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    I simply had to make this since a certain site member seams to repeatedly misunderstand my attempts at bringing this idea out in an understandable way.
    Therefore a Forum Topis for better discussion and feedback.
    This is more of a Profile Management Guide then a mission game guide.
    For this to work you need a new profile or new tour or you are not above Captains rank.

    The idea is simple.
    Take as little risks in missions as possible while winning them too.
    Three factors come together for mission difficulty.
    Your Profile Rank, Mission Type and the Current Heat Level.
    To stay on a low rank you simply just do not do things that give XP in the Patrol Report.
    Easiest way to do so is not to make Sit-Reps in game. They count for almost all the XP gains through % AO covered.

    Also only covering as much of the AO as needed for the mission keeps xp gains low.
    Do not destroy assets unless it helps with Red Folder VC stuff.
    Do not kill unless you have no other choice to save your men or win the mission.
    Spotting gives all the benefits too save searching the dead for intel but a spotted gives 1 intel for sure while searching is luck based.
    Also your Rangers will still gain rank. It just takes a bit longer the massacring your way up.
    Keep the Heat as low as possible where 0 Heat is always a good thing. Remember you just want to win mission so assets that come with higher heat or most missions that you should not do
    are basically irrelevant.

    Warning! Low profile rank + 0 Heat in a safe mission does not mean there are no traps or possibly higher tier enemies or other bad things out there like Heavy MGs, Bunkers ect.
    If things look bad just get out and fail the mission. You will most likely get a Merit Hit but that is better then losing your entire team.
    You can always go for more Merit once you feel you have a good Ranger Chalk and good unlocks.
    It is a lot easier then and you should have plenty of days left on your tour.

    Now to what missions you should do.
    Pilot Rescue is usually real easy and Kill Card friendly.
    Low number Kill Missions are good since you can quickly drop the heat back to 0 by skipping a few days.
    Spotting Missions are good.
    Wire Taps are basically easy by simply using the Bird Dog until it spots the wire.
    If you are playing this right then there should not be many other assets in you AO so the Bird Dog should spot the wire rather fast. Just stay put a bit till it does. Plan your way out carefully.
    AO Recons are also easy but automatically contribute to your xp gain.
    BDA‘s are dangerous in my opinion but can be rewarding in spot xp’s for your men.
    Since you now only have to find 1 BDA the chance of getting bogged down by the enemy is rather slim.
    POW is also one of those “can do but there are better missions”.
    Radio Relay can be easy. Usually lots of AO coverage = xp gain.

    Now the missions you should not do.
    Deep Recon. Either you gain lots of XP through reccee or worse lots of Heat from killings.
    High number kill missions. Obviously dangerous and very Heat prone.
    Dead Drop is most likely the worst unless you get real lucky with the Overflight Kill Card as a certain member here recently did.

    I must likely missed a few things here but will take a break now.



    Good article, Lance. It’s not my style personally, but taking it slow exp-wise has its benefits.

    Additional notes:

    An advantage of easy early rank missions is that it’s much easier to get certain pretty useful ribbons, namely First Recon, Dedication, EOD (with good luck, that is!) and the various X Recon Operations and Conduct ribbons whose perks can be of use when you finally do end up upping (or decide to up) the ante. But some are a bit more ambitious, in particular Silent Ops, Jungle Warfare, and Observation. They’re guaranteed a pretty good exp spike; however, they’re not among the game’s most coveted ribbons for nothing. Their associated unlocks and bragging rights can be quite appealing. Furthermore, there’s really no easier time to unlock them than early on. I’d personally recommend you aim for them only by the time you decide you wanna raise the stakes or if you’ve got your exp gains worked out.
    Good luck if you are aiming at them regardless of overall profile plan, though. They take considerable skill, patience, and luck.

    Killcards are quite good to get, though, at least the non-stealth-related ones. This is the time of your life for them, really, whatever your playstyle.

    Also, it’s worth noting that Recon is pretty damn rewarding exp-wise for those who are particularly effective at going Rambo, notwithstanding its premise. Even more so than stealthy playstyles, actually, though keep in mind that sticking to either playstyle too heavily and too skillfully generally isn’t very advisable if you want to best optimize your maintaining low-rank status. Generally, though, avoid getting more kills (and also spots) than necessary and, as Lance said, only destroy vital red folder assets, and be careful to time such attacks efficiently. Each asset of any type destroyed literally nets you +1,000 exp.

    This might all seem rather confusing if you’re new, but you’ll understand the exp gains better the more you play, regardless of how you stick to certain strats and playstyles.

    Happy hunting.

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