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    Well, as there are some problem for our original player – @Caramida9 to post the stuff , so I have a permission to build an new thread in this place to let everyone watch these awesome video.

    Before it start, I must introduce some difference between this channel and our tester game play video.

    1. This channel is play by an expert gamer who play a lot of game.
    2. This channel’s video record the player speaking, with lots of explanation, thinking, complaining, screaming. so you will feel entertainment then our tester video, also you will know what he is doing here and come with caramida9 to learn how to play MNB3 from 0% to 100%!

    Hope you guys enjoy it.


    You make the most entertaining site videos for sure Caramida9.
    Cracked when you said to that one GI “Stop reloading and keep firing”.
    No M60 is this game here my friend although if you are lucky enough to find a German MG42 in a weapons crate you got it made.

    Still a bit of asset placement issues there I think. Only a few assets make sense when placed in a river.
    A wall is not one of them nor a weapons crate.
    Finding an MP43 in it sure was lucky.

    The field long “trench” is actually called a Ditch in this game but it works just the same.
    TIP: If soldiers are just standing around and not shooting at the enemy then they have no line of sight to them.

    Enemy still seams to be tree hugging a bit but since they do not stay there for long it is OK.
    Your men still have rather low combat (rifle) skills and mostly low tier/ short range weapons therefore they are not hitting well.
    You placed your Rifleman behind a rock where he has no LOS and can therefore not help at all.
    Enemy soldiers have better weapons right there and since you are running away they can take more effective shots at your men.

    My evaluation of your current (TIME 21 min) GIs combat strength.
    * Marksman = Normal (50 combat) at very long range (best if enemy is almost at the end of the screen) with very slow ROF.
    * Signaller = LOW combat (30) but has a great pick up weapon MP42 that is sadly best at short range therefore he is not hitting spitz.
    * Commando = would be great with the MP42 but still has his Sten-Gun that is somewhat effective only at very close range even with 40 combat.
    * Medic = Can at best pin the enemy a bit with his pistol. Good damage or even a kill is impossible.
    * Officer = is almost as bad as a Medic in combat.
    Both need serious upgrades in combat and weapon to be useful. They are support units till leveled up.
    * Rifleman = Has one of the worst weapons (short range) and only 35 combat.
    Smoke Grenades could be useful to sneak up on the enemy.

    And then I hear that you are also thinking the same by now.
    Good man. 🙂
    another LOL. GI says “Orders?” and you say “I have no idea man!”.
    Good thing that you are no real military officer or that would have been your last “order”.

    That sole enemy standing around near the end must be a bit bugged since, as you noticed, he was way out of spotting range.
    Maybe he was spotted when you made that Recon Overflight Opportunity Call and forgot to go back into hiding.
    To bad that Midgeman is offline and seams not interested in us right now or you two could do a let’s play battle.

    Keep up the awesome work. 🙂


    Bunker got you nervous eee. Good thing there was only one normal soldier it it but he did put up one hell of a Hand-to-Hand fight against 4 GIs. Your sexual comment was rather mind bending but not totally wrong.
    That big gun is a famous Pack88.
    And I see something that I never before did. A missed shot caused 55 hp damage to a GI. Like that feature.
    However the animation showed the shot to go from left to right instead of downwards.

    Tip at this 6 min point where you can first lvl someone up:
    Just because a single GI is hurt you should not focus on a Medic first but rather get someone that can fight better then those grunts.
    Then you lvl 2 more up to specialties that are also worse at fighting then grunts.
    It’s no wonder then that the enemy is kicking your rear end back to your lines.

    General tip:

    Always try to concentrate your firepower on as few enemy targets as possible.
    At 8:20 you had 4 poor shooters taking on a dangerous enemy with a very deadly mid ranged weapon while 2 of your men where out of LOS.

    Water movement noise is a bit off. I think there is an enemy behind your men back where the rivers are.
    “Walking through the pools of blood” as an answer is a totally bad ass thought. 😀

    About distributing crate weapons:
    Remember that even the best weapon is useless when the operator has but 15 combat like the case of you giving the best US gun in game (T26 Garand) to your Medic.
    Wise crate weapon assigning can tip the game greatly to your favor. Just be careful not to upgrade that soldiers weapon anymore or it will be replaced.

    Keep up the great work and may your luck hold strong!


    Omg, scratch that. It’s finally working. I can post stuff on this forums. Hallejluia. Appearently all I did was to log off and log back in. Oh and I need to change my username. Right now it’s using my name for some reason.
    Glad things are finally working. And big thanks to Arise for posting my videos while I was… “unavailable”

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    >o< Our dude provide us an awesome part in the MNB3 fight, see how bad can an unknown thing hurt the player, definitely have to watch Caramida9 Last video from 10:43 to 14:00

    Get away from an unknown thing is always the key to survive. lol

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    Lol what a bloody mission Caramida. I laughed more than I’m willing to admit on few of your lethal misfortunes. Good job fighting til the end tho.


    Yo yo. Just wanted to make a quick post over here about an insane run I’ve just had off-camera. Just wanted to let you guys know that you should never, EVER, press “keep going” a second time(that is to say to go for a third map in the row.) I just did that and boy it was painfull.
    It started it out as a regular run, where I slowly upgraded my guys as I was clearing the field of germans. I said I should keep going for one field since I was doing pretty well and everyone was a live. Second field(or AO) was slightly more difficult but totally manageable. No casualities, dozens of dead germans and all my squad almost to full experience. The I went for “keep going” a third time. BIG MISTAKE.
    I enter a field and see a trench. Cautiously I call in an arty strike just to clear things up a bit. The strike goes in, gibs and blood flies out and I say things are relatively clear. I start moving forward and more germans starting coming. 8-9 of them at once. I had to use grenades, and bazookas(I had an engineer) and even a strafe run to keep things under control. I move up from that and pass a lightly defended hedgerow. Then it happened. Germans ahead, more of them. Just coming out of nowhere.I forgot to mention that this map had three roads for german mechanized unit, and that at the beginning of the run a message said that the AO has been reinforced. Then I see a flare, then another and then a third. My men were trapped between loads of artilery fire and dozens of germans armed with the widest variety of weapons. I was standing there hopeless as I watched my A-team getting slaugthered from all directions. And that was it. Now I am a day behind. Is it normal for it to be that difficult? there where more than a dozen of germans at once on top of the arty strikes… what was I supposed to do?. Kind of sad I didn’t recorded it… but yeah. That was my experience.


    Man I would have paid good money to see that live. A third leg is hard but should be manageable. Pass 5 it gets pretty insane especially if you are high ranked.

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