Increasing the usefulness of the "Viet" skill with VC Weapons

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    (This is being brought over since it was inappropriate to post this in the Recon screenshots section)

    As we know, when we we increase the Viet skill, the individual Ranger becomes more well-versed in Vietnamese culture. This allows them to communicate with the Vietnamese villagers and loot VC corpses/assets with unrivaled proficiency.

    As a Ranger becomes more immersed in said culture, he might also be more interested in the very weapons that the enemy uses. As such, perhaps the Ranger’s Viet skill could work as a positive modifier that, in combination with his combat skill, tweaks the performance of any VC weapon in his possession to be on more even ground stats-wise with the US weapons that the player is more likely to use on patrols. This would be explained by possible modifications the individual might make to the VC weapon

    This would make VC weapons unique in that, unlike US weapons, they have the capacity to “evolve” with the Ranger holding them. This would increase the usefulness of VC weapons and would make players who favor VC weapons more excited about implementing them into their team’s loadouts.



    Makes sense. Rangers weren’t trained with VC weapons often unless they took special courses, in which case would be the VC skill merit.



    Holy thread revival! But a very good thread revival at that. It’s a very interesting idea to apply ranger skills to things outside of what those skills are intended for. This Viet skill applying to the Viet guns is a good idea, and perhaps applying medical/damage resistance when you have more medic skill would be cool too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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