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    Next try. Game’s reinforcements are hell indeed.



    Here a bit of a pistil test game.
    On the Discord we where making some worst weapons comparisons with Pistol and Carbine.
    I have to eat some of my words because I was surprised how well a maxed Officer can wield one.
    For this run that started 6 days ahead I had the original GIs go a bit further so that when switching to the Officers I would be able to quickly get that poor combat up as well and have a higher reaction speed too.
    Medics are not included here due to their ultra bad combat skill.
    After all I did intend to win this field.
    One bad decision and a very random unfair event came in that way.
    TIP: Calling in the Stuart-Tank when you are almost at the end zone is plain dumb.




    Damn, that’s a posse of gunslingers right there. Dudes from the ‘merican west showing the Germans what true gunmanship feels like.



    Thanks for the reply. Enough with small fry soldiers. Next up will be the “backbone of the Army”.
    An all Rifleman Assault. The game also did a counter assault with truly fearless soldiers that like to toss grenades at point blank so expect lost of action here.



    Hurrah!!! The Community Challenges are back in the game!
    Here a cut out of some 15 minutes of an one hour game attempt at this.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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