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    1. Do not ask any question, Discuss anything or report any bug in this thread, this is an Q&A thread for player to view, not for other activity in order to make the view clear.
    2. This thread is welcome anyone to post Q&A about the Last Winter version 0.5.1! Before anyone post, please make sure:

    *Write down the Q&A with correct answer. ( It does not mean it can not be wrong, but at least as close as possible. If there are some in-correct part we will inform the MOD to edit it.)
    *Not write down the same Q&A in the previous reply.
    *Write down the Q&A as complete as possible, better have a screen shot or even have a video explanation.


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    Q: I want to make something but I can not get the String, what should I do?

    A: There are several way to get the string in this game:

    1. Turn on the Action Manual -> Make something Useful -> String

    This action will require your clothe, but this action does not guarantee 100% success, it is relate to the Crafting Skill, the higher the better. Keep in mind that you should avoid to do this when your character is still with poor skill level, that is just wasting the clothe resource. You should do some other job to practice the skill before you start to make thread, unless you have no choice! ( Like the bleeding situation. )

    Also, you should not do this when you don’t have enough clothe in the cold weather, that is a bad idea in such kind of place as it will cause few negative effect.

    2. Walk around the map. It is possible to found the string in the wild, probably someone just drop down it. No matter what did those string come from, take it as free gift from the nature. ( Although it is rare. )

    3. Buy or trade in the Trade Post. The trade post have high possibility to have string or clothe, buy it when you found it. You will definitely need it in the whole game play.

    4. Robbing a Grave. Tomb is just like a treasure chest, it can contain with lots of item from String to Bone or even Net. Just watch out your soul!!!, bother a dead person is bad.

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