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    St.Lo as in “Down” or whatever. It’s a French city so it’s, probably pronounced Frenchy like.
    You crack me up even before starting the game. I see a bunch of Frenchies storming your site right there. LOL
    LOS (line-of-sight) is very difficult with all the buildings and stuff around especially when they are stacked. Tough for the player to find the gap unlike the AI that KNOWS where the gap is.
    Hell even a car blocks LOS.

    That first wall over to the clear field makes a very good fire position. You get defensive bonus and they get nailed.
    You have no respect for Barbwire do you. Lucky Scott. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And then another instant HMG gib but you asked for it.
    TIP: HMG had shorter engagement range then your men so you can simply shoot out the crewman in time.
    Rest of the field seamed rather easy with good men and 2 days behind.
    Keep up the great video making and URB On!




    Looks like someone forgot to do his job. Well anyway here I am back with another video. I just got to a brand new area so I’m excited to see what awaits next…


    The Lone Ranger

    Oh YEA!



    Once again the old drill instructor come on over to give in depth advice for die hard comander as yourself.
    You know by now that saving a downed man at the start with a Medic first specialty is a good tactical choice as not to get out maned for the rest of the field.

    However your soldier positioning is poor in that first firefight. No use of defensive positions like that car or the ruined building.
    Worst is that the man on the far right has practically no line of sight to the enemy antill they come far down making him useless.

    TIP: Medics do NOT heal while fighting.
    They will either fire at the enemy or heal but not both so you need to either press the enemy away/kill em all or move the to heal men out of the combat zone along with the medic.
    In case of a downed man option 1 in advisable if manageable.

    …XP for stitching GI’s up.. but then urbzz will take away his guns again so nooooooo…

    Moving everone with 9 is a bit to lazy and you payed for it by not keeping an almost dead dude in the back.
    Also you are still not using cover. hmmmpffffhaaaa…

    Medic upgraded long after dead…

    Actually I managed to raise a dead Medic a few times with the medal upgrade the moment he died.
    They where unable to move however so I had to put them down myself in order to win the field.

    Nice take as usual. Saying that each and every game of MNB be same same is totally not.
    Love to see more soon or even better another LIVE gig. ๐Ÿ˜€



    For all of you guys who thought I was gone or missing in action, fear not. The campaign continues and it only gets more brutal as time goes on…



    That is a good game play video. Still not to good on the Line-of-Sight thingy but the enemy was “gnรคdig” with you this time around.
    Rejoice! New patch with lots of new stuff could be uploaded this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€
    We are all already in fear of the enemy Half Track.
    *see Sleeping Bear Tavern for the last Bloody Sunday…..


    The Lone Ranger

    Since I have some free time here is Carmida video



    Ha.. I was just about to share it myself, but it seems I got my work cut out for me. Thanks… and well, welcome to another brutal episode of Mud and Blood 3 featuring the new update.



    That was very entertaining. Sadly I missed that patch. Looked cool with all the craters in the city.
    Those minecraft like housing blocks however seamed strange.
    Looking forward to your next upload. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW I just uploaded my very first voiced game play.
    Would be great to get some feedback on that fro a professional as yourself.
    Thank you.




    Give some awesome show for the site. XD

    Enjoy the Caramida9 show. >O<

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