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    Hey ya’ll. Dropped something like thirty bomb runs on and around the SOB on the left. While I was chipping away, the fellow on the right turned up… That many bomb runs/direct hits seems… like a lot. Don’t have a lot of experience dealing with armor yet. What does the most damage?


    Leonard Fender

    Hi. I have been on a couple of years hiatus, but some oldies from the former site know me well.
    Started playing MNB3 some months ago.

    The ways I have been dealing with these panzers were:
    1. Shot P-IV. with a bazooka a couple of times. That was the former patch, IDK maybe is harder now.
    2. Hit some bushes with MG-s mortar in the direct vicinity of P-IV. It was immobilized, and slowly started to burn. It fell apart after a while.
    3. The only viable way against the Tiger is to wipe out all surrounding infantry, rush it with a decoy from another direction, so it targets the first man, not your engineer. Your engineer will place mines in front of it. Then GTFO. It will be immobilized once it starts to roll towards your men.
    Then you try to bypass it.
    !. Once scored a bazooka hit to Tigers main gun. It could fire MG only. Tried to bypass, but killed all. Maybe, if there are some obstacles on the terrain, you can try it, using safe spots beyond its LOS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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