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    Franco Bartolozzi

    Ha Ha i play this game everyday. Most of the time i play close protection and proper planning. Once in a while i like to play LAST STAND. The problem (in my opinion) is yes you don’t receive any tactical points for each wave however you don’t get anything, practically. Also i realize the game is BRUTALLY UNFAIR in this mode. I have tanks, PAK38, those stupid geraman jeeps with the MG42 ON WAVE 2!!!!

    my suggestion is give us a TP for every successful taunt. This would create at least a little balance. You cannot use Paratroopers for Last Stand, as their sock bombs cost 2tp each. Even the OPEN FIRE command from the office is 1 TP. I was going to ask to make those 2 things free yet it would be way too unbalanced. Free sock bombs forget it ill get up to wave 1000 LMAO So giving 1 TP per Successful TAUNT, i think would be good. It is not like we have a successful Taunt all the time.

    I also noticed that the taunts are most unsuccessful during waves 29-41, 44. Try it, it’s funny i think.

    Some people say to only taunt in the beginning of the game. Well their are tons of advantages to taunting AT ANY TIME, however to the veteran, THE RIGHT TIME.

    Taunting does 2 things that go in favor, especially when your having problems

    1) Taunting before wave 50, causes the wave counter, to count the next wave. If your getting your ass handed to you early, you can taunt your way up to the 15th wave, or 15th wave in sequence. this will cause the germans to change their tactics. Just saved my butt in the last, LAST STAND game i just played.

    2) Taunting creates an unbalance in the German front, yeah they might come at your with tanks, Paks, etc… for the first 2 taunts, however if you get through their amalgam of junk, the next 5-7 waves are easy. Like if they are giving it to you.

    Taunting when you MOST desperately need 1TP results in “URB LIKE CONSEQUENCES Every single time i taunt to grab one point to send an artillery strike or a bomb, i always miss. lol


    Last stand mode is pretty unfair, as the first wave will be setting like a normal mod 100+ wave enemy. Even the first wave waspe blitz is also possible if I remember not wrong.

    It shall be interesting to discuss about the tactic in last stand mod. >o<

    Franco Bartolozzi

    Yeah i had a WESPE blitz on wave 6 or 7 once. this will totally give more affect to the Taunt.


    Not being able to get more TP and that the enemy is out to really get you is the whole point of Last Stand.
    Way back we had this challenge of completing over 100 waves on Last Stand.
    Some 10 people posted a win on the old forums. It is very challenging but not as impossible as the Paratrooper Challenge Deployment.
    I loved this deployment since it makes for a fast brutal game of mnb2 instead of playing for hours at a time.

    Franco Bartolozzi

    What happened to that challenge? you modified or got rid of it?>

    I am just suggesting it because their is one thing lacking in Last Stand mode, that does not exist in any of the other modes. One problem is once all your TP is gone, and your pretty much set up. You do not even have to be at the computer practically because their is nothing to gain. The fact you have NO WAY at all to gain any TP except for the maneuver ribbon and if your lucky to get one TP from your officer, once in a blue. Yeah it is UNFAIR however it is taking away from sitting and actually playing. I dont care how unfair the game is, just do not make it where i can play without sitting in front of the game. that is the reason for the suggestion.

    Also remember, if your given 1 TP for every SUCCESSFUL TAUNT, or even if you received 1 TP for doing 3 SUCCESSFUL taunts, the unfairness is being pushed to the limit do to the fact your taunting. Yeah you may really need that 1 TP, you taunt and get it. Then they roll out heavy and your done. That is actually FORCING THE PLAYER to cause UNFAIRNESS by taunting.

    Example of the scenario:

    LAST STAND MODE THE WAY IT IS NOW: AS of right now i start off with 71 TP on that mode. I set up my defense and then i can basically walk away and let the game play out. How is that causing the game to be “UNFAIR”? If anything it is making ME feel like uggghhh i cant play because i have to wait for 1 random TP

    LAST STAND MODE WITH MY SUGGESTION: Start off with 71 TP (i have 2 stars) and you play. You used all your TP your defenses are all set up, now you play the game. All of a sudden you start Taunting bc you have to drop an artillery strike on a tank that rolled out. Mind you, you have 0 TP at the moment. You taunt, get that 1 TP, and then you Taunt 2 more times so you can get up to 3 TP and have your SIG call in the strike. Now you had to Taunt 3 times before you can send your arti. BY this time, the german line should be swimming with vehicles and men. The arti strike starts hitting and once its done their are 2 vehicles left. Do you want to continue Taunting? OR do you want to just wait? Having that to constantly deal with is not only UNFAIR but it is FORCING the payer to make the game even MORE UNFAIR.

    I guess i am the only one that sees it however sitting their and being FORCED TO TAUNT is way more unfair, then not being in front of the screen at all. All you can do is CONCENTRATE FIRE and HOLD FIRE commands. Having BOREDOM come from the game is not unfair, it’s… boring.

    If someone in the game is General, or have never played LAST STAND MODE, try it so you can see what i am talking about.

    Also one of the main PROS for this suggestion is, if you DO NOT WANT TO TAUNT, you dont have to. Not taunting will make the game act like the SUGGESTION was never implemented. So that is a win win for those who like the suggestion and those who don’t.

    I think i have shed enough light on this suggestion for it to actually be real.

    I hope URB reads this and makes it a reality. Thank you OOOOORRAAAAA


    What happened to that challenge? you modified or got rid of it?>
    It was on the Black Site that was up 3 sites before this one. It ran on a very old program that is not compatible with modern systems anymore.
    Sadly I do not have my old 2 star general profile anymore and therefore would need to put a lot of time into playing mnb2 again that I simply do not have right now.
    Cheers to anyone out there that can do so.


    I would not say any new suggestion for MNB2 is bad but I should point out. The real meaning of Last stand mod, is that is all of your resource, what you have is the remaining TP. When your TP is out mostly you are sitting death.

    I do not love the taunt TP idea, which is because it is a mod with no TP support from the wave. As what last stand meaning is!

    One of another thing, the wave TP gain is like a normal supply while you are against enemy, and the supply drop is something fall for help. I can not find a right reason that you gain any resource from taunt enemy in the last stand which without any possible help, all you get should be Mad Germans Mostly urb game will have a concept which translate the real battlefield situation to the game, like Gib, morale, pin down…etc.

    Of course, if we will have a good idea on it, have a new mod which can taunt enemy to gain advantage sounds good, just not change the last stand concept. Have a new one should be good here, and see if Urb got time or not! XDDDD

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