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    I just wanted to ask this question because i am sick of hedgerows lol. How long are you fighting and losing great men in the hedgerows?? I’m sick of my Sgts and above getting messed up and killed in the God forsaken lands of what i like to call “the devil’s yard” what day do you get out of them?


    Hedgerows are approximately 20 legs (days) long. Don’t remember the exact length between Treviere and Vier. The hedgerows are difficult, they are supposed to be difficult, and they were extremely difficult terrain to fight through. The area intel already states that men will die so the commander must be prepared for it.


    I was well aware of how bad it would be and I expected many deaths but just like in the actual military you start to get irritated with lengths of fighting. I was prepared to go in their but my very first time stepping in there i went with the mentality of “hit them hard and fast” well that didn’t work at all! lol I seemed to notice that having snipers seems to help me and put them IN the bush to help pick off the defence, rockets and I learned to use bombs and ARTY on walls and bushes before I advance. is there any other advice you could give me to make this less painful? I am willing to accept the losses but I am tired of it at this point hahaha.

    The Lone Ranger

    Hedgerows last `till DDAY+25

    The Lone Ranger

    Here are the lengths of areas I remember: Northern France is around 5, and Belgium is 40+. Currently in Battle of The Bulge I`ll report the length when I finish it.


    Copy that Lone Ranger thanks for the help everyone!!

    The Lone Ranger

    Ok just finished the Battle of The Bulge it lasted around 25 days.


    That is pretty close to historically accurate. The Bulge lasted exactly a month according to Historians and war experts. All in all this sounds like a really long game full of Massive URBs lol. Tango for the report this is very helpful, I have been away due to military but since i’m back I will be sure to get back in the fight!!


    A Lone Ranger is doing some great pioneer work and posted in the Discord some good info material that I will re-post here for future reference.

    So the locations in MNB3 are: Omaha, Outskirt of Triviere, Triviere, Hedgerows, St.Lo, The Vire, Mortain, Tinchebray, Brest, Northern France, Liberation of Belgium, Battle of The Bulge, Siege of Bastogne, Battle of St.Vith, Across the Rhine, Leipzig, Bayreuth, Occupation of Bavaria, Czech Mountain, and at least 2 more areas and then Pisek.

    The Lone Ranger

    Update on locations: Omaha, Outskirt Tiviere, Triviere, Hedgerows, St.Lo, The Vire, Mortain, Tinchebray, Brest, Northern France, Liberation of Belgium, BAttle of The Bulge, Siege of Bastogne, Battle of St.Vith, Across The Rhine, Ouskirts of Leipzig, Outskirts of Bayreuth, Occupation of Bavaria, Czech Mountains, Last Stand at Strakonice, maybe one more location, Pisek.


    Here are my numbers:

    Omaha Beach
    D-Day +1 (1 day)

    D-Day +2 (3 days)

    The Hedgerows
    D-Day +5 (20 days)

    D-Day +25 (10 days)

    D-Day +35 (14 days)

    D-Day +49 (27 days)

    D-Day +62 (13 days)

    D-Day +75 (14 days)

    D-Day +89 (6 days)

    Northern France
    D-Day +95 (8 days)

    The Liberation of Belgium
    D-Day +103 (42 days)

    The Battle of the Bulge
    D-Day +145 (30 days)

    The Siege of Bastogne
    D-Day +175 (15 days)

    The Battle of St. Vith
    D-Day +190 (25 days)

    Across the Rhine
    D-Day +215 (5 days)

    D-Day +220 (10 days)

    D-Day +230 (10 days)

    D-Day +240 (10 days)

    D-Day +250 (10 days)

    The Occupation of Bavaria
    D-Day +260 (18 days)

    The Czech Mountains
    D-Day +278 (8 days)

    Last Stand at Strakonice
    D-Day +286 (24 days)

    D-Day +300 (1 day)

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    The Lone Ranger

    I was noticing how short the levels were getting but dang…10 levels.

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