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Super Soldier and other insane Units

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    Jordan Sammut

    This is insane I just started off with him like that
    EDIT: The image link did not have a file definition. In this case the .png was missing.

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    psalmas posted this on the Discord.
    I though id be nice to conserve this here especially since we always had a special place for Super Soldiers.

    Arian Manchego

    My starting soldiers are generally murderously accurate. I wonder if this is to give them a chance of survival right off the start? 😛

    Almost makes me regret when they upgrade… especially the Rifleman, who always seems to become a very poor shot


    aww wrong forum. This is for MnB2 and not MnB3 and it is to “show of” your best shooters.
    Nevertheless a nice post describing how a regular GI with 30 combat and an outdated Springfield Rifle outshoots his upgraded version with 35 combat skill.
    The reason = He loses the Springfield Rifle which has excellent damage and range and gets the M1 Carbine that has a nice big magazine but incredible poor effective range and does much less damage per hit.


    You can't beat this

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    That’s incredible.
    As rare as the I love pie ribbon or almost.
    Especially for an Engineer. They usually have lower rifle stats then average GIs.
    On can consider oneself lucky to get a soldier with around 50 rifle sometimes aside from snipers of course.
    If my memory is correct then I think that the highest rifle skill ever shown around these parts was a GI with 120.
    I myself can not recall having gotten a soldier with 100 rifle before.
    Keep up the good work and URB On!


    I’m with Lance! Ol’ X. Valiquette might have picked the wrong army vocation, unless he can snipe Germans with his wrench!


    Would like to know how rare this is? Accidentally reset my profile, so no ribbons helped along.


    So rare that I can not recall ever having seen something like an AT-Gun with a starting 29 Rifle.
    Not even above 10 was ever encountered I think.
    So then here the question of all questions. Did it hit more then any standard AT gun?


    Ironically, by the next minute, it was blown to pieces by a Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank hahah xd.


    Highest ever?
    I think I beat the record of 29, lets hope my luck doesn’t turn sour on this game!

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    Gage Morrison

    so i would like to know how to post on here but i got a soldier with 70 to 80 rifle of the bat

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    2nd Lt Putting in work.

    John Rambo Corpsman.


    Wshfly Last Monday at 10:37 PM

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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