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    @Rick M summed up the essence of the game pretty well in the suggestion thread, so i’ll repost it here.

    “Urb’s games are also heavily about U.R.B (Unfair. Random. Brutality). This is a driving factor, too. Having a completely overpowered death squad each time you play is just boring. However, I do agree some changes need to be made to incentivize players to stay ahead of schedule, as currently it is almost impossible to stay ahead of schedule (getting slaughtered almost every time is fairly dull, especially when you get stuck with one guy just constantly getting pinned down, retreating, and waiting for him to die).”

    As @lance suggested i opened a new topic to discuss some possible ideas to give incentives for staying ahead (apart from glory)
    Now i don’t have any particular ideas but i’ll try and make an introductory cap to discuss the problem.

    The main mechanic is (quote by urb) :
    “You start with a new squad in mnb3 every time you save. Its not a glaring oversight, its not unbalanced, its not a technical limitation, it is part of the mechanics. You are the forward element of Patton’s advance and for some political reasons involving Monty’s ego, it has to be light and it has to look like a recce. Since it is mostly suicide, volunteers are assigned to that task on a daily basis.”

    Estabilished these key points it means when advancing starting costantly with:
    -experienced soldiers
    -keeping old soldiers
    -starting with temporary heavy armor
    -having (many) additional soldiers
    Aren’t valuable options.

    Now we need to find a solution which considers these factors and is plausible with the setting and flavour.
    For instance what are the tactical advantages by being ahead of schedule?
    I’m not sure on these but i’ll try:
    -Surprising the enemy
    -Positional advantage
    -Getting to key objectives earlier
    -Morale at home, impression of an easier war

    We should try and find an advantage that fits with these points while avoiding the others.
    URB ON!
    If you have other points to add or corrections PLEASE TELL THEM!



    As far as I know, the reasons to stay ahead of schedule are to unlock certain ribbons which can only be gained by being ahead, to gain a higher score for work-in-progress reasons (bragging rights/promotions which are actually detrimental of sorts to the game due to the increased base difficulty) and to have a buffer in case of failures on the road to Pisek. In theory it is better to remain behind of schedule until almost at Pisek but that can have notable drawbacks once the game mechanics are ready.

    Tactically, being ahead of schedule means that the commander has created a salient in the battleline. The salient is pushing deep into enemy territory and encountering fresh troops with plenty of equipment alongside being forced to deal with the German doctrine of defense-in-depth. Very rapid advance could create a breach in the line allowing momentary advantage until the Germans regroup and counter-attack but coding this is difficult.



    So basically the days ahead incentives/advancing system is already taken care of, we just need to wait the implementation of the rest of it and the game mechanics?

    Or is there space for some new suggestions?



    Here some wild suggestions that would end this issue.
    Once you HALT you will always start a new game on schedule since you have to wait for the main force to catch up to your position.

    If this is to simple then how about adding a feature where you need to hold the field against an enemy counterattack for a certain amount of time depending on how far ahead you advanced in the last game.

    About days behind schedule. Same principle. If you lose a field that day then the main force will take it for you so in effect you never start a game with being behind the main force.
    Here some sort of penalty could come to work like gaining no profile xp or any for of rewards so basically making it a total loss of a game.



    Lance, one question. How does any of those three suggestions fare with the goal of reaching Pisek on time? The primary goal of the whole game becomes irrelevant if those suggestions are added.



    Think some ribbon that you only can earn when playing ahead is still medium incentive. Would rather see harder measures – last upgrade skill locked or so, to really give an incentive to start runs on time or ahead.
    Ofc ribbon will do the trick (once known) for ppl like me, who love to brag 😉 but think there should be also some incentive for ppl who are not playing the game for ages to earn top ribbons



    reaching Pisek on time? by Hyyppa.
    I was wondering about that. What actually is suppose to happen when you are ahead of schedule after finishing the last field?
    On time? and most importantly behind schedule? Will you have lost the entire west front campaign?
    No big medal or unlock for the following run so All for nothing?

    So basically what else besides metal and ribbon gains is there to achieve from pushing way ahead of regular schedule?
    @joker Ofc ribbon? Explain please. 🙂
    Also please give examples of your last though there.


    The Lone Ranger

    One thing that I have never seen is maybe your men start with more moral since they notice that WE[the Commander] is beating the expected time we`ll be at Pisek and say ” Holy shit this guy actually is pretty darn competent and is managing to make us go faster than expected and that means the war might be sooner for me.”

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