and sacrifice!! Good job fighting till the end. It would have made a great vid!!!!

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