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    I like it, and wish we can add some fun Booby Trap in house or Trench. Like What German doing in WW2, those damn small and terrible explosive hide like a terrain. lol


    I gave that Booby Trap idea a whack long ago. urbzz sadly never noticed.
    They where very common since the German Soldiers did have the explicit order to do so so that their material would not fall in enemy hands.
    Especially Bunkers where full of traps. Every enemy crate could be trapped as well.

    Here another add on idea for Mine Mechanics.
    In case they go back to invisible status.
    I do not like that they are always insta kills. Even in RL they where not so by a long shot.
    They could go off at a distance or long after you walked over them. hmmm that could be a cool Mine Mechanic. Timely fused..


    I played 2 games of the new 0.30b patch, and I lost a few guys to invisible mines (super annoying). In which future patch will these mines become visible, or detectable? I have an idea for the land mines in the game. There are many plants, grass stalks, and small bushes in the game, so why not just disguise the landmines as one of those plants/bushes? You could also add colours/shapes that are slightly (but significantly) different to plants with no landmines underneath them. So, in that way, the player could have a way of detecting the mines visually if they are given the time to do so. However, on the otherhand, if the player is not careful, inexperienced, and busy engaging/flanking krauts, they might be surprised by the plant/bush disguised land mine. This could be an interesting feature to implement, and could keep the game fun, by deterring the player from making extremely rapid, and careless movements. But at the same time, this feature could be also easy to code (maybe?), and can serve as an interim solution for more complex landmine mechanics in the meanwhile. What do you guys think?


    I merged your thread with this topic since it is the same.
    Your idea is very good and actually, before the rollback due to game crash, mines where visible and could be covered by other scenery.
    For example. I walked over a small plant/brush once in that patch and BAM my man just exploded.
    Crossing large cover like Hedgerows or City-Rubble was a breath holder each time around.
    I like that even though I still say that the instant death through mines is a bit to much.


    I don’t really a have problem with the landmines before patch 0.30b causing instant gib. In fact in the previous patches (when the landmines were still visible, but being able to be covered by foliage),I remember having one guy accidentally step on a landmine while bush kemping, and sorta felt a little giddy, and thinking “you cheeky little bugger”…but I guess it could be interesting to implement mines having a 25-50% percentage chance of disabling (if the guy steps directly ON THE landmine) a soldier to 5-9 health (and maybe other nerfs, such as a drastic decrease in the soldier’s EXP/morale, so to simulate his handicap, or whatever), so that your squad has to cover the guy (which could be rly interesting, because this would force you to choose either of 2 choices. #1, save the guy, but lure all your squaddies to German ambush. Or #2, ditch the guy, and save the rest of your guys) for the medic to heal him. This could sorta simulate the maiming part of mines. As best as I can remember, most anti-personnel landmines are primarily designed for maiming (feel free to correct me anyone, I tend to have a habit of pulling shet out of my ass) people. Not outright killing them.

    …Now that I am thinking about it, this maiming mechanic could also be applied to snipers on both sides for the game.

    But I digress, coding this possible unique feature may be insignificant to implement for such a small trivial thing such as landmines. But still a cool idea nonetheless


    Had an elite squad with so many advances I lost count today (maybe I need to go back to kindergarten). Lost 2 men to 2 mines on the last map and nearly made it to the end to stop the advance but couldn’t make it. Quite frustrating too, because my medic died to the first one after standing at least a full minute right in front of it. A score of 58,840 down the drain.


    Guys, i have my engineer level max, and why doesnt he reveal land mines at all , several times my units step on land mines with engineer in my squad. Does engineer even spot land mines at all , i had never seen one enemy land mines revealed by engineer, while my units keep stepping on it, quite bullshit.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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