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Jets dropping bombs at my AO

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    My men got off the huey then i called bird dog to start a low altitude flight, then i hear a jet fly by followed by a explosion, my men found it around 5-Bravo it hit nothing. A day passes at 1400 i heard another jet pass and drops a bomb couldn’t find the crater because i’ve had called support from cobras to find the enemy. I thought it happens once a every day but at 1600 another jet drops a bomb at 5-Aplha.

    I got my men out of there and was wondering if this a feature or a bug.


    Even artillery is dropping on my AO without me calling for any support


    It is a game feature called “having NO OPs box”.
    You get a memo in advance telling you that for a certain amount of days you have “no clear operation box available”= Your HQ is not telling anyone that you are in that area of operations OR other operations that are carried out in that area have priority.
    So if you go in during that time you will get random friendly bomb drops and artillery.
    Unless you are very unlucky you should not get hit but every explosion causes you to go overt and raise the enemy awareness to the point that they will eventually spot you fast due to their extended range of search.

    Did that explanation help? Was it clear and well written?


    The bombs did stop dropping after a few days, thanks


    Let me just say that no op box in RL is a bad day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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